Defend Jeremy Corbyn’s broad church. All England’s left should join Labour asap.

Mark Serwotka isn't deemed worthy of joining Labour, but Tory MPs are welcomed with open arms in a single day

Mark Serwotka isn’t deemed worthy of joining Labour, but Tory MPs are welcomed with open arms in a single day

Harriet Harman’s purging of trade union leaders like the wonderful Mark Serwotka exposes her as nothing else possibly could.

Labour was set up by the trade unions in 1906 when the Liberals betrayed them.  That’s well over a century ago. She complains about Jeremy Corbyn taking us back to 1983? She’s dragging all of us back to the days of Queen Victoria, when the British Empire didn’t give people a choice whether they wanted refugees or migrants: it was a question of surrender unconditionally and accept your fate as colonial slaves or die a horrible death.

Harriet Harman rejects labour values. Don’t take my word for it. That is the judgement of the editor of Scotland’s Daily Record. He pointed this out, and dismissed every member of her shadow cabinet (including Andy Burnham), not one of whom could be bothered to vote against the David Cameron’s Welfare Bill, which will drive young women, and men, to sell their bodies for sex to rich parasites like some Chancellors of the Exchequer who shall remain nameless, take their own lives, be driven to drugs to forget how miserable life is under Tory austerity.

Harriet Harman didn’t even care that she was helping David Cameron bring in a regime that is going to force women victims of rape to go pubic or be denied the benefits they need to feel their children. These people have sold their soul.

Harriet Harman tramples on the most basic of democratic values. And, I’ve got news for Harriet Harman: the trade unions will never let her get away with this.

The left have to rally around Jeremy Corbyn. We must do that with as much enthusiasm as we did Tony Benn in the early 1980s. We need to rally to him as we did our foreign comrades, such as Salvador Allende.

MI5 never had to carrying out their threat to assassinate Tony Benn if he was ever elected Prime Minister. But they may soon be planning to do precisely that to his favorite MP: Jeremy Corbyn, clearly with the connivance of those who voted for MI5’s dodgy dossier, handed them even more powers to cover up what they’ve done at Kincora.

Margaret Thatcher’s pal (fascist dictator General Pinochet) murdered the democratically-elected socialist Prime Minister of Chile, and thousands of his supporters. And Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters can’t afford to be complacent about just how bloody the ruling class can be, in Britain as everywhere else, when their unearned wealth, their privilege is under threat by democratic decisions of the majority of the voters.

Given all of this, it is the duty of every single socialist all across the United Kingdom, and beyond, to do whatever we can to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies of the right; and that clearly includes most at the heart of the Labour Party establishment.

This means those who have been witch hunted out of the Labour Party have to work as closely as we can with Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters already in his party to neutralize that section of the PLP that is bending over backwards to protect David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship.

Never forget that what we are living through at the moment is not a popular regime. What Britain is suffering (although you wouldn’t know it if all you had to go by was Rona Fairhead and Rupert Murdoch’s lie machines) is little more than a police state. There is a barely visible ‘democratic’ fig-leaf, but the reality is the brutal thug that lies behind that fig-leaf.

The House of Lords is stuffed to the brim with corrupt chums of this out-of-control Prime Minister, although still not enough for his liking, which is why he’s breeding even more of the fuckers.

We endure spying on pretty much anyone Theresa May feels likes to spy on, including Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, Doreen Lawrence and Diane Abbott.

Those who can join Labour and who don’t live in Scotland (where I live it is possible to set up two, rather than just one broad churches of the left, anti-war and anti-austerity, electoral pacts whenever necessary) should apply to join Labour to work with those who have already joined.

We need  to do this today to win the ear of those who are outraged at how Harriet Harman and the three ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates are behaving.

