Vote of no confidence in Kezia Dugdale

Kezia Dugdale is a disgrace. She has been bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, helping Jim Murphy reduce Scottish Labour’s MPs from 41 to just one at the general election and then, on her todd, reducing the party to a status of not even the official opposition at Holyrood, overtaken by the hated Tories.

Kezia Dugdale blames Jeremy Corbyn for the mess she’s gotten herself into. But he wasn’t leader when she and Jim Murphy joined platforms with David Cameron’s hated Tories during Scotland’s independence referendum, echoed the anti-working class rhetoric of the bosses’ CBI – threats to punish voters with mass redundancies should Scotland not vote the way the employers tell us to.

The Scottish National Party have stolen Labour’s core vote, and many of their best activists too. That is why united fronts across the left is inevitable in Scotland for years – maybe decades – to come: for the Green Party as well as The SNP. Jeremcy Corbyn can’t reverse what had looked like terminal decline so long as Scottish Labour is controlled by Kezia Dugdale and her small band of supporters.

Kezia Dugdale banned Corbyn’s voters standing as candidates at the Holyrood elections. And she’s smeared him repeatedly. She insisted Corbyn would never play any role in determining Labour policy in Scotland. However, when her deluded strategy was punished by the voters (partly on the basis that everyone has a natural tendency to hate devious traitors even more than we do our honest enemies), she tried to blame Jeremy Corbyn.

Kezia Dugdale is the disgrace to the Labour Party in Scotland. She is an impediment to a Labour general election victory at Westminster, or any to any hope of a revival at Holyrood. Socialists need to pass a vote of no confidence in Kezia Dugdale, and votes of no confidence in all those north and south of the border who are helping Tory editors at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News etc. Time for Labour Party democracy. Time to clean out the stables.

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Owen Jones is wrong about Sadiq Khan

sadiq khan david cameron i voted corbyn avatar  MQpkrdP6

I’ve written a lot about Owen Jones recently. What I’ve argued may appear a tad inconsistant, but I’m pointing the finger of blame at him for that, not me. I have defended Owen Jones against many on the left when he’s got something right, and he isn’t wrong about everything. However, always without explanation these days, as soon as Owen pins his colours to the mast on Tom Watson’s Chicken Coup, he jumps ship again.

It’s getting next to impossible for anyone on the left to defend Owen in print when he’s all over the place. Owen Jones reminds me of the sub atomic particles referred to in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: simply by trying to analyse what he’s tweeting we contribute to him shifting in an entirely new direction. Owen Jones will be shot by both sides until he climbs off the fence and picks a side. Which side are you on, Owen? Which side are you on?

Owen Jones concedes that Jeremy Corbyn is going to win. He’s been using that plausible ‘prediction’ to defend his right not to be criticized for trying his damndest to minimize the scale of Owen Smith’s electoral humiliation. But he knows that when he first criticized Corbyn, Huffington Post heralded this intervention as a realistic bid to save Owen Smith’s bacon,  thereby unravelling every single success of the left since Corbyn got on the ballot paper first time round.

Owen Jones’s criticism wasn’t retweeted by all Corbyn’s critics like nothing they’d ever retweeted before without good reason. They took it as a given that he had crossed the floor and sold himself to them as their secret weapon. When he tried to defend his intervention Owen merely made matters even worse. Then, unexpectedly, he turned on his new friends on the right. Eventually, it looked like, without admitting it, he’d changed his mind. And now he’s off again. What the hell is Owen Jones he playing at?

Owen Jones defends Sadiq Khan. Why? Sadiq Khan’s interventions this weekend has been utterly disgusting. He is no longer a Labour London Mayor. He is a self-confessed supporter of Theresa May’s Tory government, just as he acted as a glove puppet for 24% Tory dictator David Cameron during the EU referendum.

Sadiq Khan works with Tory bosses at SKY News and at the BBC News Channel to tell a pack of lies about Jeremy Corbyn. He knows their editors won’t permit any right of reply. This man is a coward who conned Labour members to get himself seleted as their candidate, then conned them into canvassing for him. Sadiq Khan is a liar, and if he thinks he can get away with it without Jeremy Corbyn’s voters fighting back he’s deluded, and is deliberately provoking his own expulsion and that of all those who echo his vile lies.

