Labour must stop the Article 50 clock

Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies in the mass media want to cause trouble by exacerbating differences within his front bench. Such divisions are real but can be handled democratically. But there is no reason to prolong the agony of keeping voters guessing about whether the next Prime Minister wants to stop the Brexit clock. He has to. The sooner the better. Prevarication over this damages him and all his supporters. Why?

In the first place, unless Labour is willing to let Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg secure their no deal Brexit it’s inevitable that MPs need more time to dig themselves out of the hole Theresa May has dug. I argued at the time that it was a strategic mistake for Labour to help trigger Article 50 given that the reins would be in the hands of our enemies: Tory Prime Minister Theresa May. The left can say no one could have foreseen what a mess she would have made, but I could and I did. I’m not too diplomatic to say I told you so. The last two years have been wasted but the EU is likely, unanimously, to grant British MPs time to fix this mess, so long as the extension is asked for. But the longer it takes to ask the more chance their bureaucrats will not lift a finger to help.

Secondly, if there is no extension of the Article 50 timetable, we will crash out of the EU, and FBPE trolls will blame us even if voters would be happy to blame them as well as us. Let them take responsibility for behaving recklessly. We are not so childish. We’ll do the right thing despite it requiring compromises we may feel we shouldn’t have to make. We will be rewarded by the electorate when we eventually do get a general election even if we can’t get it as soon as we’d like. Heads we win, tails we also win. Only the timing of our reward remains in doubt — provided we play our cards right.

Thirdly, a debate is not just something Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are scared of. On the contrary, we thrive on it. The cut and thrust of debate sharpen our polemical tools, weapons, whatever. This puts us in an even stronger position come the general election when we finally get it.

Fourth, other things being equal MPs are unlikely to vote in sufficient numbers for an early general election. However, we can appeal over the heads of today’s MPs to the electorate. We can convince them in ever growing numbers that this is the best way to stop both Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit as well as Theresa May’s even more unpopular Vassal State version which means we’re run by Europe without having the benefits of being in it and so lacking any democratic control over the rules it sets for us.

Every single version of the Peoples Vote introduces new and, to be frank, quite serious problems, with several proposed versions being considerably more lethal than the crippling disease it’s intended to cure. Nevertheless, if we can’t get a general election we’ll opt for the least bad version available to us. And this doesn’t necessarily mean whipping Labour MPs to vote for a dodgy second referendum: given that it would simply swap one group of problems with a new set – albeit potentially a less serious one and, much more importantly, problems that gives us more time to fix – Labour’s front bench could simply abstain while allowing FBPE trolls on their own backbenches to take responsibility for any problematic ‘Peoples Vote’.

Fifthly, by winning most voters to our position we pile pressure on MPs to do what their voters demand: vote for a general election rather than a problematic referendum that could, in at least one version, simply provide Boris with a democratic mandate he doesn’t yet have. Additionally, we may not simply increase the numbers of MPs voting for a general election due to anxiety their constituents will deprive them of their well-paid jobs; we could actually win some round by the force of argument. In other words, not all MPs currently backing a Peoples Vote have necessarily thought things through. At least some of them can be convinced that those who screwed up the last referendum would be extremely likely to screw up a second one; and that could be one providing the extreme right wing with a ‘democratic’ mandate for crashing out of the EU, something the FBPE trolls don’t want anymore than we do. And that’s why in my humble opinion Labour must vote against any proposed referendum that allows no-deal Brexit to appear on the ballot paper. If Jacob Rees-Mogg wants his racist ultra-Thatcherite dystopia, then let him secure one via a general election calling for it; the left can then laugh as we wipe the smile of his face, which would be the cherry on top of Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory.

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General Election or People’s Vote?

we are corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporter are not a cult. We are divided but have no problem with this. Of course we need a broad church. It is not the Labour leader who rejects this. He is openning up the gates of the party to those formerly witch hunted. All the exploited and oppressed have a home inside Corbyn’s big tent. But that means give and take. It means compromise on all sides. We will all lose votes from time to time, including Jeremy himself. We will accept defeat when it comes and leave those who outvoted us on good terms. With handshakes. We’ll debate with respect, trying to persuade each other with logic, facts and offering each other a fair hearing to make their point rather than heckling each other while waiting for our turn to speak.

