Tory troll Chris Rose helps Islamophobe Abu Yami


TORY CHRIS ROSE ARCHROSE90 CONSPIRES WITH ISLAMOPHOBIC TROLL ABU YAMI TO FRAME JEREMY CORBYNTory Chris Rose – aka @ArchRose90 – is working hand in glove with violent Islamophobe Abu Yami, aka @LabAbuYami aka @LabAbuHussein aka @AbuHusseinLab.

Last night Tory Chris Rose gathered together 47 other Tories to retweet his interpretation of Abu Yami’s antisemitic tweet: that we are dealing with a Labour supporter rather than an enemy of the Labour Party, someone who has over the last week been reported repeatedly to Twitter in all three of his guises as an Islamophobe framing Jeremy Corbyn and innocent Muslims.

For the ‘crime’ of exposing what Chris Rose was up to, he blocked me. Interestingly he chose not to block the antisemite who dismisses all Jews as ‘fascists’, repeatedly attacks Jews, and whose Twitter masthead dismisses the 911 atrocity as nothing more than suicide by Americans for their alleged crimes of giving weapons to Israel.

Abu Yami is legitimising mass murder. He is doing this in the name of Jeremy Corbyn over and over and over again. We are not dealing with a harmless parody account. Abu Yami like his other two accounts deliberately corrupt the democratic process by helping Tories frame the left as antisemities while knowing perfectly well that they are nothing of the sort. What we are dealing with is entrapment. This is the work of an agent provocateurs. Tory activists’ willing participation in this smear campaign invites their being sued for defamation.

If Chris Rose has a shred of integrity he will immediately apologize to Jeremy Corbyn and all his supporters, then join us in demanding an investigation into who exactly is behind these three fake accounts. And how many more of these accounts are there on twitter, and on other social media?

All the evidence points in the direction of Abu Yami having extreme right wing associations. The fact the fifth account he followed was the Metropolitan Police doesn’t prove he has anything to do with those police spies, such as Bob Lambert, who were sent by Special Branch to commit perjury, as agent provocateurs who had unlawful sex with female victims, even getting some pregnant, then running away to their former families leaving victims in psychological distress, scared that their ‘soulmate’ had come to a nasty end. The collection of followers and followees of Abu Yami don’t prove anything other than that this is a very peculiar Jihadist, a porn addict for one thing. Nevertheless, while there is no proof, yet, it would definitely be worth asking Home Secretary Amber Rudd some questions, ask her under oath, obviously.

Have the accounts of @LabAbuYami, @LabAbuHussein and @AbuHusseinLab been set up by police spies with her permission with the explicit purpose of helping Tories like Chris Rose  – and the 47 Tories who retweeted his smear – to damage the Labour Party electorally to give her own party a political advantage. That is definitely a question worth asking. The answer could be key to why all the complaints by Jeremy Corbyn’s voters about our being framed by this antisemite don’t get his account suspended. Maybe Amber Rudd refuses to let Twitter get rid of police spies when she so badly needs them to entrap the left and innocent if naive and immature Muslim youth.


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Who is Abu Hussein, aka @AbuHusseinLab?


For the last few days a lot of my time on @Twitter has been wasted making complaints about an account by someone pretending to be Muslim as well as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter. Unfortunately, nothing is done to kick this malevalent troll off Twitter despite all the evidence that he repeatedly breaks the rules and indeed breaks the criminal law. What the hell is going on here?

After complaining about repeated breaches in Twitter’s rule, Abu Hussein simply deletes every one of his tweets and carries on as though nothing has happened. This leads to others invited to report him to Twitter to get fooled by a message insisting Abu Hussein has not tweeted. That tricks some of them to assume the allegations against him are malicious. Unfortunately, Abu Hussein always does, eventually, return to inciting mass murder of Jews, of gays, of Blairites, and  I think also of Britain’s head of state: Queen Elizabeth. ‘Zionists’ are also firmly in his sights. Additionally, he has called in one tweet for what looks like systematic child rape by Jihadists. Twitter should know by now that they are dealing with a fake account lying in wait to try for the umpteenth time to entrap supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and possibly some very naive and careless supporters of the Palestinians.