Sadiq Khan is to blame for the EU referendum result. Jeremy Corbyn did his bit to defeat the Brexiteers. It’s not his fault that the Tory editors at BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News censored his left-wing arguments against Brexit. It was Sadiq Khan coming across as Dodgy Dave’s glove puppet that was the last straw for many low paid victims of Cameron’s 24% government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.

Sadiq Khan copied Kezia Dugdale’s idiotic Better Together ‘strategy’. She, alongside her then boss, Jim Murphy, and John McTernan, drove Scottish Labour from 41 to just one MP in Scotland; then reducing the party north of the border still further until the Tories are now the official opposition at Holyrood!

Sharing platforms with the hated David Cameron’s Tories – including Dodgy Dave himself -, dancing to the tune of anti-working class organizations like the CBI, promoting the secret police behind Bob Lambert’s Special Branch ‘state rape’ squad, mass murderer Freddie Scappaticci, decades of establishment coverups of the Kincora pedophile scandal… How dare Sadiq Khan blame Jeremy Corbyn for the Brexit vote. It’s his fault.

Sadiq Khan is the idiot who shared a platform with Tory extremists. He’s the one who expressed indifference to the CBI’s supporting EU membership on the basis that it cut wages for the employers, which their pals at the BBC (who are members of the CBI, btw) say is a good thing. It’s no wonder that there was a massive anti-Tory vote within the north of England. Had Sadiq Khan done what Jeremy Corbyn succeeded in doing, it would have been possible to expose the fundamental flaws in the left-wing case for a Brexit vote. However, everything Sadiq, Alan Johnson, Will Straw did undermined all Jeremy Corbyn’s good work, driving more and more Labour voters into the arms of a politically illiterate populist anti-Tory vote.

If I was running Corbyn’s public relations, I’d have exposed the lies of Alan Johnson, and of Owen Smith on Brexit. But we’ve not got our message across. Partly this is due to divisions within Corbyn’s camp as to how to achieve maximum unity within the Labour Party. As I’ve written in great depth (well, with a hell of a lot of words anyway), I want olive branches extended to anti-Corbyn MPs who accept their defeat in the leadership election: if anyone needs proof that I want this, read this article: Strategy for a Jeremy Corbyn landslide

Everyone appears to acccept that Owen Smith will lose, and lose badly. However, it’s clear that precious few of his 172 MPs intend to respect democracy. They’re boasting about how they’ll drag Labour into a four year civil war to help Theresa May. They may very well help her get an early election if they think they can help her secure a landslide victory before Corbyn’s voters have a chance to undo the damage they’ve done this far. They even boast to Newsnight’s political editor, Nick Watt – on terms of unattributed briefings, naturally, cowards that they are – about how they consider obliterating Labour’s representation at Westminster to be a price well worth paying provided it topples Jeremy Corbyn and allows them to purge over half of the party’s membership, maybe a hell of a lot more than half.

What do we do given the behavior of David Blunkett’s immanent split? Paul Mason wants Corbyn’s supporters to pile intolerable pressure on Owen Smith and his MP supporters to rule out joining Blunkett’s bid to split Labour using the courts to seize assets: The sound of Blairite silence. But the most vocal of the 172 MPs clearly have no intention of ruling this out. On the contrary, Sadiq Khan, Lisa Nandy and Kezia Dugdale have effectively declared their intention to make Labour as unelectable as it could possibly be until half a million Labour members finally surrender to what are now the political equivalent of suicide bombers, or the US general general who said he had to destroy a village in order to save it.

Before I get accused of implying something I clearly am not saying, the reference to ‘suicide bombers’ is a metaphor. It is a metaphor intended to capture the idea that those destroying Labour have no problem destroying their own careers provided they destroy Corbyn’s in the process. The lost hopes and dreams of Labour members, candidates and voters determined to secure liberation from Theresa May’s zero percent Tory dictatorship are to be sacrifised on the alter of a mob of cynical Tony Blair cheerleaders. These people possess a psychopathic attitude to ‘colateral damage’. That, by the way, may explain why they so freely boast about incinerating millions of innocent men, women and children with their costly Trident nuclear missiles.


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Sadiq Khan is Theresa May’s glove-puppet

SADIQ KHAN  574c23b01200002e00894cfd

Dodgy Dave and his CBI MI5 glove puppet utterly turning off Labour voters.