What divides the left inside and outside Labour? Two things in particular: Brexit and Israel. I want lines of communication kept open to those who seem keen to go to war with each other on both of these issues. Extremes on all sides need to calm down and accept the right of everyone to make their case rather than demanding expulsions. The truth is often not black and white and when it comes to Israel and Brexit there are shades of gray and we need to help each other agree a united line that defends the democratic rights of everyone. I’ll leave Israel for another day. Now let’s discuss Brexit….

Theresa May’s days are numbered. Her Chequers proposal was an abortion. As leading Tory remainers accept it is more unpopular than the Poll Tax. She continues to pin her hopes on it despite knowing all this does is lowers the electoral prospects of all her MPs. If she refuses to come to her senses they’ll unite to dump her regardless of their inability to know if they’ll hate her replacement even more than they hate her.

The reality is no deal on Brexit will be accepted by today’s MPs. They’ll vote everything down. What happens then? There are two conceivable options: general election or a second referendum. It’s impossible to know which is more likely. Tories are united in their terror of the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn government. Alas, it’s not just Tories. The same is true of Vince Cable’s Lib Dems and almost every Labour MP. Most of today’s PLP might vote for a general election if they were sure enough of them got reelected to frustrate Corbyn’s hope of becoming Prime Minister or of voting down everything he voted for. Unfortunately for them they now fear their CLPs will deny them any hope of being selected as the official Labour candidate. So today’s PLP fear their own leader and their 540,000 members more than they fear Theresa May and Boris Johnson. That is why they want a so-called People’s Vote. However I think it will be very hard to get a second referendum this side of the general election. And the left should not help the Lib Dems get that vote. But we need to appreciate why this is.

The reality is that a second referendum on Brexit is deeply problematic. Firstly it would be illegitimate in most voters eyes unless there was just two options and if most people agreed the two options were the right ones. I think this is next to impossible. Firstly, if Theresa May’s Chequers Plan is one of those options the other one will win by default. This creates problems for everyone. If a No-Deal-Brexit is not one of the options the Brexiteers may boycott the referendum. Even if they didn’t they’d refuse to accept it and would try to form a government with a mandate to hold the third referendum on Brexit within a few years. Can we really tolerate such a situation? Regardless, there is likely to be mass civil disobedience if the Brexiteers feel they were robbed.

To stop mass civil disobedience and years more of division over a third referendum on Brexit a No-Deal-Brexit would have to be on the ballot paper, but in almost every circumstance it is likely to win unless the alternative was a straight rejection of Brexit. But that is a very high stakes game. The nightmare of No-Deal-Brexit was used by those who lead the first referendum and it failed spectacularly. If it’s lost in a second referendum when the stakes are spelt out explicitly it will be impossible to reverse No-Deal-Brexit. That is not the nightmare we face right now. Because there is no explicit mandate for No-Deal-Brexit the forces of democracy can mobilise to stop it. That’s why gambling everything on a referendum when both sides would be lead by reactionary idiots is a terrible idea.

Thirdly, the left has to expose the reactionary politics of those saying deal on the ballot paper should be one negotiated by Theresa May. Some ‘socialists’ are saying a deal can be negotiated with the employers but it has to be put to the union members before being accepted. So in this scenario we’ve elected Theresa May to be our union rep? When? No one voted for her to do this. The reason this matters is because the Brexit vote is a hodge podge of contradictory forces. Maybe half of it wanted the opposite of what the other half wanted. This vote was delivered by the Morning Star as well as the Trade Union and Socialist Coaltion. Within Labour supporting constituencies these are the people who got the vote out, not Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson. What the left-wing Brexiteers want is more nationalisation, more regulation. What the Tories in charge on all wings of this government party wants is a race-to-the-bottom tax dodgers dystopia. We can get that message across in a general election or in any People’s Vote set up after Jeremy Corbyn has negotiated a deal with the EU. So, to cut a long story short, we need a general election with hundreds of candidates who share the values of Jeremy Corbyn and 540,000 Labour members. Any People’s Vote prior to this is a con manipulated by Tories and the left should not touch it with a bargepole.