What we are clearly dealing with here has to be an Islamophobe framing Muslims, rather than a genuine Jihadist. Whatever he looks like in his Twitter avatar – a photo apparently stolen from an innocent man, from some foreign dating site – he is almost certainly not a Muslim. His chosen name suggests he is Muslim, but I don’t buy that for one second. It’s quite likely that he is a caucasion member of a vicious Islamophobic organization, such as the English Defence League or Britain First. He could be a UKIP member, possibly. Or maybe he is a Tory.

Why is in not good enough for Twitter to simply repeatedly let Abu Hussein delete tweets calling for mass stabbings of Jews, Blairites, ‘Zionists’ and gays? Several reasons. In the first place, this could constitute helping Abu Hussein bury evidence of his incitement to murder. And if Twitter’s complicity in this comes out in court that could be seized upon by Theresa May and Amber Rudd to set limits on Twitter’s freedom to police itself. And that in turn would constitute an attack on everyone who uses this service, a service that is indispensable for the left.

Abu Hussein could easily be convicted in a court of law for crimes deserving detention for what he has tweeted. So why wait for him to restart his vile campaign yet again rather than let courts sort it out? Why not hand the evidence that already exists in Twitter’s files to the police?

Secondly, even if these incitements to murder shouldn’t be taken too seriously because we believe that the targets are not real – in the sense that we are dealing with a spineless Islamophobe rather than a Jihadist – that is irrelevant.

Twitter must know by now that either Abu Hussein is who he claims to be – in which case he belongs behind bars for inciting mass murder of Jews, gays etc – or,  alternatively, is framing Muslims and Jeremy Corbyn supporters with very serious crimes. The former should get him jailes, and the latter should also get him jailed.

What could possibly explain Twitter’s failure to take action against Abu Hussein? I have a theory about this. It’s highly speculative, but I’m struggling to come up with any alternative alternative explaination.

I find Twitter’s behavior in turning a blind eye to Abu Hussein’s criminality bizarre in the extreme. I also find it deeply troubling that Twitter turns a blind eye to the systematic framing of Muslims and Jeremy Corbyn with these crimes. Obviously I can’t be sure why Twitter isn’t living up to its responsibilities, but since they’ve let this problem fester days I wonder if Twitter has had its arm twisted and is now colluding with Amber Rudd to entrap innocent people. If that is what is going on here, then all service users need to be made aware of this, and if it’s true I don’t think many will be happy.

I would hate to believe that Twitter could sink that low but, whether by accident or design, Abu Hussein’s account repeatedly lies in wait over and over again. He lurks there before trying yet again draw masses of Jeremy Corbyn supporters to follow him, then retweet and/or ‘Like’ utterly reactionary tweets. If he is ever successful, Amber Rudd could use this so called ‘evidence’ that Jeremy Corbyn supporters support these things. The reality, however, is all we would be dealing with is carelessness encouraged by a lengthy period of lazy individuals following back simply because at first glance it looks like he is just another Corbyn voter who seems only to follow Corbyn supporters and only retweets other Corbyn supporters. This is why I smell entrapment. If Twitter admits turning a blind eye to this because Amber Rudd forced them to, they should turn whistle blower. Maybe we’ll find out before too long. But if Twitter knows this is a trap set up by an Islamophobic Tory Home Secretary they had better come clean before it’s too late.

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Anti-Zionist shot by both sides

I hope Jeremy Corbyn supporters will consider the arguments in this blog. I would welcome critical feedback. My expectation is I’m likely to face fire from both sides, but suspect Jeremy Corbyn himself would have no problem with anything I say here. If I’m wrong I’d welcome criticism from that quarter too. Indeed I’d be honoured to be set straight by someone I respect so much.

Why do I anticipate criticism from anti-Zionists? Is it because I support the Blairite smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn? Hardly. I expect that many will attack me for justifying a personal decision I took publicly maybe a year or two ago on Twitter and elsewhere that I intended to stop referring to myself as ‘anti-Zionist’. I explained my decision at the time. My conviction that I was right has grown stronger ever since. This is about the presentation of our arguments, not at all about logic or facts. It is about making harmless concessions to remove devastating weapons from our enemy’s arsenal of unremitting state orchestrated smears.

Am I demanding that other supporters of Palestinians join me in dropping the label Zionist or to proudly describe themselves anti-Zionist? No, I am not. This is a personal decision and I will continue to defend all legitimate anti-racists who are victims of a racist smear campaign, often lead by fundamentalist Christians against Jewish supporters of Palestinian self determination. I will express solidarity with everyone fighting for the victims of ethnic cleansing whether they refer to themselves as anti-Zionist or not. So why am I personally abandoning this term?