Sadiq Khan exposed himself as the shallow little man I already knew him to be during the EU referendum. Like Will Straw, Alan Johnson, David Blunkett, Angela Eagle, Tessa Jowell, Harriet Harman, Tristram Hunt, Chuka Umunna, Caroline Flint, Emma Reynolds et al, Sadiq Khan reduced himself to an utterly pointless shadow for Dodgy Dave, Britain’s disgraced 24% Tory Prime Minister.

Like the rest of the charlatan MPs we are not allowed to name because words associated with Tony Blair’s name are now outlawed under Iain McNicol’s McCarthyite rein of terror, Sadiq Khan spreads a pack of lies about Jeremy Corbyn’s role during the EU referendum.

Had it not been for Corbyn, I would almost certainly have called for a boycott of both sides. But Corbyn, and Paul Mason, managed to persuade me to back REMAIN. Had the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News not censored Corbyn almost 100% out of the picture, then Labour voters would have turned out in much greater numbers for REMAIN than they in fact did, which was still much better than Tories, who Sadiq doesn’t have a problem with, and about as good as The SNP.

It was not Jeremy Corbyn’s fault that things did not work out the way we would have liked. This relatively low Labour figure was caused by the anti-Corbyn MPs, by their Lords and by assorted opinion formers who turned out to be nothing more than David Cameron’s backing band.

It was in fact your lot, Sadiq Khan, who utterly poisoned the EU referendum campaign. This is your fault, Sadiq Khan’s, not Jeremy Corbyn’s. You and your anti-Corbyn buddies stole the degraded popular front ‘strategy’ of the Scottish Labour Party leaders, Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale and John McTernan. The ‘Better Together cross-class alliance deployed in Scotland during our independence referendum reduced Labour from 41 Members of Parliament to just a single MP, then reduced the party still further so that the Tories are now the official opposition at Holyrood. You lot are losers, Sadiq Khan. Go home and think again.

David Cameron’s cheerleader-in-chief, Sadiq Khan, succeeded in conning a hell of a lot of people due to his nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be a candidate for the Labour leadership last year. But it was always clear to me that this was done cynically. It was nothing more than a populist PR exercise to trick Labour member into backing him as some kind of serious left-wing candidate for London Mayor. And now we find him backing Owen Smith.

Owen Smith is a third rate nobody who looks forward to negotiating with the genocidal psychopaths of so-called Islamic State. He told Sophy Ridge that he remained unapologetic over six hours after saying how proud he was for calling for smashing women off their heels. What kind of rhetoric is that, comrade? This man is bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, and there is no way he would be trusted to be Prime Minister. No one trusts  him.

Sadiq Khan is working overtime to help this disgusting Tory Party get itself reelected. He is stabbing the Labour Party’s half million members in the back. What he is doing has so alienated members and voters alike that he has guaranteed he will never be more than a one-term London Mayor. He is already dismissed by voters as merely an independent who has nothing whatsoever to do with the Labour Party. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Strategy for a Jeremy Corbyn landslide

corbyn liverpool rally JS96096800

Do I possess the secret key to securing a Jeremy Corbyn landslide victory at the next general election – whether that’s the ‘snap election’ Owen Jones is so terrified of that he’s flirted with siding with Owen Smith, or the one four years down the line? Of course I don’t. Nobody does. Nevertheless, such a victory is a real possibility, and I don’t care how many Tory bastards passing themselves off as ‘journalists’ at the BBC, SKY News or Channel4 News tell me it simply cannot happen. While Corbyn can be elected as Prime Minister in a majority Labour government, it is far from inevitable. The question is: how do we make it happen, how do we prepare the ground in the here and now?

I laugh in the face of anyone dismissing me a member of a cult, whether that is one lead by the living Labour leader or a cult dedicated to the long dead Leon Trotsky, a socialist who was, btw, a lifelong victim of anti-Semitism, a fact that kinda exposes the sheer incoherence of Tom Watson’s witch-hunt.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t want yes-men, or yes-women: no one with any brains or self-respect deserves such people. We all change our minds in the course of debate. And we are all genuinely grateful to those who acccelerate the proccess of our correcting mistakes, and giving us our opportunity to help them correct theirs; rational debate on the basis of facts, logic, and respect makes Corbyn’s supporters much more than the sum of our parts. Long may that continue.

