Dark Angel

Scary poem: Dark Angel. National Poetry Day #NationalPoetryDay


I’m cold and I’m old
Her heart’s made of gold
I’m just her slave
I do what I’m told

She ripped off my skin
My outsides caved in
She tore out my heart
Tossed it in the bin

I’ve been left on the ice
By that woman so nice
As the ice starts to crack
The earth beckons me back

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Steve met Lucy in a dream

“Steve met Lucy in a Dream.” National Poetry Day? #NationalPoetryDay


Steve met Lucy in a dream
He woke up dead but all did seem
Just as before. He could not die
Steve met Lucy. So did I

Steve’s hungover. Not in bed
Drank the drink. But still not dead
His pills were gone. Who stole his pills?
No buried treasure. Drafted no wills

Down below, no heat, just light
Round hole in floor. What a sight
So he climbed down into that room
Hell or Heaven? Lucy’s womb?

“I come to greet you. You’re my twin
“Let there be you. Your chance to win
“With Time Machine I stopped my birth
“So you could live. Inherit Earth”

In Lucy’s world, Steve wasn’t born
Hormone imbalance grew her horn
All four chromosomes are X
But gamma laser changed Eve’s sex

“I am dead. That’s what this is
“Burning pitchfork? Eternal bliss?
“What’s in store, forevermore?
“Stellar stories? Bloody gore?”

No no…

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Lucy, 1, 2, 3, 4:

National Poetry Day? #NationalPoetryDay


Lucy won a soul from God
North Koreans? Nuke the lot
Thou shalt not kill
Of course not. Still…
What’s blood for if not to spill?

Lucy too would kill her son
If God said “Here, take this gun…”
“And put a bullet in his head… “
“I’d love to see you shoot him dead.”

Lucy, free to not to be
To take her life
To be God’s wife
To do what Jesus tells her to
God kills people
Lucy too

Lucy four?
What’s Lucy for?
She takes the peace
By waging war
Her portrait’s safe
Behind the door
Our gray wildchild
Of Christian lore

[Posted on November 28, 2009, Tom Delargy]

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Twitter Complaint about @derekrootboy


Here is what Twitter Support says when I try to get them to fix my main account: @derekrootboy. According to Twitter Support that account is neither suspended nor locked. However, every time I try to tweet from it, or retweet anyone by anyone else, or generate a tweet linking to an article by anyone, or even post a message from one of Twitter’s responses to me, Twitter refuses to let me, with no attempt to explain why. Liking is not allowed for reasons that are not explained, the same happens why I retweet. Sending any tweet leads to being told it looks like it’s sent by a bot. It  never is. When I cut and paste the same text into my other account – @tomdelargy -, there is never any problem. That doesn’t seem to make any sense. I wondered if maybe there was something I’ve done that breaks a rule. But if that is so, then why am I not told what it is and what I need to do to get the account working again? If I was suspended or locked, I could be helped to get the problem fixed. But twitter denies there is a problem. Clearly there is. For some inexplicable reason they’re refusing to tell me what it is and how I can get it fixed. I wonder if it has sometning to do with some of the things I am tweeting. But if that is the case, why am I not given  a clue on how to fix it. I wondered a few other things. And I tried to see if maybe I could take preemptive action by changing things in my account, but when I tried to do that, Twitter refused to let me. Another problem. And still no explanation. I have one theory. Twitter is under pressure from third parties who don’t want them to let on what they’re doing. I could be wrong. But I’m asking if Theresa May and/or Amber Rudd has told Twitter to make my account unoperable. If that is true, then in any sane world, Twitter would tell the state this was an infringement of my human rights. But if that’s not the problem, then what is it? Please help me restore my account, if only by telling me what I need to do to fix the problem. Tell me if I’m inadvertantly breaking a rule and I’ll stop. Just don’t leave me hanging like this. It’s cruel.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Delargy

aka @derekrootboy@tomdelargy


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“The enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.” @OwenJones84

Here’s one I made earlier – three years earlier, to be precise. Owen Jones called for all socialists to join Labour on the basis that the enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other. I still believe that. God know what Owen Jones thinks now. Looks like he wants all socialists to be denied membership in order to keep his newfound anti-socialist friends happy. Jeremy Corbyn is building a genuinely broad church anti-Tory party. Time for Owen Jones to get with the program and stop defending the McCarthyite ballot-riggers because they happen to be MPs who got elected under Britain’s disgusting first-past-the-post voting system and broadcasters in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch, the CBI, MI5, NSA.


From the first day of setting up this blog up I’ve had this quote from Owen Jones’s one-minute video – the one he made for The Daily Politics on ‘How To Be A Lefty’ – on my masthead. It’s been there from day one. I’m kinda proud of that.

I regularly defended Owen from others to the left of Labour, mostly Socialist Party members but also SWP comrades from time to time, and others as well. Guess I need to update my masthead in light of Owen’s disappointing decent into sectarianism. “The enemy of socialists is each other, not capitalism.” ~Owen Jones. Howzat?

On the other hand, maybe I need to cut him some slack. Maybe I need to see if he can be pulled back from the brink. Benefit of the doubt and all that. Better a sinner who repenteth than never to have loved at all. Forgive him…

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Vote of no confidence in Iain McNicol


Sign this petition to save Labour from general secretary Iain McNicol who has dragged the party’s name through the mud: https://www.change.org/p/sign-petition-sack-the-general-secretary-to-the-labour-party-iain-mcnicol-for-excluding-new-members?recruiter=281207866&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive



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Jeremy Corbyn should prepare for the mother of all smear campaigns.

Tom Watson’s fingerprints are all over Dispatches infiltration squad. I smell the rotten stench of Theresa May’s MI5, with GCHQ blackmailers and Special Branch’s state rapists luring naive youths into entrapment. Jeremy Corbyn should raise this with Theresa May at Prime Ministers Questions this Wednesday. This is not me being wise after the event. Here is what I predicted before Jeremy Corbyn won last year’s leadership contest.



Read this article in the Guardian yet? The one about Yvette wanting to fight to save the party she loves. Very interesting stuff. Not in the bag. But the left across Britain have a lot going for us whoever wins on second preferences. Let’s not blow this comrades.

The left isn’t united around everything, and we wouldn’t want that anyway. But we do have many common interests, and we have common enemies to undermine.

Jeremy Corby is one of us. And he is set to deliver a knockout blow to most of our enemies, including Harriet Harman’s entire front bench who have proven themselves unworthy of the name of ‘Opposition’, rolling over to have their tummy tickled as their reward for having their brains, spine and heart removed.

Jeremy Corbyn is definitely going to win massively amongst trade unionists. At that point the shallowness of Tory broadcasters is laid…

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