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Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism


The left is being set up. I don’t know who Scrat, aka @scrat1962, is, but he’s not a real Jeremy Corbyn supporter. He has however gone out of his way to pretend he is one of us. He’s been retweeting me and I discovered yesterday we follow each other. When I discovered he was accusing Chelley Ryan of being an Israeli operative I had to check his tweets. They are littered with attacks on Jews simply for being Jews. But he’s also retweeting me and all the people I regularly retweet, people who sometimes retweet me. His constant support for Jeremy Corbyn and following his supporters and our following him would clearly lead to the conclusion that he is one of us, and that we bear collective responsibility for those hiding in our midst. But he really is not one of us.

Scrat1962 is anonymous. I’ve asked if anyone can verify who he is. So far without luck. He’s certainly in no hurry to out himself. If he did and it turned out he was a Labour member as he implies he is, then Jeremy Corbyn would vote for his immediate expulsion on the NEC and he knows he’d be gone. However, he’s been retweeting Chelley and me because he’s peppered his tweets so relatively thinly with anti Jewish racism, and because we follow too many to notice what they’re all doing, the damage he is doing has to be intentional.

Scrat1962, whoever he is, is providing Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies with ‘evidence’ that his supporters are antisemitic. The reality is almost all antisemites claiming to support him are bound to be enemies trying to frame him. Unfortunately, that’s almost certainly not the entire story. Carelessness has lead to people saying things that look antisemitic, even if the evidence comes in the form of retweeting nonsense. But this is a problem that can be fixed relatively easily. Motives do matter. And there’s all the difference in the world between immaturity, or possibly dyslexia, and racism.

However, when we do come across a genuine antisemite, please don’t shrug your shoulders and leave it to others to sort him/her out. If they’re damaging the Corbyn movement then get others to block him/her, or at the very least ask others if they agree with your assessment; maybe others will convince you it’s a false alarm. But if their tweets are antisemitic and the rest of Corbyn’s supporters agree, then let’s report them to twitter. And let’s support calls for them to be expelled from Labour if they are a member. Don’t let them frame us. There is nothing wrong with being a Jew and anyone who says otherwise is a racist and in no sense part of the left.

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Twitter protects a fascist who is framing Jeremy Corbyn [updated]






  • I interpret this as the latest in a series of death threats by a supporter of Nick Griffin who has stolen five faces of Muslims from the internet to set up four fake accounts that call for mass murder of Jews, gays, Zionists, Blairites and anyone who is not a Muslim as defined by him. He is not a Muslim. This is a criminal con artist supporter of Nick Griffin who is using these fake accounts to blame Jeremy Corbyn for his calls for mass murder to help so called journalists at the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel5. He keeps threatening me with death for exposing him and he belongs behind bars. I can’t understand why Twitter doesn’t care about this. Please justify yourself.

I sent this to @Twitter when I told them I interpret some of @LabSaleh’s latest tweets as death threats to me and one other user of Twitter who has exposed this individual as a troll who has stolen five faces and invented four names to set up four accounts that repeatedly call for murdering Jews, gays, Zionists and Blairites in the name of all Muslims and of Jeremy Corbyn.

I have repeatedly had emojis of guns, knives, trucks, bombs and explosives tweeted at me as my reward for not supporting his interpretations of the teachings of Allah.

Abu Saleh has stolen faces of dead Muslim scholars, young men on dating sites, of people on dating sites, and of a wikipedia entry that represents ‘beards. The names of these innocent Muslims are dropped and other invented names attributed to his calls for mass murder. And the repeated retweeting of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s official twitter accounts, and dozens of the most prominent Jeremy Corbyn supporters as well as the Stop the War Coalition are used to trick people into thinking we are dealing with a genuine Jeremy Corbyn supporter.

Two of his four fake accounts use Jeremy Corbyn’s face in the header and three used the #JC4PM hashtag is used to imply he wants Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. In reality however, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Nick Griffin and he repeatedly supports the most extreme right wing Tories and UKIP members such as Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage. How could anyone seriously mistake him for a Jeremy Corbyn supporter? Unfortunately they do.