I disagree with Jeremy Corbyn on many things, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. But an attack on Labour’s democratically-elected leader is not just an attack on a decent person (Corbyn’s gender is irrelevant, so I’m not going to call him a ‘decent man’); Tom Watson’s Chicken Coup is no more and no less than a calculated attack on over half a million Labour Party members, and many more Labour voters. It is an attack on party democracy and on all those resisting this microscopic elite of self-important, pampered Members of Parliament, anti-socialists whose definition of democracy is telling voters we can have any government we like so long as it is always on the side of the rich and powerful, and of their menagerie of agent provocateur police spies, sending trade unionists to jail, getting them pregnant, psychologically torturing them, detaining them without trial and – no doubt – every now and then sending one or two to an early grave.

As Paul Mason wrote in the latest of his excellent strategy papers – The sound of Blairite silence -, opinion polls are for a variety of reasons not worth a damn at the moment. Until the majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party is brought to heel by the membership, they are held primarily responsible for the meltdown in the polls. Let’s face facts, comrades: voters are laughing at any party asking for the right to form a government that would have a Prime Minister most of whose MPs insist is utterly unfit to be Prime Minister, an MP they’ll try to topple the very first chance they get, which could be the day of the budget or Queen’s Speech immediately after the general election.

Voters are not stupid, and should not be treated as such. Labour’s voters expect this shambles to be sorted out one way or another. Until members decide to discipline MPs publicly committed to destroying their own party, there is no hope of it ever winning a general election. So naturally Jeremy Corbyn’s voters have a lot of work still to do. The only credible choice that does not involve Jeremy Corbyn being toppled, then hundreds of thousands of party members purged, has to involve votes of no confidence in MPs deliberately sabotaging Labour every chance they get.

Should all 172 MPs be expelled? Of course not. Many of them have burned their bridges and know there’s no way back. They are planning to split the party and if they are divided still it is merely on questions of timing. But they are more than happy to exploit Owen Smith to help them damage Labour on the way out. They hope to drag all the 172 out of the PLP asap, not necessarily in order to unite them all on the other side, but simply to stop Labour holding on to any of them. Should we help David Blunkett purge all 172 from the PLP? Absolutely not.

There is a lot of talk in cyberspace about this being a battle between two monolithic camps: nothing could be further from the truth. Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters disagree with each other. And we will continue to disagree on matters big and small. There will be ample room for debate, with minorities retaining freedom to criticize the majority, thereby, eventually, persuading others they were right all along, then to themselves become the majority. However, there are reciprocal rights for both sides. Those who lose votes need to allow those who won to put their plans into action, a right that the minority cannot deliberately ignore. Let’s test who was right, and that requires patience on the part of the minority.

Corbyn’s camp is divided on much. But our divisions are relatively small, and easily handled, compared to those ripping apart Owen Smith’s camp apart under the cover of darkness. The reality is most of the 172 MPs are itching for this leadership contest to end so they can finally put the boot into Owen Smith, with Angela Eagle’s supporters first in the queue to do that. They now detest (rightly detest) his proud rhetoric of smashing women off their heels, and calling for negotiations with the genocidal psychopaths of ISIS.

Owen Smith’s insistance on wasting another four years sulking on the backbenches, calling on all Labour MPs following his example to undermine attempts to defeat Theresa May’s 0.0% Tory government may impress many of the 172 MPs, but their CLPs will pass overwhelming votes of no confidence in any MP behaving like that. One MP has already unresigned. Might there be others? Too soon to say. Nevertheless, olive branches should be extended.

Jeremy Corbyn and all his supporters need to occupy the high moral ground. A wing of the 172 MPs are on their way out. They’ll probably try to delay leaving until they’re deselected. But they’ll do everything they can to provoke their expulsion, and that of as many MPs as possible. Another wing of the 172 will say this is premature and can only guarantee the end of all their careers as politicians. Once all 172 MPs succeed in purging themselves from Labour’s half a million members (assuming they did that, which is at least a possibility), they’ll have no trade union finance, nor activists, nor mass meetings or rallies all across Britain that Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters intend to organize until the next election. The more of the 172 MPs join David Blunkett’s split, the quicker we will discover that the only thing that glued them together was their personal hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party’s membership.