Firstly, we don’t need it because there are alternatives. The essence of our struggle is supporting the self determination of an oppressed people. We fight for justice for the victims of outrageous terrorist ethnic cleansing. None of us care one iota about the ethnic origins of the criminals or the victims. We take on the fundamentalist Christian cheerleaders for this oppression of the Palestinians not because they are ‘Christian’, but because they support the oppressors. What we are dealing with is racist criminality. The slogan ‘a land without people for a people without land’ was a convenient myth for those intent of stealing other people’s land. Those who lived there were driven off by force of arms. This is a crime just as was the idea of a ‘Protestant state for a Protestant people’ when many were actually Catholics. Every state that institutionally gives second class status to an ethnic minority and has no problem driving victims into the sea or refugee camps for their entire lives, as well as the lives of their children and grandchildren, is a terrorist state. The racist support for the ‘right’ of colonizers who had never set foot on a continent to ‘return’ to the land that had been stolen from others based on ethnicity is hardly something any democrat could possibly support. In that sense, of course I remain ‘anti-Zionist’. However, the use of this term allows the oppressor group in this case to conflate support for this legitimate struggle with hatred of Jewish people. Those smearing us know what they say is defamatory. They know it deserves to be exposed in a court of law, and some day soon maybe it will be. Virtually every broadcaster in all five terrestrial news networks in the United Kingdom should be dragged to court and sued for defamation, at least those peddling so-called ‘news, politics or current affairs’.

What objections could be raised to my support for Jeremy Corbyn against this smear campaign about anti-Semitism? Am I really suggesting there are no genuine anti-Semites amongst the supporters of the Palestinians? Everybody knows that such people do indeed exist. However, when we are dealing with oppressor and oppressed groups – or even two groups with an ambiguous relationship – it is easy for opportunistic sectarians on both sides to exploit particular examples of injustice to advocate a mirror image injustice. This is especially common when we are dealing with youths who haven’t had a chance to mature.

Society needs to be tolerant to youths. We do that in part to accelerate the growing up process. Just because kids insult a group of people that isn’t necessarily their last word on the subject. Unless responsible adults are patient we prolong immaturity in our children and grandchildren. In my all-Catholic boys school everybody I knew expressed illegitimate hatred of Protestants partly because of things we saw on our television, like Bloody Sunday and what we were all convinced were miscarriages of justice, which often turned out to be exactly what they were. So I can understand why some Muslim youths say the wrong things when they examine the reality of the Israeli state, the occupied territories, kidnapping of Mordechai Vanunu, entrapment of Muslim youths by Special Branch and their MI5 front organizations.

Because Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are painted as being anti-Jewish, I am in favor of removing absolutely everything that could be exploited by a bunch of tedious and spineless liars. The real meaning of the term ‘Zionist’ shouldn’t be redefined to mean the exact opposite of what it does mean. At any rate, there should be no censorship of history books to attribute associations that were not in the minds of those who used the term previously. And I won’t be trying to delete any of my tweets when I happily called myself an anti Zionist. However, surely what motivates us is injustice and we would be on the right side regardless of whether it was Jewish people who were oppressed, as has been the case during most of human history, or if the oppressor group happened to be Muslim, or Hindu, or Catholic or Protestant.

Socialists always side with those who have their democratic rights denied by an oppressor group. Replacing the term ‘anti-Zionist’ with ‘anti-Apartheid’ simply clarifies our secular and democratic attitude. Some won’t want to do this because they see it as unnecessary concession to the oppressor group. For my part, I think it is simply depriving the oppressors of yet another excuse to bury the reality of what Israel is doing and how fundamentalist Christians are oppressing Jews who they don’t like because they stand alongside the oppressed group: the Palestinian victims of ethnic cleansing.

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All socialists in Britain should join Labour


I’m calling – not for the first time – for all socialists in Britain to join Labour. Nobody has any legitimate excuse not to do this; certainly not the alleged impossibility of a parliamentary road to socialism, the equally impossible socialism in one country or similar abstractions that won’t be in voters minds at the next election. None of these count as anything other than lame excuses for dereliction of duty. That kind of sectarianism is a luxury the exploited and oppressed can’t afford. Not on the eve of Jeremy Corbyn entering 10 Downing Street.