Tory broadcasters like Sky News’s Jason Farrell ignores the evidence of these accounts being fake, focussing instead on the existance of the #JC4PM hashtag and other paraphenalia to ‘prove’ Labour is associated with these crimes. Twitter is, thus, a key pillar in this bid to corrupt democratic process in Britain and they need to be held to account for this, including their turning a blind eye to repeated death threats to those – such as myself  – who has exposed what is going on.


  • I have edited the above, mostly to eliminate typos, and also to improve grammar/style just a little. But the main reason to add anything today is to acknowledge that one of these accounts has been suspended. That’s two out of four. The other two accounts remain, but when the owner sets a new one up he tends to ignore his old ones. My guess is he will set up another account rather than return to his other ones, but I doubt he’ll follow me again since he must know I’ll be able to identify him and I doubt he’ll want to be suspended again. [Saturday 26 May 2018, 4:26pm]
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Twitter isn’t listening?


When I logged on to the internet half an hour ago, I got a message fromm Twitter informing me they’d made changes that will be implemented in one month. I was given a link to the changes and then told I could ask a question about these changes. When I asked my question Twitter wouldn’t let me ask it and no explanation was given. Since Twitter is not in a mood to listen to me, I thought I should let users of Twitter see what was on my mind and maybe we can all ask if Twitter has a problem it is refusing to address. Here is my question:

  • I want to ask about people suspended for violations of twitter’s rules being allowed to set up mulitple accounts to do the same thing. Fake accounts have been set up with false names and faces to frame myself and others who share my political views. If these were parody accounts twitter would force them to admit that’s what they are. But they are malicious violent racists trying to paint me and all Jeremy Corbyn supporters as supporters of violent antisemitism. Can you verify that twitter makes no checks when those you suspend for breaking the criminal law then set up identical accounts with the same name doing the same thing all over again? Can you confirm that you don’t care if the phone number and email address of the new accounts is the same as the one you suspended? Can you explain why I have to suffer these fake accounts framing me and all other Jeremy Corbyn supporters whose criminality is claimed as ‘evidence’ by ‘journalists’ at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News etc? If the answers to my questions is you are not protecting myself and others from these fake accounts then I think you need to change your policy. New accounts with the same email and telephone number as those suspended should be automatically blacklisted. And even if the offender uses new phone numbers/email addresses, their behavior should be scrunized and appropriate action taken.
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Jason Farrell’s racist smear campaign

Jason Farrell of Sky News has launced a smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. He is far from being the only so-called ‘journalist’ involved in this, but I’m singling him out because he’s the only one – so far – to lie about me with respect to this disgusting smear campaign.

Jason Farrell said on Twitter that I attacked him merely for ‘reporting’ on the debate about antisemitism which had been intended to help Theresa May avoid catastrophic defeat in the local elections. I did no such thing. What I did do is expose him for presenting Twitter’s #JC4PM hashtag as evidence that antisemitic tweets are the work of Jeremy Corbyn supporters. He already knows that is a fabrication, one peddled by Tory activists like Chris Rose and supporters of fascist Nick Griffin.

Jason Farrell and other ‘journalists’ at Sky News – as well as the other terrestrial ‘news’ channels – all know by now that many fake accounts have been set up by racists posing as Muslims and Corbyn supporters. What remains to be seen is the relative weight of these fake accounts within the overall antisemitic tweets. I can’t prove it, obviously, but my guess is only a handful of antisemites geninely believe Corbyn supports their antisemitic tweets. Anyone identified and found guilty should be expelled from the Labour Party if they are members. My guess is almost none of them are members, just sad individuals trying to enlist his good name in the hope of boosting their reactionary campaign whatever that might be.

Twitter also knows all about these fake accounts but chooses to turn a blind eye. Twitter’s indifference to an orchestrated attempt by anti Arab racists and violent antisemites to frame Jeremy Corbyn is a dereliction of duty that borders on criminal irresponsibility. What we have here is an attempt to corrupt the democratic process. Pro fascist trolls are a key pillar in the castle of lies constructed by Tory ‘journalists’ like Jason Farrell.