If Tom Watson sets up a new party with 172 MPs, they’ll find they have to deal with at least two dozen would be leaders of their party, but virtually no members eligible to pick one of these tedious wannabe Prime Ministers. They’d have to rely on union-busting multi-millionaire asset strippers and money launderers to bail them out. That will hardly endear them to Labour’s voters. Furthermore, Owen Smith will be told he can shove his ‘Corbyn lite’ policies where the sun don’t shine,  which won’t bother him as his commitment to them was never more than rhetorical anyway; but this will pose existential problems for Labour members he succeeded in conning, with a little help from those who should have known better – people like Owen Jones.

Labour MPs may not think with their hearts when they accept Jeremy Corbyn has won a majority vote for a second time, but that’s hardly the most important thing. Whether their climbing back on board the front bench is due to a heartfelt commitment to democracy, or simply out of sheer careerism, provided they contribute to defeating the Tories at the next general election – and in parliment in the meantime -, then where’s the harm in welcoming them back?

The last thing Corbyn’s supporters should do is back all the 172 MPs into a corner. Don’t help them unite when their prospects of doing that without our help is nil. Exploit their many divisions. Attempt to neutralize those who fell into a bad crowd and who now desperately want to be rehabilitated. People – including MPs – can change their minds: after all, Tony Benn didn’t start off as a left-wing MP.

The 172 will fester on probation if they try to unite with the membership after Owen Smith leads them all to electoral humiliation. Nevertheless, if some of them at least try to make it work, then the left have to help them do that. We’ll never forget what they did, but if they prove they want to be forgiven, asking for a new beginning, never again descending into an electorally-damaging civil war, then let’s make it happen.

And what if none of the MPs actually do try to help Labour win the next election? That can’t be ruled out. But at least all members, and all voters, will be able to see for themselves that at least we tried. We’ll win the high moral ground. And we’ll be rewarded in the ballot boxes for being the real champions of democracy and Labour party unity.


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Why Rosa Luxemburg?



This is not the first time I’ve chosen Rosa Luxemburg as my Twitter avatar. But I’ve revived it for a specific set of reasons.

Firstly, I’m as proud of being one of her supporters as I am of declaring myself a Labour voter who intends to help Jeremy Corbyn become the next Prime Minister.

I have never been a Labour Party member, although I was often asked to join. Until the victims of Neil Kinnock’s witch hunt decided to stand candidates against the official Labour candidate, I’d never voted anyone other than Labour. And those I voted for were elected. No less than six of them got elected to Holyrood, and we were set to grow ever stronger, were it not for the shenanigans of the British state’s police spies.

Tom Watson plans to split Labour. Be in no doubt about that. He’s doing everything he can to destroy the Labour Party on the way out, trying to bankrupt it with obscene court cases, ballot rigging on an industrial scale, lying about all manner of things.

The BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News bury the truth. But Labour Party members are not fooled, and nor are their core voters. Tom Watson’s smears about entryists are not working. They merely make members angrier and angrier. Nevertheless,…

Labour is growing, and it will keep growing. There is likely to be some peeling away of some supporters of Tony Blair at Westminster: Tom Watson, for reasons no one can understand, won’t let us call them ‘Blairites’, which is as daft as trying to ban the first Sex Pistols album; everybody knows what a Blairite is, and banning that word makes Big Brother’s ballot-riggers just look like clowns, or is Iain McNicol going to ban clowns too?

I voted for socialists against Labour although I haven’t done that for a decade or more. And when I did that, it was because Tom Watson and co purged these socialists out of Labour, and then galloped to the right, in the process dwindling the roots in Labour until it’s left with just one seat in Scotland, overtaken even by the wretched Tory Party at Holyrood.

Split votes are the responsibility of Neil Kinnock’s witch hunters, and then of Tony Blair. They left socialists with no alternative, and voters pinned responibility for the split on Labour. And now, finally, Jeremy Corbyn does give all socialists our alternative, real electoral unity for the first time since the mid-1980s. Neil Kinnock’s witch hunts never won a single general election: they merely paved the way for an ever deeper series of splits in the anti-Tory vote. Those days are over.

Tom Watson is terrified of socialists uniting into a single broad church of the left under first-past-the-post. I am far from terrified. Unity is strength. United we stand, divided we fall. An injury to one is an injury to all. The time is ripe for all socialists to get with the program. In England this is a no-brainer. We must join Labour, and then work for a Labour victory with Jeremy Corbyn as our undisputed choice for Prime Minister.

