Who believes former editor of News of the World (Scotland), Bob Bird? Not me. Anyone recall the following from the Guardian, 5th November 2010, on his dealings with George McNeilage? This summary is based on testimony given under oath at Tommy Sheridan’s trial, where this pair of liars corroborate each other’s utterly incredible account:

McNeilage explained that the editor of the Scottish News of the World, Bob Bird, was told to take a train to Mosspark station in Glasgow, where two local boys met him. Upon arrival at McNeilage’s house, Bird was greeted by a sign that read: “Don’t speak. Take your clothes off.” This was “in case he was carrying wires or tapes”.

McNeilage said: “It was new to me. I didn’t trust him. It was the News of the World I was dealing with. He stripped down to his boxer shorts and I put his clothes in a bin bag in the back garden. I was just playing a game. I had the News of the World editor standing in my living room in his boxer shorts. It was just a bizarre situation.”

After playing the tape to Bird, McNeilage demanded £250,000 for it.

He said: “If I’m going to be dragged into this thing and all over the media, there’s no way I’m going to be giving them that as a freebie and he [Sheridan] got 200 grand for all the lies he told in the first place.”

A senior editor in Rupert Murdoch’s News International just drops his trousers when a grubby little criminal invites him into his home to ask him to do that? Yeah, right. Whatever you say, George.

The reality is Bob Bird was not the only senior employee of News International who committed perjury to frame Tommy Sheridan. And George McNeilage was far from the only member of the Scottish Socialist Party who did that.

I have no doubt the Crown were as aware as was Andy Coulson’s boss at the time (Prime Minster David Cameron, in case you didn’t know) that Tommy Sheridan was the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. And those party to this conspiracy did indeed include several senior members of the SSP’s executive committee.

I am happy to testify to what I know under oath. And I will swear under oath that Alan McCombes has form when it comes to protecting the identity of undercover agents in the socialist movement. I will further swear under oath my precise reasons for believing Alan McCombes was the lynchpin in this particular conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and that it was specifically to protect the identity of one agent of the state: Frances Curran MSP. This is a fact that is known to several SSP members who committed perjury to frame Tommy Sheridan.

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