Twitter does from time to time suspend parody accounts if their owners refuse to pubicly acknowledge they are owned by the enemies of those who are being parodied. Why are the accounts owned by fascist Nick Griffin’s cheerleaders not suspended for calling for mass murder and doing this in the name of Jeremy Corbyn? Twitter is fully aware that lying Tory ‘journalists’ like Jason Farrell are using these fake accounts as evidence that Jeremy Corbyn has a problem with Jews.

What Corbyn is facing at the hands of these violent antisemitic accounts is infinitely worse than anyhing parody accounts have ever done on Twitter. That is partly because there is zero attempt by the owners of these accounts to claim they do this for satirical purposes. On the contrary, this is a transparent attempt by extreme right wingers and shoddy journalism hacks to corrupt the democratic process to help Theresa May’s Tory Party. Twitter should be ashamed of themselves for helping the likes of Jason Farrell smear an anti racist as the leader of violent antisemites.



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Tory troll Chris Rose helps Islamophobe Abu Yami


TORY CHRIS ROSE ARCHROSE90 CONSPIRES WITH ISLAMOPHOBIC TROLL ABU YAMI TO FRAME JEREMY CORBYNTory Chris Rose – aka @ArchRose90 – is working hand in glove with violent Islamophobe Abu Yami, aka @LabAbuYami aka @LabAbuHussein aka @AbuHusseinLab.

Last night Tory Chris Rose gathered together 47 other Tories to retweet his interpretation of Abu Yami’s antisemitic tweet: that we are dealing with a Labour supporter rather than an enemy of the Labour Party, someone who has over the last week been reported repeatedly to Twitter in all three of his guises as an Islamophobe framing Jeremy Corbyn and innocent Muslims.

For the ‘crime’ of exposing what Chris Rose was up to, he blocked me. Interestingly he chose not to block the antisemite who dismisses all Jews as ‘fascists’, repeatedly attacks Jews, and whose Twitter masthead dismisses the 911 atrocity as nothing more than suicide by Americans for their alleged crimes of giving weapons to Israel.

Abu Yami is legitimising mass murder. He is doing this in the name of Jeremy Corbyn over and over and over again. We are not dealing with a harmless parody account. Abu Yami like his other two accounts deliberately corrupt the democratic process by helping Tories frame the left as antisemities while knowing perfectly well that they are nothing of the sort. What we are dealing with is entrapment. This is the work of an agent provocateurs. Tory activists’ willing participation in this smear campaign invites their being sued for defamation.

If Chris Rose has a shred of integrity he will immediately apologize to Jeremy Corbyn and all his supporters, then join us in demanding an investigation into who exactly is behind these three fake accounts. And how many more of these accounts are there on twitter, and on other social media?

All the evidence points in the direction of Abu Yami having extreme right wing associations. The fact the fifth account he followed was the Metropolitan Police doesn’t prove he has anything to do with those police spies, such as Bob Lambert, who were sent by Special Branch to commit perjury, as agent provocateurs who had unlawful sex with female victims, even getting some pregnant, then running away to their former families leaving victims in psychological distress, scared that their ‘soulmate’ had come to a nasty end. The collection of followers and followees of Abu Yami don’t prove anything other than that this is a very peculiar Jihadist, a porn addict for one thing. Nevertheless, while there is no proof, yet, it would definitely be worth asking Home Secretary Amber Rudd some questions, ask her under oath, obviously.

Have the accounts of @LabAbuYami, @LabAbuHussein and @AbuHusseinLab been set up by police spies with her permission with the explicit purpose of helping Tories like Chris Rose  – and the 47 Tories who retweeted his smear – to damage the Labour Party electorally to give her own party a political advantage. That is definitely a question worth asking. The answer could be key to why all the complaints by Jeremy Corbyn’s voters about our being framed by this antisemite don’t get his account suspended. Maybe Amber Rudd refuses to let Twitter get rid of police spies when she so badly needs them to entrap the left and innocent if naive and immature Muslim youth.


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