David Cameron’s new clothes


Black and white unite and fight
Time to flush Tories tonight

Nicola’s no one man band
Scotland wails for help, England

Civil rights for all of us
As Scots won’t hide at back of bus

Brothers, sister, everywhere
Don’t sit back to stop and stare

Rabbits not caught headlight glare
Boris the Spider. London Mayor

Drowning children? They don’t care
Dancing dunce on dead men’s grave

Racists lead by Call-Me-Dave
Tory twits from upper-class

Lovely pool bleeds. Fields of grass
Liverpool eclipsed their SUN

Racist huntsmen reload gun
They love to shoot for fun and loot

Pointless pricks. Posers moot
Pig Society’s Birthday Suit

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Nicola Sturgeon will #KickCameronOut. Will Ed Miliband?

A big bag of Tory bastards

A big bag of Tory bastards

The SNP MP group will vote as a block to topple any Tory Prime Minister. Whether or not he ‘wins’ more MPs than any other party. Why won’t Ed Miliband match that promise? Who exactly are David Cameron’s little helpers?

The British Prime Minister has the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News and ITV all in his back pocket. Ofcom bosses don’t have a problem with that? Either they are asleep at the wheel or they’re hiding something more than a little bit dodgy.

First-past-the-post is designed to squeeze all life and hope out of Britain’s general election: “Vote for the candidate you hate least – or the one you don’t hate most who might possibly be electable – or suffer the consequences.” Is that really all the Scots or anyone else deserves?

The only two candidates for Prime Minister this time round deny voters any choice on any of the issues that matter most to me and I dare so to most on the left, those Ed Miliband’s father fought for.

Furthermore, both Cameron and Miliband take great pride in arguing that even if 100% of Scotland’s MPs are elected under the SNP’s banner, not one of their votes are to be considered as anything other than utterly toxic, and an excuse for the English to get angry at us for daring to ask for our democratic rights.

What Scotland is witnessing, and making us increasingly and perfectly legitimately angry, is an attitude of barely disguised ethnic contempt. Foreign affairs and defense are, apparently, too important for Labour or Conservative politicians to allow those living in Scotland to have a say, the same say as other voters in the United Kindgom?

Most tax and spend issues are no go areas for the Scots, with Full Fiscal Autonomy ruled out a priori regardless of how Thatcherite the government gets. This is what Ed Miliband and David Cameron’s Vow was sold to Scots to explain why we didn’t need to vote for national self-determination?.

The best of both worlds is what the Scottish people were promised in return for a NO vote in last year’s referenum. What we are getting is vile anti-Scottish bigotry. And these vile smears are being broadcast into our homes on a daily basis, 24-7. The Unionists responsible appear to be too lacking in self-awareness to realize it is they themselves who are the root cause of the spectacular growth of the SNP. It is not exclusively due to these Unionist broadcaster, and their politicians. But they are definitely one massive contributory factor in this cultural revolution were are witnessing north of the border. Utterly predictable – unless, that is, you are a narrow-minded anti-Scottish bigot.

Let’s look beyond the Scottish situation. Nicola Sturgeon needs allies in England and Wales. She will find it easier to find them than Ed Miliband or David Cameron can when she next appears at one of the leaders debate.

Until very recently, the British Establishment expected to get what they want, but voters are not playing ball. All indications are that two thirds of voters will reject Ed Miliband; two thirds rejecting his rival. Why should either of these overblown clowns, each utterly contemptuous of voters’ wants and needs, lay claim to any kind of ‘mandate’ when every genuine alternative has been crushed out of existence by a disgusting electoral system and by a biased mass media controlled the richest and most powerful people in British society? Your big society is broken, Mr Cameron. And the people are queuing up to put together something a little bit more interesting.

Ed Miliband is – let’s not beat about the bush here – an albatross around the neck of the Movement to Kick Cameron Out. Nevertheless, he is not an insurmountable obstacle. At any rate, let’s hope even he can’t screw this up.