If you live in Scotland, as I do, then you may resist joining Labour for a variety of reasons. That’s okay. I’m patient. You’ll get no ultimatums from me. The reality is left wingers have joined, or at the very least voted for, The SNP and/or the Scottish Greens for the last few decades. That isn’t going to change overnight.

Scotland’s much healthier electoral system, as well as the legacy of a Blairite stranglehold over the apparatus as well as most of the elected politicians here, mean socialists will have to make common cause across the party divide for years to come. The left should face up to this as our second best option. Outside Scotland, however, joining Labour is a no-brainer.

As arch Blairite Alan Johnson conceded on last week’s ‘This Week’, the so called ‘hard left’ within the Labour Party has never come close to being as strong as it is today. Jeremy Corbyn is extremely popular with the membership. And it’s now obvious that only his supporters have any prospect of winning any elections within the party regardless of the smears and censorship of all the mainstream media, whose behavior is so bad it’s actually counterproductive.

The left have won the leadership in Scotland, as well as the National Executive Committee, and – indirectly through the NEC – the powerful general secretary’s position. McCarthyite purges of the left should now be history.

Only the Parliamentary Labour Party and associated other legacy politicians in the European Union and Holyrood resist the onward march of the left. The era of Tony Blair’s counterrevolution is less a serious obstacle so much as it is a bad dream from which socialists are waking up. Alan Johnson conceded the Blairites have no good options left. He is praising his friends who he admits are now leaving the party in droves. Those in the PLP are reduced to sitting around waiting for deselection, while doing their damnedest to transform their party into a train wreck before skulking off to form another SDP in an electoral pact with David Cameron’s glovepuppets of the Liberal Democrats. The latest anti-Semitism row could prove the last straw for the membership. Lies on this scale won’t be forgiven.

How should the 600,000 members behave this side of the PLP’s rejuvenation with fresh blood? That is the question the left needs to pose. Clearly we need to get this right. We need to debate. And we need to listen carefully to each other since none of us is the font of all wisdom. We need to refine our own ideas as we discover better ones suggested by our comrades. And where there are differences that are not brought to an end by facts, logic and persuasion? Then what? The left has a long established means of settling such differences: we base them on democratic and respectful debate at the end of which majority votes give us our answer. Even when a minority fears the majority has ignored something important, they need to concede defeat if the debate was conducted fairly. Only by conceding defeat do we earn our right to be listened to next time, even if the next thing we get a change to say is ‘I told you so’.

Should the left call for expulsions of Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies? Insofar as we are dealing with elected members of parliament, that is not something we should be striving for. Of course it can’t be ruled out if someone has brought the party into disrepute, but it has to be the last resort. There is no question that Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies in the PLP have been trying desperately to provoke expulsion for a very long time. One problem with giving them what they want is anyone deprived of Labour membership earns an immediate right to stand in elections against the official Labour candidate. Since we don’t want to hand Blairites the moral high ground by blaming Jeremy Corbyn for spliting the anti-Tory vote, expelling MPs is a bad idea.

The right of those expelled to split the anti-Tory vote is a problem for those wanting excessive discipline of MPs. But it has an upside for Jeremy Corbyn. It gives all Labour’s left their incentive to bring to an end generations of McCarthyite witch hunting. Any sectarian who wilfully splits the left vote in circumstances where they had the option of joining Jeremy Corbyn’s broad church is asking for trouble at the ballot box and with their potential radical reservoire of recruits in the universities and trade unions. If all socialists are invited to take out Labour membership, then the few who refuse will wither away and cease to be a problem for the left. The choise is theirs. I don’t expect many to opt for sectarianism when such a credible alternative exists.

Is it possible to just deselect Blairites and then make life intolerable for them once they’re reduced to rank and file members? So long as they behave as loyal members, they should earn their right to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of the rest of the membership, so a return to parliament etc can’t be ruled out. Expulsion should not on the agenda for ex-MPs. But they do need to act constructively. The ball is entirely in their court.

Should Blairite MPs turn over a new leaf this side of a general election is it still too late for them? This is tricky. Many of them have behaved so badly for so long it doesn’t look like Labour voters or members could ever trust them. However, forgiveness is good for the soul wheras bitterness destroys those who can’t give people a chance to redeem themselves.