Jeremy Corbyn will need to put together a shadow cabinet with what is available to him on the backbenches: he is, after all, unlikely to get many volunteers (possibly Angela Eagle) from the existing front bench. Even Flip Flp Man extraordinaire – Andy Burnham – now says he will only join a Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet if he betrays everyone who voted for him. How pathetic can he get?

We don’t know how bad it will be for Jeremy Corbyn. But if some MPs are willing to extend olive branches to reach an accommodation out of a recognition of where the Labour Party rank and file and affiliated trade unionists stand, then compromises need to be made.

In the process of an inevitable honeymoon period, the left in the party can take on Tristram Hunt’s party-within-a-party. A gang of trouble-makers inspired by Tony Blair’s war criminals and MI5 stooges can be identified and weeded out without too much trouble.

We can prove in practice that we are not looking for splitting the anti-Tory vote. And we can prove that we want to bring that to an end to sectarianism with a real broad church that allows critics to think outside the box without being shouted down. We have nothing to fear, comrades. Bring it on.

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Jeremy Corbyn should transform Labour into a broad church capable of uniting the left


Those denied our right to vote for Jeremy Corbyn should welcome his now virtually-inevitable promotion to the first Labour Party leader in decades actually worth voting for with genuine enthusiasm.

We have been deemed ineligible to vote by a rabid right-wing clique under Harriet Harman. She has broken the Labour Party’s own rules. She has self-evidently breached the Data Protection Act. The spirit as well as the letter of the law has been ripped apart. But those behind this have been more than happy to take our money, and boasted about doing that. Are there any grounds for denying us a vote? I don’t think so. Not when we examine how much ambiguity there was when we were asked to buy votes. That’s how primaries work after all. Nothing is done to determine membership of other parties. Labour leaders were elected by trade unionists in the past, including those who were Tory voters. Doesn’t Harriet Harman know that?

Tory MPs have been made Labour MPs in a single day. How can Harriet Harman justify one rule for Tory MPs and a different one for Jeremy Hardy or Marcus Chown? This is sheer hypocrisy.

In Scotland, Labour collapsed from 42 MPs to just one. Does Harriet Harman seriously think she will improve the situation in Scotland by telling those who voted for The SNP  that they are deemed less than worthy of voting for Labour leader? Does she not realize Labour imploded north of the border because the SNP picked up and ran with Labour’s old discarded clothes? Just how deluded is Harriet Harman?

Those who have backed candidates in May other than Labour should remind Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock that it was their witch hunts of socialists out of Labour that made splitting the anti-Tory vote their responsibility, no one else’s.

If, once elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn opens up the gates of his party, transforming Labour into a genuinely broad church, then TUSC and Left Unity (possibly even the overwhelming majority of the Greens) would shut up shop to maximize the anti-Tory vote.

Under this archaic first-past-the-post electoral monstrosity, we have a system that’s delivered a ‘majority government’ by David Cameron based on less that one quarter of those entitled to vote, which happens to be the Tories preferred definition of democracy, at least when it comes to industrial action. Over 63% actually voted against David Cameron’s vile government. Democracy? Pull the other one.

Harriet Harman’s has lead a so-called ‘socialist’ opposition that can’t even be bothered to vote against a Tory welfare bill that humiliates rape victims, disproportionately targets ethnic minorities, one that even Yvette Cooper’s own supporters have denounced as being a eugenics bill.

And all the time Andy Burnham opt for his outrageous betrayal of Labour values, out of a misguided promotion of so-called party unity; that’s the unity of the graveyard.

Labour MPs are prepared to stuff their own pockets while turning a blind eye to profiteering parasites, the the wasting of ever greater funds on unusable weapons of mass destruction as well as dragging the victims of Tory austerity into a new series of illegal wars, intended to save NATO’s face, plunging us into even more debt to get us out of the last few decades of mission-creep nightmares.

The responsibility for the horrible division in the anti-Tory vote doesn’t lie with Dave Nellist. It lies with Ed Miliband, with Harriet Harman, with Andy Burnham and with Yvette Cooper.