On Thursday, Nicola Sturgeon – and another two leaders of parties to the left of Ed Miliband’s ultra-uninspiring Labour Party front bench – has a chance to address voters, not just in Scotland, but right across the United Kingdom. This is a real chance for democratic forces. It is one we must all seize with both hands.

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Solidarity with James Cook, BBC’s Scotland Correspondent

james cook tweet

James Cook is defending his record. Those who think he is a liar can unfollow him. I have gone the other way. Only since the attack on him have I got round to following, and am glad I did.

James Cook has done nothing to be ashamed of. He is about the last journalist supporters of Nicolas Sturgeon should be targeting.

James asks why would he lie? I can answer that one. And I think this is a key part of the explanation to what has happened here. The problem is his employer. Some on the left tar everyone from BBC Scotland, BBC in general, indeed the entire ‘mainstream media’ with the one brush. That is lazy.

James wasn’t really on my radar until Frenchgate. From my point of view he had good days and bad days. I have laughed out loud at a few of his one-liners and been over the moon at some of his questions of Tories, Labour and others. I have also thought some of his questions were not so good. But they kind of balanced each other out. For most people, this proves someone is doing their job. For me it is more complicated. It is about the balance between the numbers of good to bad questions, and whether the poor ones were due to someone playing devil’s advocate or whether biases are on show.

While I wouldn’t call myself a big fan of James Cook, he clearly wasn’t a particularly bad broadcaster. I didn’t think he was biased against the left or supporters of Scottish independence. By the standards of BBC Scotland, he is more than fair. Definitely one of the best.

My attitude towards James actually changed a few hours before he was subject to this abuse. I had not been following it at all until there had been a lot of comment. My attitude to James is the exact opposite of those who have abused him. He is definitely one of the good guys. He is just about the last journalist we should be attacking.

James Cook’s report on Frenchgate with Maxine Mawhinney was a sheer joy. SNP voters should be jumping with joy. I expected the story to close down due to his nailing it as 100% a smear. But that didn’t happen.

Labour MPs tried to delete their tweets, block those who complained about their being caught participating in a smear campaign. Then they dragged Ed Miband on to the television studios to insist that he had proof that the allegation was valid. He said this after James Cook’s devastating proof of the exact opposite.

Ed Miliband’s ignoring all the evidence then set the tone for Labour MPs and activists all across the UK, repeating what they already knew to be lies on the television studios, with the editors giving the oxygen of publicity to these liars, without any right to reply by Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else.

How on earth does it make sense to viciously attack James Cook in such circumstances? It doesn’t. It is totally counterproductive. It alienates someone who did us an enormous favor. He deserves our gratitude. For exposing this smear so effectively, I doubt all the bosses and editors at BBC Scotland will be happy with James. I suspect they’ll search for excuses to push him aside. That is not what we want. Is it?

James is called, implicitly least least, a liar for saying he knows of senior members of The SNP who actually would like the Tories to win the election. At least one senior MSP implied he was lying. She is wrong. At any rate, when James Cook tells me he knows it, his word is good enough for me. I know of no such individual, but I have met people like that previously. It is not inconceivable that one of them, maybe a few, have managed to climb the greasy pole all the way to the top of the SNP’s leadership. But exactly how influential are they?

The SNP has 100,000 members. How many does James Cook think believe what Ed Miliband and his entire front bench say? There is a saying that a secret known to two people is a secret. One known to three people is no longer a secret. Is anyone seriously saying that there is a secret kept by 100,000 people and the first proof is a third-hand account in a leaked memo passed to the discredited Daily Telegraph by Tory civil servants when the only two people involved in the alleged conversation deny it happened? Seriously? Whatever drugs you’re on, I don’t want any.

I would suggest to Nicola Sturgeon that she seizes this opportunity to call across the entire UK for a better political culture where politicians don’t say one thing in public and another off-the-record. If any member of the SNP tells James Cook or anyone else such things from here on in, they should have the courage of their convictions to go public. Then Nicola and others would have an opportunity to explain to them why they’re totally wrong. That is just one more thing that will impress The SNP’s new supporters in England as much as Scotland. It would prove yet another reason for David Cameron’s hysteria about SNP influence actually being counterproductive.