Furthermore, Jeremy Corbyn’s sacking of Owen Smith has lead to an outbreak of public collective responsibility. Because Britain is nothing like a presidential system, we have never had the ability to elect Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister. His Queens Speech and his budget could be voted down en masse by the PLP. That is certainly what I would predict if today’s Blairites are reelected as MPs despite making clear to everyone that they are as committed to removing Jeremy Corbyn as leader as they always have been. Nevertheless, at least some of them have to be given time to prove they can be trusted to loyally implement the manifesto if they get elected on as Labour MPs.

It’s very easy to be suspicious about Tom Watson’s motives when he spoke so well on this week’s Andrew Marr Show. But, regardless of what his real motives are, he did say pretty much all the right things. If he is capable of maintaining such loyality he would deserve a reward: carrots and sticks are the order of the day in real politics.

MPs determined to continue to sabotage the local elections will pay a very heavy price. Those smearing Jeremy Corbyn as anti-Semitic don’t do so because they believe it. Their sole motivation is to protect Theresa May in the local elections. And they will never be forgiven for that. These MPs are queuing up to sign their own deselection papers. The more they exploit television and radio interviews to damage their own party, the quicker their CLPs will  pass votes of no confidence in them. If they’re too stupid to realise that, that’s not our problem. By effectively deselecting themselves they would simply give the left more time to decide who should represent Labour at each constituency when Theresa May’s gawd awful government finally bites the dust. And that could be long before most commentators think.

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Random Deejay versus Renaissance Woman


“What the **** does J***** F******* have in common with G**** S****?”

“Both are available to present a radio show between 2:00pm and 4:00pm?”

“Brilliant. We’ll call it BBC**Afternoons.”

Extract from the screenplay of the Oscar winning comedy film adapted from the WIA comedy in a parallel universe. Unfortunately reality in this one.



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Second DM exchange on cops and Mhairi Black

Your politics & your (possibly?) bad relationship with your mp has nothing to do with you possibly needing medical help. If you phone the NHS on 111 they won’t know anything about all that anyway. Just keep calm & they’ll ask you a few questions about your leg etc & they’ll decide what help you need. They’d rather come round, have a look & tell you you’re fine after all than have you waiting till you’re nearly dead x
20m 17 minutes ago
Tom Delargy #StopToryBrexit #PCPEU

I am sorry. I don’t know what you know about why I won’t do what you say, but if you don’t know you should read my blog. I won’t be talking to any doctor without an advocate who I trust. And I want my MP involved. If I die before that happens, then Mhairi Black, Stewart Maxwell and Andy Doig can explain to a public inquiry why they ignored my requests to speak to them.

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DM exchanges on Twitter about threats from cops

mhairi black

No. I live in Scotland. #RenfrewshireCouncil
is my council. Mhairi Black is my MP. Tried to contact her, MSPs and a
councillor. None of them have agreed to speak to me in person. Only one
has even been willing to speak to me on the telephone, and he was worse
than useless.
Sue H/C

I don’t wish to be alarmist. Have you seen a doctor about your leg
recently? It’s probably something minor but it *could* be something
serious & life-threatening. Phone 111 now darling.
14m 4 minutes ago
Tom Delargy #StopToryBrexit #PCPEU

are not being alarmist. I’ve told you I see no prospect of my leg
getting better by itself. A few days ago when I left my armchair after
being at it for many hours the pain seemed to have gone although I was
talking small steps. But due to the mess, I had to start twisting both
legs, and the pain returned. The absense of pain might have something to
do with hours of sleep then hours doing nothing but sit at a keyboard.
Resting that leg may be part of recovery. However,…
Tom Delargy #StopToryBrexit #PCPEU

don’t have a doctor. Please remind me what 111 is. Like calling for an
ambulance? I think I’ll soon need a wheel chair or at least a walking
stick. Don’t think I can leave my flat to buy food. Only got a few days
supplies left…
Tom Delargy #StopToryBrexit #PCPEU

am not going to call emergency services due to past experiences. My MP
Mhairi Black needs to agree to speak to me before I speak to any
authority figure. But two cops turned up and told me she had sent them
to threaten me for trying to speak to her. When I went to get a glass of
water and returned one minute later, they’d ran away. I don’t believe
Mhairi Black spoke to them. I believe they threatened me because they
know I want her to raise my case at Prime Ministers Question. #PMQs

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