This horrible Life of Brian sectarianism can finally be put to bed. Jeremy Corbyn should see to it that the Parliamentary Labour Party is willing to seize this historic opportunity to take on the Tories now and forevermore.

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Labour’s crack-pot McCarthyism leaves it looking hypocritical, incompetent and manipulative.

Originally posted on Iain Macwhirter:

If they can’t run a competent leadership election, how can they claim to run a competent government? The membership purge launched by the Labour establishment in their efforts to block Jeremy Corbyn, is not only making Labour the laughing stock of the Edinburgh Fringe, it is doing immense damage to their own credibility.

It was the right of the party who long argued, correctly in my view, for Labour to introduce one member one vote in leadership elections. It was the former leader, Ed Miliband, who finally introduced OMOV after many years of prevarication.

It was also predominantly the right of the party who argued, wrongly in my view, to import primaries into its election process. In America primaries seem to work, though there are historical reasons why that is the case. We have an intensely adversarial political culture in the UK.

But alowing non-members to vote in Labour’s leadership…

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Jeremy Corbyn is the democratic antidote to British Establisment liars.


It is not just Harriet Harman’s entire Shadow Cabinet who (according to the Daily Record‘s editor, reject Labour’s core values, and shouldn’t therefore, presumably, be allowed a vote in the Labour leadership contest) who are ganging up on Jeremy Corbyn. The British Establishment is ganging up on the MP who has electrified British politics for a very good reason.

To begin with, the most degraded party of the British Establishment (David Cameron’s  Conservatives) dismissed Jeremy Corbyn as a joke candidate who would struggle to win any votes despite his being patronized by maverick Blairites like Frank Field. Prominent Tory commentators like Toby Young went so far as to appear on television to pretend they’d pay three quid to lumber Labour with an ‘unelectable leader’. They were doing this out of mischief, as a bit of a joke. But, allegedly, they were also acting, cynically, to help keep David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship of millionaire tax-dodgers and animal cruelty sadists, in power for generations because, so we were told, they thought their cunning plan would actually work. Toby Young is the main competition alongside Peter Mandelson for the coveted title of Dunce of Darkness. His Tories for Jeremy Corbyn proposal was always a bluff. And now they no longer even pretend they’re not scared; no point pretending anymore: voters can quite literally smell the Tories fear and loathing of Jeremy Corbyn.

The first Tory to go public to say he’d be happy to pay to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is now calling for a vote for Yvette Cooper or ‘Anyone But Corbyn’. While Toby Young is now glad his Tory entryism failed, other Tory entryists like HSBC’s Stephen Bush remain in place, and still have a vote.

Stephen Bush admits Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have all proven to be a ‘horror show’, who all deserve to lose for being ‘witless, dull and wonkish’, but must be imposed as Labour’s candidate for Prime Minister in five years time. And this Tory is not deemed worthy of being purged by Harriet Harman while thousands of Jeremy Corbyn’s recruits are? Utterly beyond satire.

Jeremy Corbyn is targeted by Special Branch and MI5 and GCHQ to be spied on, illegally, (as are Diane Abbott, Doreen Lawrence and so many others) for a reason.

MI5 told Tony Benn they’d murder him if he ever became Prime Minister. Given Margaret Thatcher’s support for fascist dictator General Pinochet and his bloody overthrow of Salvador Allende’s democratically-elected socialist government, this is hardly some far-fetched conspiracy theory invented by a senile old man.

Everyone who has heard Tony Benn believes him. Unfortunately, voters in Britain have mostly not heard what MI5 said because the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and C5 desperately bury Tony Benn’s last televised interview as they do everything that exposes British Intelligence criminality.

MI5 may not have told Jeremy Corbyn they will assassinate him if he ever becomes Prime Minister. But there’s a reason he was Tony Benn’s favorite MP, and no one should rule out the Chile nightmare is already being discussed inside Theresa May’s Home Office, run by an unaccountable 24% right-wing dictatorship.