One last point. James Cook has discussed the genuine belief that forces of darkness are targeting The SNP and their wider periphery. I have no doubt about that. I also don’t doubt that some of those who instigated the abuse of James Cook may have been paid to pretend to be SNP supporters while in actual fact sewing the seeds of dissent and alienating us from one of the fairest broadcasters in Scotland. The percentage of such people will be microscopic. But it doesn’t take many to cause mischief. Some on the left are lazy and climb aboard a bandwagon without checking their facts first or who may have an axe to grind. I have done it myself.

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Why am I voting SNP for the first time in my life?


I will be voting for The SNP for the first time in my life. There are many reasons for this. Many of those who are closest to me politically will be supporting other candidates to the SNP’s left. I want to explain why I think this is a serious tactical mistake.
What the British Establishment is doing should give all parties to the left of Nicola Sturgeon’s 100,000 members pause for thought.
Jim Murphy hopes socialists in Scotland split the vote in a way that protects the criminals behind the Frenchgate conspiracy.
Jim Murphy wants to destroy all MPs who are more than lapdogs for GCHQ, NSA, MI5, MI6, Special Branch. That is why Ed Miliband is okay from his point of view as both choices for 10 Downing Street have contempt for civil liberties of those trashed by MI5 and Special Branch, such as Diane Abbott MP and Doreen Lawrence.
First-past-the-post means that voting for who we most want can have catastrophic consequences. 50 or more SNP MPs can become the backbone of a movement that introduces proportional representation across the UK. Are members of TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) indifferent to that? Why? Dave Nellist needs the overthrow of this wretched lottery of ‘democracy’ that is so patently corrupted by every last one of the broadcast networks of the British Establishment. TUSC needs help to end this electoral monstrosity even more than Natalie Bennett and Patrick Harvie do.
I would appeal to my comrades in TUSC – even at this very late stage – to consider withdrawing from this first-past-the-post lottery. Do it in order to boost our support for securing representation to Holyrood on the regional lists in one year’s time. At the very least, please think about it.

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All anti-Tories must remind everyone to register to vote. David Cameron won’t like that

It's not over till the people sing

It’s not over till the people sing

Can I suggest all parts of the left that we must make the case for registering to vote, calling on the likes of Russell Brand to help us to do that?

It is anti-Tories who are much more likely to forget to get round to this. The fact that the prize for being anti-Tory is Prime Minister Ed Miliband – according to the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News and the rest – means many won’t get round to it – unless that is the left explains why they must, and must do so very quickly indeed.

We need to use the limited time we have left before polling day to explain why the biggest anti-Tory vote is essential. It is crucial as it lowers any so-called ‘mandate’ if this first-past-the-post lottery of an electoral system means we are stuck with David Cameron yet again, and that cannot can’t be ruled out.

Another thing: many anti-Tories won’t be sure which of the parties to Ed Miliband’s left to choose from; that means many will see no point voting for any of them. And some of those will be so angry none of the candidates they’d consider voting for have any chance of being elected that they won’t see the point voting for any of them.

The left must remind those tempted to abstain that even if they can’t (can’t yet) choose between TUSC, Greens or one of the other anti-Tory Parties to choose from, then spoiling the ballot paper still exposes the pathetic nature of this first-past-the-post system. Encourage every last one of them to keep their options open until polling day. And that means they MUST be registered in vote before it’s too late.

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Andrew Neil and David Cameron or Alex Salmond and Natalie Bennett?

Is Andrew Neil a deliberate liar? Or an idiot? Both? Or neither? If the latter, then what is he playing at?

