Is Harriet Harman guilty of ballot-rigging, industrial-scale robbery and breaches of Data Protection Act?

MI5's favorite abstainer has all ten fingers in a giant PIE

MI5’s favorite abstainer has all ten fingers in a giant PIE

As I explained a few hours ago, Harriet Harman knows she cannot get away with stealing £3 from those she encouraged to vote in the Labour leadership contest only to tell them after they did so that she invented rules to disqualify them without telling anyone. Lawyers must have told her what she threatened to do in her interview with Shaun Ley on BBC Radio4 this afternoon is totally illegal. Her intimidation is a calculated threat to stop people even asking for their money back. If the Shadow Cabinet don’t force her to resign immediately, the entire leadership of the party is a joke. But there’s even more to her omnishambles than that.

On the World at One, Labour’s acting leader said she is paying people to work 23 hours a day, four days a week going through records kept by local party activists to weed out tens of thousands who have paid £3, passing information between the national leadership and local parties. Is it not obvious that everyone involved in this massive undertaking will need to be questioned about exactly how rigorous their record-keeping is?

How does Harriet Harman or her spies in the locality know when a member of one party has quit to become available to join another party? Is it possible that Harriet Harman is working hand-in-glove with Home Secretary Theresa May who pays MI5, Special Branch and GCHQ to spy on Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbot MP, Doreen Lawrence and god know how many of  the rest of us? Is that how Harriet Harman is so confident she can determine when every individual has left their party? And if that’s not how Labour is vetting the right of individuals to vote, then when will they spill the beans as to the precise nature of their intrusion into the lives of tens of thousands who were conned into paying £3 on one basis only to have their private lives investigated by Harriet Harman, votes stolen, and their money also stolen?

Harriet Harman managed to reduce her entire Shadow Cabinet to an unfunny joke when they all sat on their hands while the Scottish National Party’s 56 MP, and others, showed the heart, brains and spine to vote against David Cameron’s 24% mandate, an illegitimate ‘mandate’ to impose a Welfare Bill that humiliates rape victims, drives the poor – disproportionately ethnic minorities – into the kind of poverty that creates prostitution, drug addition, petty crime and jail (inevitably), suicide and severe mental illness. How dare the Shadow Cabinet stab their own voters in the back like this. And now Harriet Harman is adding insult to injury with her ballot-rigging, large-scale theft and breaching of the Data Protection Act (presumably) and contempt for basic civil liberties. When will she do the decent thing and resign?

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Harriet Harman has opened up the Labour Party to massive damages for theft.

Harriet Harman and David Cameron joined at the hip on MI5 at Kincora

Harriet Harman and David Cameron joined at the hip on MI5 at Kincora

I heard Harriet Harman interviewed by Shaun Ley on BBC Radio4 this afternoon. What she said is very important. Every socialist who paid £3 needs to check this out and unite.

You can all organize a class action lawsuit against the acting Labour leader, her Shadow Cabinet, Labour’s National Executive Committee and their treasurer and anyone else who agrees to do what Harriet Harman has threatened to do.

Harriet Harman said she’s keeping the three pounds that has been handed over to vote in Labour’s leadership election. It is far too late for Harriet Harman to change the rules after so many have paid their money.

If the Labour leader didn’t draw the rules up correctly in a legally-binding way, making it clear what does and what does not make your vote ineligible, then she cannot steal anyone’s money.

The fact that Harriet Harman shut up for months as Tories like the ludicrous Toby Young boasted about how they’d pay £3 to buy a vote means she encouraged everyone to hand over cash with no intention of it buying anything. This, Comrade Harman, is fraud.

There can be no doubt that lawyers will have told Labour’s acting ‘leader’ that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The left needs to exploit her descending deeper and deeper into a level of corruption that will lead to her massively losing cash, and the last shreds of credibility for herself and for all the Shadow Cabinet members who let her get away with these threats. The Labour Party needs to immediately sack her.

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Jeremy Corbyn is our leader. Harriet Harman can’t harm us. The left united will never be defeated

The left united shall never be defeated

The left united shall never be defeated

It’s not a two horse race between Jeremy Corbyn and Yvette Cooper as some now suppose. What we have are three anti-Corbyn candidates who can barely contain their hatred of each other, their bag carriers taking this to quite extreme levels. Each candidate undermines the others in terms that don’t make any sense, bitter poison that is repulsive to all those with an open mind.