Jeremy Corbyn exposes MI5 and Special Branch crimes. Unlike Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Harriet Harman, he voted to stop handing more powers to MI5 spying – alongside GCHQ – to compile dossiers for blackmail, based – at least in part – on ENTRAPMENT by their own state rapists, perjurers and agent provocateurs like Bob Lambert and god-knows how many others now trying to cozy up to the left to try to trick the Jeremy Corbyn movement. Bob Lambert types are still out there, and they are being paid out of OUR taxes specifically to allow Theresa May, David Cameron, Harriet Harman, Andew Marr, Evan Davis, Cathy Newman, Caroline Quinn, to blame Jeremy Corbyn for crimes committed by one of these corrupt, and violent, undercover cops. These corrupt cops masquerading, troll-like, as one of us, in order to discredit us, and to set us against each other. The left needs Jeremy Corbyn discover the extent to which Britain’s democracy has been mangled out of shape by this criminal use of corrupt cops paid out of general taxation, and we need to hold all Home Secretaries and Prime Ministers who have died yet to be put on trial if they sanctioned any of these crimes against the electorate.

Everyone makes mistakes, even decent political activists. When you have a sense of humour it’s not impossible you’ll cross the line of good taste, at least appearing to do so when something is taken out of context. But Jeremy Corbyn can’t be held responsible for what someone he met years ago said subsequently, or some fact buried in an obscure article that no one brought to their attention. Cathy Newman doesn’t seem to get that; but given her penchant for Islamophobic invention, expecting fairness from her is too much to ask. Nor is anyone in the Jeremy Corbyn movement responsible for one of these corrupt undercover cops who have been paid by Theresa May – or previously by Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, Jacqui Smith, David Blunkett, John Reid, Charles Clark to rape women (zero ‘informed consent’ does constitute rape, by the way) paid out of general taxation by the 76% of the electorate that never voted for this Tory dictatorship.

Let’s face facts, comrades. The real reason Cathy Newman is dragged out to smear Jeremy Corbyn as a racist is because the British Establishment that controls BBC, SKY, Channel4 News, ITV and C5 know what Jeremy Corbyn intends to do: he will use Prime Minister’s Questions every single Wednesday to pin down David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship on his continued role in protecting the criminals at MI5, GCHQ, Special Branch, MI6 (as well as foreign so-called intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad and NSA) over a network of pedophile for half a century. This is a message that will strike a chord right across the entire British electorate. This will prove a radical tsunami that will draw in UKIP voters as well as everyone else. They will be as outraged as SNP voters, Labour, Lib Dem and Tory voters that Margaret Thatcher has been known to be at the heart of this protection of a British Establishment that helped Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith for a reason.

Our children, for generations, have been at risk because the spotlight has not been turned on the criminals who are the dark heart of this rotten British Establishment. No wonder they are inventing lies in order to try to stop the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister Campaign.

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Yvette Cooper supports MI5 entryists. Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote

Yvette Cooper helps MI5 and Special Branch entryists in the Labour Party. To spy on Jeremy Corbyn?

Yvette Cooper helps MI5 and Special Branch entryists in the Labour Party. To spy on Jeremy Corbyn?

I have not been ‘weeded out’ by the Blairites who are themselves Yuppie Entryists, the ones who used MI5 to draw up a dodgy dossier to get them their illegal Iraq War. I can’t prove (yet) that the three hour extension in registering to vote as a Labour Party supporter was a devious ploy by Tony Blair acolytes to help MI5, Special Branch and GCHQ ballot-rig, dumping hundreds of thousands of ‘supporters’ into the pot, paid for by Theresa May’s out-of-control Home Office. But I’m definitely on the case.