There is nothing I love more than being shot by both sides. I revel in provoking debate. And if that invites others from a variety of orthodoxies to take up the cudgels against me for thinking outside the box, then I feel I have done something worthwhile. I don’t always get it right. When others explain why I am wrong, I am genuinely grateful to them. What I do in such circumstances in pose problems that I can’t quite solve. I’m thinking out loud, and asking others to help me out. The more the merrier.

Andrew Neil is an important broadcaster. He is not your typical right-winger who pollutes the British Broadcasting Corporation. Many on the left hate him. I don’t. I don’t pull punches when I think he is wrong, and reactionary. But intelligent right-wingers who are not content with being mere mouthpieces for their own self-appointed leaders perform a very useful function for the left. Andrew Neil is one such right-winger, and we should value him for that.

A good example of how useful he is to us was his behavior during Scotland’s independence referendum. He was better than just about any broadcaster from any of the mainstream channels. While the guests on his three regular political programs tend to be useless from the point of view of genuine socialists, he tends to be unsparing in hammering away at the weaknesses of all his guests, or as good as he can be given his capitalist-blinkered spectacles.

Andrew Neil actually does the Tories good by exposing their weaknesses, being a sparring partner that challenges them, preparing them for the big match. Alas, he has been less good at helping the left. Ed Miliband’s team have had their weaknesses tested to destruction, and they’ve buried their heads in the sand. They are in a hole, and just keep digging. They’re like Keystone Cops on steroids, digging and digging, presumably in the search for more drugs. This is not a pretty sight. Not for the left.

However, Ed Miliband does not represent the left. His so-called, “Man on the left,” Alan Johnson is a nasty Blairite idiot. Andrew Neil thinks the left is ungrateful to corrupt war criminal Tony Blair. He has nothing to do with us. He didn’t win elections for us, but gave the BBC their excuse to lie about the nature of capitalist ‘democracy’. The left have been disenfranchised, and we are having to start from the ground up.

That brings me to Andrew Neil’s latest error that is not a mere error. Is Andrew Neil lying when he says the only debate that matters is the one between David Cameron and Ed Miliband and everything else is an irrelevant sideshow? I wouldn’t put it in those terms. Calling people liars is what you do when you have no interest in debating with them. You give them their excuse to withdraw from debate. So, I am not going to call Andrew Neil a liar.

What I am doing is putting it to Andrew Neil that his incessant misinformation vis-a-vis what the General Election is about is related to his British-Establishment tinted spectacles. How else can we explain his idea that voters get to vote for David Cameron or Ed Miliband as Prime Minister. Not even their own constituents get to do that. Only the 600 plus MPs elected in a game of media bias, a first-past-the-post that makes most of our wishes a pipe-dream, and a lottery that means we may all end up with MPs most of us hate… Only this rabble of unpopular idiots get to have any say on who the Prime Minister is.

Britain’s unwritten constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s not written on. Nevertheless, the party leader with most MPs is likely to get first shot at trying to form a government. But if, as seems likely, neither David Cameron nor Ed Miliband can form a government without doing deals, May is likely to usher in a period of considerable political instability with many Prime Minster from both Labour and Tories coming and going. There is no reason why either of these parties have to hold the office of Prime Minister. If opinion polls show that Alex Salmond, for instance, is the most popular choice, then there is no reason why Labour’s left, Greens, Plaid and others will reject that. There are many reasons why this could happen, and many more why Labour’s right and Tories won’t want an early second election as it is likely to see an intensified polarization of the electorate, with The SNP, Greens, Labour’s left, TUSC and others eating into Ed Miliband’s base from the left as Tories fragment, with UKIP cannibalizing David Cameron’s carcass, and Nick Clegg’s party being nothing more than a rapidly forgotten footnote.

Events in Greece, Spain, Italy and elsewhere are likely to further radicalize the electorate in Britain, and any attempt by the forces of conservatism to punish those resisting their oppressors as they fight for political and economic democracy simply making the electorate across Britain ever more radical.