Andy Burnham clearly hoped to appeal for second preferences from both extremes. More likely now is that all camps will boycott him until he climbs off the fence: with or against the open warfare against Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. Whatever Andy Burnham does as an individual, he will fragment his troops, moving between camps.

Jeremy Corbyn can expect relatively few MPs who have not already declared for him, and pretty much no one from Harriet Harman’s Shadow Cabinet. But that’s alright. He will secure almost all activists when it comes to desertions from Burnham’s camp. Is this a recipe for split? The dynamic is palpable. However, it is clearly not in the interests of Jeremy Corbyn to deliberately provoke such a split. And I am not doing that. Nevertheless, it seems pretty much inevitable.

Harriet Harman is preparing a purge. John Mann will get what this Kincora-friendly MP has been demanding all along: a Labour Party fit for surrendering its backbone at the alter of David Cameron’s 24% police state.

A massive witchhunt is on the cards, one that would drive purge the likes of Owen Jones alongside Zoe Williams, Diane Abbott etc, etc, etc. Everyone who isn’t a fan of David Cameron’s Welfare Bill, illegal wars, giving more powers to Special Branch state rapists and MI5 pedophiles at Kincora… Their time is running out if Harriet Harman gets her way.

Harriet Harman is determined to rerun the Labour leadership contest. But only after she’s stolen the votes of all those who paid £3 specifically because – for the first time in decades – there actually someone on the ballot paper worth voting for: Jeremy Corbyn? Well, obviously. But any anti-democratic coup – if it happens – will lead to the mother of all grassroots rebellions right across the labour movement, all across society.

At the end of the day, trade unions will be sick of any such coup by the unelected interim ‘leader’ Harriet Harman. One way or another, there is going to be a parting of the ways. Only the exact timing is in doubt. The PLP is going to split. And it’s likely Jeremy Corbyn will secure less than half of those on those benches. Probably a lot less than that.
But opinion polls, mass meetings, demonstrations, marches and strikes will expose the shallowness of the roots of the BBC, of SKY News, of Channel4 News. David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship is weak. Laughably weak.

However, if the left is going to be in a position to exploit this weakness before the British Establishment gets their act together, the left needs to relearn the art of compromise. Compromise is the only way we know how we press home our advantage. That doesn’t mean shedding principles. But it does mean shedding our moth-eaten sectarian straightjacket. It means agreeing to work with each other. It means patiently explaining when we think others are wrong. It means being willing to accept majority decisions even when we think they’re wrong.

No less important, an essential part of this democratic bargain is accepting the rights of the other side. Minorities need to be tolerated with their ‘outside-the-box’ thinking. That is the only way everyone earns the right to become the majority.

All of this unity of the left is possible whatever happens in Labour’s leadership election. Either Jeremy wins and then opens the gates of his rejuvenated party to all the left, depriving everyone of any excuse to split the vote… Alternatively, Harriet Harman works with MI5 and Special Branch sex and violence criminals to purge Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. If that’s what happens, then we have a whole new ball game. In such circumstances the trade unions would need to negotiate with all the fragments of our left-wing movement to create a new party. Anyone disagree with any of that?

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Abolish the House of Lords. Immediately. Fair votes to the House of Commons. Immediately.

Abolish the House of Lords

Abolish the House of Lords

David Cameron has taken powers into his hands that are not trusted by the seventy six percent of the electorate that did not vote for him. This is especially true of the sixty three percent who voted against him at the general election. Democracy means people rule, but voters were lied to repeatedly by broadcasters in the pocket of Tory editors and proprietors who do whatever Rona Fairhead’s HSBC and CBI tell them to.

David Cameron gives more and more powers to the MI5 spies and to Special Branch undercover cops like Bob Lambert who have been caught covering up networks of Tory pedophiles for generations, working hand-in-glove with Tory Chief Whips like Tim Fortescue.

David Cameron and three out of four of the candidates for Labour Leadership all voted to give more powers to spy on crusading MPs like Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott.

David Cameron wants to seize more and more powers to spy on and entrap whistle-blower victims of these criminals in British Intelligence and their protectors (possibly blackmailed protectors) at the BBC’s ludicrously misnamed ‘Trust’, Channel4 News etc.

David Cameron desperately seizes more powers to intimidate lawyers who need to be very worried given what Special Branch did to Pat Finucane. Loyalist death squad collusion, paying Stake Knife to murder their own informers. That’s the depths of depravity that is being covered up by Rona Fairhead’s HSBC ‘Trust’.