Yvette Cooper has always supported the investment of the British State in committing perjury, state rapist, agent provocateur entryists like Bob Lambert and his Special Branch undercover cop team, 90% of whose members had illegal sex with their women targets paid by OUR taxes, a cross between state sanctioned prostitution, physical rape as no informed consent was agreed and subsequent psychological torture as women were left abandoned, with children, and the grieving for years as the father of their child, the man they thought was their soul mate turned out to have been paid by the Home Office to destroy these women’s lives. If you don’t shed tears hearing this story, then you’re simply missing a piece of your soul.

Yvette Cooper voted alongside every single one of Jeremy Corbyn’s critics to give more powers to Bob Lambert’s Special Branch to, for example, threaten to imprison investigative journalists determined to work with courageous whistle-blowers and rape victims to expose decades of child sex abuse by Cyril Smith and other senior public figures.

MI5 were spying on Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, doing so illegally, crimes sanctioned by ex-Home Secretaries Jack Straw, Alan Johnson, David Blunkett and every other supporter of Tony Blair’s ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ smear campaign.

I condemn Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper for their support for the illegal deployment of Special Branch and MI5 and GCHQ against Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP, Doreen Lawrence, and probably the overwhelming majority of my Facebook friends.

Let’s be frank. There almost certainly is a very real problem of entryism inside the Labour Party. But the source of that problem is not Jeremy Corbyn. He happens to be the antidote to entryism by the forces of darkness of the paramilitary wing of the unelected House of Lords, secret courts, and the rest mangling democracy in the labour movement, and inside British society more generally.

Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord. He is electable. Of course he is. And he is going to prove the center of gravity of a radical democratic movement that will turn the British Establishment to dust. Onwards and upwards, comrades. Onwards and upwards.

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Tony Blair and his #MI5 entryists

Yuppie Entryist: aka 'Corrupt War-Criminal Tony Blair'.

Yuppie Entryist: aka ‘Corrupt War-Criminal Tony Blair’.

Dear Comrades,

The British Establishment has gone to war with us. The left has to think with our hearts and with our heads. I registered as a Labour Party supporter yesterday after thinking about this for some time. I did so to lend my enthusiastic support to all those wanting to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I did this not to be ‘malicious’, definitely not to damage the Labour Party.

Unlike those ‘Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ that Tories like Jackie Long give plenty of airtime to, allegedly to ‘defend’ him, I have never accepted the bizarre notion that Jeremy is unelectable. Of course he’s electable. I’d go a lot further than that. I have absolutely no doubt that he is the only Labour leadership candidate who is electable. That, alas, is not a proposition we will hear explored by the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV or Channel5. Why the hell not?

I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn could lead the Labour Party to a landslide victory, much bigger than what Tony Blair delivered. And that, obviously, is something I want but something Tony Blair and his supporters dread with every fibre of their being.

I warned others on the left who were not members of the Labour Party and had previously fought elections against the Labour Party that if they intended to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, then they would need to see to it that Harriet Harman could not find an excuse for excluding you, which was always a matter for careful consideration: she has after all allowed Tory MPs to become Labour MPs in a single day.

Unfortunately, many of my Facebook friends didn’t pay any attention. I don’t know if Harriet Harman will steal my vote, and/or my £3. However, if she tries that then I’m ready for her. And I am confident she will have to pay substantial damages for breaking the criminal law if she tries any such thing.

If my vote and/or money is stolen by Harriet Harman, I will see her in court. I know that have obeyed the rules drawn up by Ed Miliband – rules supported by her, and all the ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates she supports. I do not believe for one second that the courts will award her a victory merely on the basis that she was too stupid to understand the rules she, Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper all agreed to prior to realizing Jeremy Corbyn is much more popular than those who couldn’t even vote against David Cameron’s 24% Welfare Bill. Harriet Harman’s “guilty but insane” defense would hardly help these Blairites win the next election. If that’s the best they have to offer the PLP may as well hand the party over to a new set of activists, like those who’ve just signed up to support Jeremy Corbyn.