The left has to get real when it comes to May’s election. We need to neutralize the Achilles Heel in the armor of those committed to finishing the Tories. Having an alternative to the Presidential bullshit of David Cameron and Ed Miliband is something we all need to unite around. Is Alex Salmond perfect from our point of view? Absolutely not. Nevertheless, we need to remind voters that we can reject the idea Ed is our candidate for Prime Minister by acting in a way that doesn’t play into David Cameron’s blood-stained, money-grubbing hands.

The left has to unite around everything that exposes David Cameron to make him at least as unelectable as Ed Miliband. Reminding voters that Andrew Neil is simply wrong about what voters are choosing in May could not be more important.

Natalie Bennett, Patrick Harvie, Leanne Wood, Nicola Sturgeon and (sooner or later, many Labour MPs too) uniting around Alex Salmond as an alternative Prime Minister for at least part of the next parliament is key to our strategy of utterly destroying David Cameron’s government of the millionaires, by the millionaires, for the millionaires. This is strategy that allows the left and every democrat worthy of the name creating the conditions for a constitutional convention that smashes this wretched first-past-the-post dystopia that can usher in a majority government (even one with a landslide victory in parliament) that is rejected by almost eighty percent of the electorate.

Andrew Neil and the right-wing are over the moon at his interview with Natalie Bennett on last week’s Sunday Politics. Preaching to the converted, mate. Blairites like Alan Johnson, Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander are as happy with Andrew Neil as he is with himself,. However, his constant interruptions won him no new fans. When Natalie Bennett got her chance to speak for herself, without interruptions, as she did on Sky News yesterday morning, she blew away Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron. She’d have done it to Nigel Farage too if he hadn’t cowered away in Strasbourg.

Andrew Neil is particularly insistent in his opposition to Alex Salmond and every other representative of the Scottish National Party in the Prime Ministerial Debates. Despite The SNP likely to end up with twenty five times as many MPs as Nigel Farage’s UKIP, Andrew Neil does not think they deserve a place in the PM Debates. I wonder why that might be. Scared?

Andrew Neil says he can’t vote for the SNP, and neither can most of us in May. So what? The General Election is about electing 600 plus MPs. It is not about electing a President. Even if The SNP is geographically more compact than many others, they will still do a hell of a lot better in terms of votes, members and MPs than many of those who do stand across the UK. There is no reason why Alex Salmond could not be Prime Minister. And Andrew Neil knows that.

Even the technical issue of geographical narrowness can be put to bed. How? Does Natalie Bennett want to be Prime Minister? Nope. She doesn’t even want her party to participate as coalition partners to prop up a radical(ish) government. Okay. But does she rule out supporting as Prime Minister someone other than Ed Miliband, David Cameron or some other member of their respective parties? No, she does not.

Why should the left not accept that, when push comes to shove, Alex Salmond would be better than anyone on offer from Labour, and everyone on offer from the Tories? In reality, we know that most Labour MPs wish Alex Salmond was their leader rather than Ed Miliband. Then again, most Labour voters would prefer almost anyone as leader to who they’ve lumbered themselves with.

Leanne Wood of Plaid would also clearly support Alex Salmond if there was a vote in parliament. Many members of parties to the left of all the above would prefer Alex Salmond for a variety of reasons – not least of which is dumping an unelected second chamber and a first-past-the-post system that is universally held in contempt.

How likely is it that Alex Salmond end up as the first Prime Minister when the dust settles after May’s general election? The first choice to form a government? Next to none. Does that matter? Actually, no. What we are likely to see, as far as most credible commentators is concerned, is a highly unstable parliament. Most of us now assume there is likely to be either a second general election within months or a series here-today-gone-tomorrow broken Prime Ministers hobbling along from one crisis the the next, each becoming progressively less popular with voters, all fiddling while the streets of London burn.

Riots are an almost inevitable price all of us will pay unless and until something is done to defuse this pressure cooker society. And that will only happen if democrats can bring down this wretched broadcast mass media that is determined to bury the truth to keep a bankrupt and corrupt British Establishment in power.

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