David Cameron needs his political police to escalate the scale of entrapment to corrupt the democratic process. Just as the FBI’s cross-dressing J Edgar Hoover put surveillance equipment into Martin Luther King’s bedroom, David Cameron’s state rapists, pedophiles, torturers, murderers are boasting about how they no longer care about democratically elected MPs and MSPs and MEPs who want to protect constituents who have suffered at the hands of these undercover cops.

We may be witnessing a new phase in David Cameron’s crushing of democracy with the Lord Sewel sting. Looks to me like it’s been organized by Rupert Murdoch, who seems to have no problem with George Osborne’s ‘alleged’ use of prostitutes and illegal drugs as he cut his own taxes and that of Cameron’s government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires. An illegal drugs user who not only hires prostitutes but has been given the power to drive more and more young women into poverty, offering them little option but to sell sexual favors in order to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table for their children, or simply pay the bills as their student debt grows and grows and grows. Why doesn’t Rupert Murdoch show us the illegal surveillance of George Osborne’s illegal use of drugs and sex? Because he’s surrendered to blackmail?

David Cameron needs to be held to account by the voters. By all voters. His so-called majority government is not popular. Evan Davis and Caroline Quinn are simply telling porkies about this. What the Prime Minister wants to do is crush the last, precious, vestiges of democracy. Polluting the overblown House of Lords with yet more of David Cameron’s degraded glove puppets is the last straw. Get rid of the toxic waste that is this Medieval Monstrosity. Do it as a matter of extreme urgency. And in the process let’s introduce fair votes to the House of Commons as we in Scotland have at Holyrood. That way no vote is wasted just because we don’t fancy The Hobson’s Choice of David Cameron or Ed Miliband, or DavEd Camerband as I prefer to call him.

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Jeremy Corbyn nailed in on Andrew Marr Show. Why? He’s a democrat.


There are several reasons why Jeremy Corbyn did so well on this morning’s Andrew Marr Show, as he has in pretty much every outing since he entered the race. And these reasons will keep boosting his support until the three other Labour leadership wannabes wake up and smell the electorate.

In the first place, there is how he dealt with the question about Karl Marx. Jeremy was clearly thrown by it. But only in the sense he hadn’t given it any thought, at least not recently. Why should he have? What we then witnessed, and not for the first time, was the kind of politician who makes voters sit up and take notice. Here is someone who speaks human, someone capable of thinking on his feet, and doing so in a way that was impressive.

The other three are coming across as timid, as tedious soundbite-merchants, as spin doctors. All of them are terrified of giving hostages to fortune. Dodgy and evasive. Is that the best the Shadow Cabinet has to offer? Seriously?

There is a second reason why Jeremy nailed it in this interview, and not for the first time. While exposing the lie that his heart is not in the campaign, that he actually hopes he’ll lose, Jeremy ridicule the nonsense that the next Labour’s leader has to act like some dictator, laying down the law on who is in his shadow cabinet or what the policies should be.

All the other candidates say they were right to shut up on ten occasions when Ed Miliband asked them to sign off on his cryptic waffle carved onto a tombstone. An electoral trump card by a political strategist of note, or a desperate bid by some deluded idiot on drugs? What is so praiseworthy in Shadow Cabinet members being yes-men and yes-women to a ‘Leader’ who is only in place because no one knows how to persuade him he is unelectable?

Harriet Harman was right – according to Andy Burnham – to intimidate all shadow cabinet members and backbenchers when she agreed to ‘compromise’ to limit her betrayal of her own voters by abstaining on the Welfare Bill. Labour voters, on the other hand, are disgusted by the Shadow Cabinet doing this. Andy Burnham’s defense of his abstention as being an example of his determination to fight splits in the Labour Party is pathetic. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn whose rebellion has struck a chord, like the “I AM SPARTACUS!” solidarity chorus, Andrew Burnham’s surrender has totally backfired. What he did has actually lead to a massive lowering of his chances of winning second-preference votes from either wing of the party. He’s simply not intelligent enough to work that out.

Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper continue to demand more and more authoritarian powers if they become Labour leader, and then Prime Minister. Only Jeremy Corbyn has the good sense, the decency, to accept that calling for dialogue is what voters want. It is what democracy is all about.

Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet’s contempt for voters during the general election in refusing to promise to give them a referendum on the EU has exposed every last one of them as hopelessly out of touch. Only Jeremy Corbyn knows how important it is to tackle this. And that, comrades, is one of many reasons why he is going to be the winner regardless of what Harriet Harman does to stop voters getting to vote.

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Harriet Harman’s GCHQ Tendency!


Jeremy Corbyn is on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in ten minutes. I hope everyone will watch. Marr and the rest of Rona Fairhead’s CBI HSBC GCHQ glove-puppets will be trying to smear Jeremy due to so many socialists paying £3 to get a vote. Most of those who are my Facebook friends will have paid that money or at least considered it. I suggest we offer feedback to Andrew Marr in real time using Twitter hashtags: ‪#‎Marr‬ ‪#‎MarrShow‬ ‪#‎JezWeCan‬ ‪#‎Jeremy4Leader‬ etc. Twitter is the social media powerhouse for the left getting our message across. It is the broadcasting equivalent of universal suffrage with everyone having an equal abiity to broadcast to everyone else, unfettered by GCHQ’s cheerleaders like Andrew Marr. Jeremy Corbyn is quite likely to be stopped by Harriet Harman and Theresa May telling Labour MPs they MUST stop Jeremy Corbyn facing David Cameron at the dispatch box every Wednesday at 12:00pm at Prime Minister’s Questions. The reality is Jeremy Corbyn is galvanizing support while the other three lead campaigns that are falling to bits. All these candidates and most of the PLP who abstained to help David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship over the Welfare Bill voted to give MORE powers to the MI5 pedophiles at Kincora to spy on MPs and journalists and lawyers and MORE powers to the state rapists of Special Branch. Harriet Harman’s entire Shadow Cabinet will work with Theresa May in any way they can to stop Jeremy Corbyn, and if that requires illegally changing the rules to stop him winning, they’ll do that, and face the lawyers bill down the line. Theresa May, David Cameron and George Osborne will no doubt tell them they’ll fix a judge to get them off the hook, or pay their legal bills if they can’t corrupt the judge and jury. If Harriet Harman had no problem with Tories saying they’d pay £3 to vote in Labour’s leadership election, it’s a bit late for her to pull the plug because socialists are doing the same. Rules are rules. The left has to unite to expose John Mann et al. And we need to make our case on Twitter and in radio call-in programs, demonstrations and every way we can.

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Nicola Sturgeon fights GCHQ spies to protect democracy across the entire planet

I'd check I had the same number of fingers at the end of THAT handshake

I’d check I had the same number of fingers at the end of THAT handshake

I had assumed that Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon would have taken it as a given that GCHQ and NSA are spying on everything she does, just as they do Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, and the rest of us. No one in The SNP gotten round to watch Citizen Four yet?

Time for the left to stop pretending this industrial scale surveillance by the Intelligence Agencies doesn’t really matter. Of course it does.

BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News headbangers (aka ‘editors’) want their viewers, the voters, to reason that if we have nothing to hide, what’s the big problem? That is the most disgusting attitude I can think of. In the first place, if David Cameron and Theresa May have nothing to hide, then when do I get to install cameras and microphones at 10 Downing Street and the bedroom of state rapists like Bob Lambert. 24-7 surveillance for the Prime Minister and Home Secretary? Just in case either of them is caught taking bribes from Rupert Murdoch or conspiring with Andy Coulson to commit perjury to protect a network of Bob Lambert type state rapists in the Scottish Socialist Party’s national executive committee.

What this illegal spying on politicians at every level of government all across the world is really about is getting information on absolutely everything, including the most irrelevant, but quite embarrassing trivia that is entirely personal, stuff that taken out of context can look bad, but that is no more than David Cameron and President Obama get up to, in fact considerably less important.

All this illegal surveillance can then be exploited by Theresa May and David Cameron to trick whistle-blowers, investigative journalists, crusading MPs, civil rights lawyers, judges, civil servants, government ministers etc to commit a little white lie, to do so under oath. And that is then used to persecute/prosecute, frame, entrap, blackmail or imprison someone/anyone, utterly discrediting the source of truly earth-shattering revelations.

What kind of revelations?

David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship is weak. It is unpopular apart from the Tory liars who pollute the television studios. Time for the left to stop pussyfooting when it comes to this criminal activity by GCHQ. All of the left from across the political parties have to raise this destruction of our most basic human rights and democracy to the very top of our political agenda. Hope that’s clear.

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