If my vote is stolen, I will see Harriet Harman in court. And I would look forward to every socialist who was forced to hand over our bank account details to someone who voted to give more powers to MI5. MI5 are the criminals whose dodgy dossier gave us Tony Blair’s illegal Iraq War (and Tony Blair a £100,000,000 fortune as his reward for doing what the British Establishment’s NATO friends were determined to do. MI5 threatened to assassinate Tony Benn if he was ever elected Prime Minister. MI5 has notoriously covered up industrial-scale pedophilia at Kincora for half a century…

Well, I hope to see other socialists join me in a class-action law suit against Harriet Harman, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, its National Executive Committee, its treasurer, general secretary and anyone else who sanctions the conning of us into handing over our bank account details to such a criminal organization.

If I have to, I will take on Harriet Harman and anyone else who steals my vote, my money, my bank account details, possibly even engaging in illegal election fraud by that truly bizarre three-hour extension of voter registration that might have been specifically designed to support Tony Blair’s ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ campaign.

In order to strengthen my case against my vote being stolen by Harriet Harman, I am going to make as strong a case as I can against the British Establishment’s war against the trade union movement. In the process of doing that, I will expose all three Labour leadership contenders who have united to smearing Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters 24-7 on BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, Channel5 etc.

I can’t possibly be the only socialist who’s spent any time in the labour movement who can smell a great big British Intelligence rat at work here. That’s a far from improbable hypothesis. Nevertheless, it has to be tested to destruction. If there’s no truth in it, I’m sure Theresa May and David Cameron will cooperate fully to prove that this is just a ‘conspiracy theory’.

I intend to help all the democratic forces inside the Labour Party to reach out to the rest of the left in England, in Scotland and elsewhere. I will be doing this based on what I think as an individual. I welcome feedback. However, given the quite sinister way Harriet Harman is searching for any excuse to take away my vote and that of others who have not been drawn to the Labour Party in the past, not having voted for it for decades, I am not going to be tricked by her into saying something careless, something that can be twisted into the exact opposite of what I intended to say.

I now consider myself a fully-paid up Labour Party supporter. Nevertheless, I am a Labour supporter who wants to help Jeremy Corbyn make the Labour Party electable. Part of doing that means reaching out to all the progressive forces in society. That, naturally, includes some if not all of those who have just had their right to participate in this election denied them.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to put an end to sectarianism every bit as much as I do. He appreciates as other on the left do not that under first-past-the-post damages all genuinely anti-Tory forces. If socialists all unite, all debating strategy and tactics responsibly – with patience, logic and facts; listening and being willing to concede that none of us has all the answers – then we can make this work. Onwards to victory comrades. Onwards to victory.

Yours sincerely,
Tom Delargy [now, officially, a Labour Party supporter]

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I’ve registered. Jeremy Corbyn can unite England’s left. And of course he’s electable. Next question.

I have just registered to vote as a Labour supporter. I have done so for a variety of reasons. Like Tony Benn once said, “Jeremy Corbyn is my favorite MP.” Jeremy Corbyn has been my favorite MP since Benn himself retired from the House of Commons to spend more time with his politics.

I always opposed proposals of socialists standing against Jeremy Corbyn; some of my political allies ignoring my advice. In my opinion he always earned the support of the left. If he becomes leader of the Labour Party – as is looking quite likely now (provided the British Establishment don’t destroy democracy in Labour’s ranks as they have almost everywhere else), then Labour earns my support in a way it has never done before. In such circumstances, I would certainly be willing to join, if that option was an option open to me. We shall see.