If the 172 MPs having been humiliated by half a million members split the Labour Party, what exactly will they say to Labour voters? They’ll face electoral annhilation. And well deserved it will be too. But that choice will be theirs.

Tom Watson may think he has a veto on which socialists can join Labour, but he’s sadly deluded. Socialists will join in growing numbers, working enthusiastically for a Labour government more than they ever have before. And they’ll be welcomed with open arms. Members and voters alike have an unquenchable thirst for unity, and that’s what they’re going to get.

Tom Watson is now behaving like Senator McCarthy. “Are you now or have you ever been a Trotskyist?” What is a Trotskyist, by the way? Trotsky insisted he wasn’t one, just as Marx said he was no Marxist. And if not being a Trotskyist was good enough  for Trotsky, then it’s good enough for me too. I probably am a Marxist though.

One reason I’m proud to declare my love for a lot of writings by Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky is that both were Jewish. Can I be accused of being anti-Semitic if I love so many Jews and the list is very long indeed, and I can’t get my head around why anyone would have a problem with someone being Jewish. It makes no sense to me.

Picking Rosa Luxemburg as my Twitter avatar kills two birds with one stone: not only was she also a Jew – as so many great Marxists were/are -; she was also a woman. I associate myself with a Jewish woman? Cool. Jeremy Corbyn fights sexism and anti-Semitism just like I do. Associating myself with Rosa Luxeburg merely reinforces that point.

The gender and ethnicity of Rosa Luxemburg has nothing to do with why she’s a great hero of mine. I love her for her politics.

Rosa Luxemburg was as great as any Marxist who has ever lived. She was murdered, died a martyr. She is a hero of international socialism, and I can think of no Marxist I’d more like to associate myself with as I contemplate joining Labour for the first time in my life.

Rosa Luxemburg didn’t want to split the SPD, and she was right to reject that idea. For precisely the same reason, socialists should not dream of splitting Labour today. First-past-the-post imposes compromises on all of us. The left outside Labour is up for negotiating compromises, and we are confident we will be allowed to play our full part in the rejuvenation of the Labour Party, sweeping Jeremy Corbyn to victory in a landslide against the party of rich  Tory parasites bleeding 99% of voters dry.


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Expel Iain McNicol?

IAIN MCNICOL TWITTER AVATAR  0a3404492c980ec4c1895780c2d1aec7

Iain McNicol has won his appeal. Three judges defend his ‘right’ to steal the votes of 130,000 Labour Party members. I had prepared myself for this. But I didn’t think it would happen. I let my guard down. But this decision is so obviously wrong it will be tempting for some of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters to try to overturn that appeal. Legally they could. But they could lose money they can’t afford. And if they won would it be worth it? If it was up to me I’d let Iain McNicol get away with what he’s done. It’s a Pyrrhic Victory. It simply reinforces what a nasty piece of work he is, a vote stealer, wasting party funds, and has brought the Labour Party into disrepute by reducing promises by the party to worthless rhetoric, just like a Lib Dem pledge.

Iain McNicol has stolen 130,000 votes. He’s got away with it. The judges who let him do that need to explain themselves. But their verdict is outrageous. What does this mean for Labour Party members? It means the general secretary of the Labour Party and the Deputy Leader are boasting about how their word is not their bond. They sold party membership on the basis they’d get a vote in the Labour leadership. They were sold dodgy goods. These people are contaminating the brand of Labour. Who will believe anything in a Labour Party manifesto if the general secretary and Deputy leader refuse to abide by it’s promises.

Tom Watson and Iain McNicol have brought the party into disrepute. Both need to consider their position. Watson has to face deselection, if his CLP wants that, and they will want that. And in my humble opinion, he should face expulsion.

Iain McNicol should be expelled too as far as I’m concerned. His behavior is beneath contempt. I expect he will be expelled and I would be very happy to see that.

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Elementary my dear Watson: you’re fired

watson moriarty

How do we solve a problem like Tom Watson? This could be a three pipe problem.

I campaigned for Tom, quite vigorously in fact. And I was over the moon that all the other Deputy leadership candidates were defeated. All the rest were dire, although towards the end of the campaign I was sufficiently impressed by Angela Eagle ripping off Tom Watson’s bid for party unity behind whoever won the leadership that I eventually called for second preference vote to go to her.