I have not voted Labour for a very long time. Nor have I voted for anyone for the last decade. If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader, then he will galvanize the rest of the left – something that has been happening already. Jeremy Corbyn’s personal example of encouraging all of us to set aside unpleasant sectarian pettiness is paying dividends and has boosted his personal popularity. It is long overdue for the left to be patient with one another, relying on persuading with facts and logic, listening with interest instead of merely waiting for our turn to speak (if we’re lucky), even changing our own mind every now and then, publicly thanking others for paying us the compliment of seeing we are worth taking the time to set straight when they believe we are making an important mistake.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘bandwagon’ has barely started to get going, but it’s already looking like a juggernaut in comparison to those three clown cars bumping into each other. There is a palpable thirst for unity within the 76% of the electorate who didn’t hand David Cameron a mandate to do anything, certainly not any of this Tory garbage.

As Tom Watson has said so brilliantly within the last 24 hours, if elected Deputy Leader (even if he’s unsuccessful) he intends to serve loyally any elected leader of his party with a popular democratic mandate. And Tom Watson, quite rightly, expects every  Labour MP to do the same. Anything else would be to act as a fifth column, an enemy within as it were. The clear motives of those proposing such sabotage would be to assist David Cameron’s unpopular Tory Party and his Five Megaphones of the Apocalypse – aka the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel5.

In Scotland, the situation is a little bit more complicated. The Labour Party imploded recently, losing 95% of their MPs, The Scottish National Party virtually cleaning up with 56 MPs out of a total of 59 MPs. There are many reasons why this happened. One of them is that Jim Murphy threatened Labour’s voters with industrial-scale abstention at Westminster, doing so specifically to help David Cameron’s government, doing so to exact his deranged revenge on the Scottish people for not surrendering to blackmail to vote for a majority Labour Government of his bizarre Blairite bullshit. Thankfully – the Scottish people, Labour’s voters in particular – knew how to protest at Jim Murphy’s treachery.

Alas, Harriet Harman has learned absolutely nothing. And neither has any of Alastair Campbell’s “Anyone But Corbyn” threesome, with the possible exception of Andy Burnham who seems to shift in and out of a desire for unity.

Jim Murphy never got his chance to abstain. That is because he – and all but one of his 40 odd (distinctly odd) Labour MPs – were kicked out at Westminster to make room for Members of Parliament much more receptive to the priorities of Scotland’s voters, which used to be the priorities Labour’s voters. This is the message of Mhairi Black in her extraordinary maiden speech. And it is Jeremy Corbyn’s message too.

In Scotland, a deal needs to be struck under first-past-the-post seat. Labour and The SNP have to at least consider such a deal to stop David Cameron imposing his outrageously reactionary policies on the basis of less than a quarter of those entitled to vote, under a rigged electoral system designed to deny voters any real choice, reinforced big-time by the mass media being in the pocket of GCHQ, Special Branch, MI5, MI6, CBI, NSA, HSBC.

The left have to come to terms with the importance of compromise, if we want to get anything done. We need to give and take. Strike deals and accept minority votes. We need to target our real enemies and not the ****in’ Peoples Front of Judea.

Let’s get together to negotiate terms for reunification, as fast as possible, but as long as it takes to get it right, for all our sakes. Such compromise has to include finding a mutually-beneficial arrangement with Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party and with the Greens in England and Wales.

Across the United Kingdom, we can set up a network of genuine broad churches that turns the tide on David Cameron’s government of death and destruction.

That is why I am happy to become a supporter of the Labour Party for a mere £3. That is why I am looking forward to Jeremy Corbyn taking on David Cameron every single Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions, over – for example – his deployment of Special Branch undercover cops like the notorious Bob Lambert, MI5, GCHQ etc. Why exactly has Theresa May and Alan Johnson been targeting Diane Abbott, Doreen Lawrence, Nicola Sturgeon, Tom Watson, Jeremy Corbyn himself and probably the overwhelming majority of those registered to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m not counting my Jeremy Corbyn’s until they’ve hatched. But I remain very confident that something very big is happening here. And the British Establishment ain’t seen nothing yet. Democracy is about to rise to the top of everyone’s agenda. All across the United Kingdom. And maybe even beyond that. Onwards and upwards, comrades. Onwards and upwards.

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