But Tom Watson has betrayed me. And he has betrayed everyone who voted for him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a very long time. He succeeded in pulling the wool over my eyes longer than he should have: that’s my fault, I’m afraid. In retrospect, I should have seen this coming.

Can Tom Watson be sacked from the shadow cabinet? Not easily. Certainly not without expelling him, or at least suspending him from membership. That has to be a credible proposition, although it does carry dangers: it may be exactly what he wants.

Expelling any Labour MP has to be the last resort. Some Jeremy Corbyn supporters are desperate for a purge of the MPs, but that would prove utterly counterproductive. The reality is many of them are deliberately trying to provoke their expulsion. Tom Watson is one of the few who should possibly be granted this wish. But we need to think through the consequences of this, because we could be playing into his hands.

Tom Watson is deserving of having his membership removed for a long list of crimes against the Labour party. But this would have to be done with natural justice, and he’d be free to make his case. For all I know, he may win it as the party really does want unity. Whether Tom Watson is expelled or not, deselection has to be carried out in his case — provided his local party agrees, but I’ve absolutely no doubt that they will no longer be prepared to be represented by him as Labour’s official candidate. He is nothing of the sort, at least not in spirit.

Tom Watson wanted to stop Jeremy Corbyn being on the ballot paper because he knew members would reelect him. Because he knows Owen Smith has zero chance of winning the leadership election, he’s preparing to split the Labour Party by threatening four more years of electorally-damaging civil war at Westminster, with 172 MPs (if he gets his way) telling all voters that their candidate for Prime Minister is unfit to be Prime Minister, which is synonymous with calling for a Tory government.

Because Tom Watson knows he can’t topple Jeremy Corbyn democratically, he’s wasting quarter of a million quid to deprive the Labour Party of the funds it needs to fight Theresa May’s Tories, and his own immanent splinter party, possibly called SDP 2.0. Tom Watson intends to split the anti-Tory vote as Polly Toynbee did to get Margaret Thatcher elected three times with most voters voting against her.

Tom Watson got elected to unite the party behind the democratically-elected leader. But now he’s provoking his own expulsion by using every opportunity he can get to smear Labour’s half million members as ‘Trots’. Pathetically he says the only way to defend the party is to take away the votes of the membership. Members have a different idea: deselect MPs like Tom Watson who are deliberately sabotaging the Labour Party’s electoral prospects.

Are there ‘Trots’ in Labour? Tom Watson needs to define his terms. Who has he got in his sights? The former economics editors of both Newsnight and Channel4 News: Paul Mason? Seriously? Is he refering to the Firefighters union leader, Matt Wrack? I suspect those are among the socialists Tom Watson wants to get rid of. Both have called for the unwinding of Neil Kinnock’s witchhunt, and why the hell not?

Tom Watson says those who stood against the official Labour candidate have no right to rejoin. I beg your pardon? Whose fault is it that Dave Nellist etc has had to stand against the official Labour candidate? It was Neil Kinnock’s. If Tom Watson is expelled — as I believe he probably should be — he would then be perfectly within his rights to stand in any election he wishes, under first-past-the-post or whatever, to put his case to the electorate; and if that lets a Tory or UKIP candidate get elected, then the responsibility would be shared by him and by those who had him expelled him. This is a fact of life that must always weigh heavily on the minds of those who contemplating splitting parties that stand in elections.

Peter Taaffe isn’t proposing standing against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour if his supporters are allowed to get back in, and I hope this can be negotiated very quickly. There is massive incentive for all those who don’t think of themselves as ‘Trots’ to let them in. If you don’t like what they argue, then make sure they are defeated democratically. If you have confidence in your ideas you’ll have no problem defeating a tiny percentage of ‘Trots’ in a party of half a million.

First-past-the-post is designed to cripple the left. It’s a conservative’s wet dream. Every split in the parties of the left further strenghtens the capitalist parasites living the life of Riley with tax-dodged, asset-stripped, money-laundered unearned income.

The left needs a broad church that brings us all together. We’ll disagree? Of course we will. We disagree with ourselves after all. We do it all the time. It’s called changing our minds. And we are grateful to those who help us change our minds. But this requires us all coexisting in a single party of the left. Under Jeremy Corbyn, we finally have that vehicle. If Tom Watson is so scared of democracy that he needs to steal half a million votes, then he knows where the door is.

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