Reeval Alderson

I am going to tell you a story. It is about Reeval Alderson. If he’s getting nervous when reading this, let me reassure him. I don’t think he has much to worry about. I have had one and only one conversation with this crime correspondant for BBC Scotland. By telephone. I do not have contemporaneous notes. I am not sure when exactly the conversation took place. All my itemised telephone bills for several years were stolen when my home was broken into, something I have had to put up with in all three towns I have lived in siince our conversation.

I can remember many key things we spoke about, but the precise trigger that lead to my telephoning the BBC escapes me. I have struggled all these years later to recall if it was a specific event, and I’m not sure. I hope he will  recall our conversation when he reads this. I hope he won’t challenge what I say. If he does I am sure there will be a tape in an MI5 vault that can be played to a jury to prove that I have got all the key facts pinned down. I will explain what I can remember and what does remain a bit fuzzy. But prior to that I need to get one thing clear: my attitude to Reeval Alderson…

There are BBC journalists who are not that fond of me. But that’s okay. It’s mutual. I don’t pull punches on twitter and the retweets involving hashtags may have reached the eyeballs of more than one senior BBC hack. That’s fine with me. I have never criticised Reeval Alderson before, at least not on anything I consider to be vitally important. When I got told the name of who I was talking to on the phone I couldn’t put a face to the name, but a second or two talking to him and I realised who it was. I was reassured. Nothing wrong with this guy.

In all the many reports I’ve seen from Reeval Alderson since that day, again I’ve not been outraged as I have a long list of BBC hacks. This guy seems professional, objective. If he has political prejudices, he hides them well. This inoffensiveness of this journalist’s reports has been a big factor in my not outting him before about our conversation. I asked for help, and Reevel Alderson fobbed me off. He gave me an excuse which at the time struck me as… How do I put this? If he was telling the truth, the BBC’s red tape needs to be overhauled massively. I have no way of knowing if he invented an excuse to simply get me off the phone. If the latter then it’s going to be my word against his, because he’ll not be keen to admit he let me down unless the BBC’s rules were as restrictive as he claimed. My problem is believing they could possibly be that restrictive, but I had no reason to doubt his integrity, and I have no way of proving our conversation went the way I am claiming. So I have kept his name out of my criticism of journalists who played a part in the framing of Tommy Sheridan.

Let me be clear what that last sentence means. I am alleging that at least three other senior Scottish journalists played a direct part in the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that lead to Tommy Sheridan’s being locked up for perjury. That is not may claim vis-a-vis Reeval Alderson. Even if he corroborates my story about my conversation with him he will be completely in the dark as to what this has to do with Tommy Sheridan’s incarceration….

If there is a tape in MI5’s vaults (or a transcript) of my telephone conversation with Reeval Alderson, and it is played back to him I suspect he’ll offer me an unconditional apology. I would be happy with such an apology. I think he probably lied to me. I think he probably was unconvinced by what I was telling him, and was too busy to investigate the story I was telling him. I think he invented BBC rules that forbade him from investigating the story I was telling him. I might be wrong, but I am going to tell everyone what I intended to tell him, part of which I know I got to him before he made his excuses to cut our phone call short…

Anyone recall Maxine Carr? Anyone recall a woman who was mistaken for her and who was the victim of a lynch mob? Anyone remember the Independent and others alerting this innocent woman’s neighbours to the fact they had gotten the wrong woman? Well, I do. That is why I got in touch with the BBC. I needed help to stop me being a victim of a hate campaign that lead to my being subject to a 30 minute brutal assault in my home by two thugs with a razor blade and metal bar. I told Reeval that I was subject to a riot of about 30 adults who were threatening to kill me with two police officers standing by and doing fuck all. I told Reeval Alderson that I needed journalists to do for me what the Independent did for the woman misindentified as Maxine Carr. Alas, when I told Reeval Alderson that the Regional Procurator was dragging out a prosecution of me (trumped up charges by those who hospitalised me, friends of the leader of this gang who had gone to jail for sending me a death threat), Reeval Alderson told me that there is nothing he could do. The BBC’s guidelines tied his hands. I would have to endure daily attacks by people who told me the local police force (K Division) sanctioned all this violence and vandalism over a period of years. Could Reeval Alderson possibly have got that right? I don’t know. What I do know is I was left to my own devices yet again. And all of this is related to why Tommy Sheridan was framed. What is the connection?

Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller let me have access to the witnesses statements 23 hours before I was to appear in court. My MSP Frances Curran handed me their statements. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of all this. Frances Curran conspired to ensure that I was to appear in court less than twenty four hours after I saw what I was alleged to have done, and she saw to it that I had no lawyer. As I have explained on the internet since that day, my MSP had told me that I was not to get a lawyer as she was lining up Aamer Anwer. I repeatedly phoned her to ask her what she was doing. She never attended her constituency office. Five days before my trial I found her in her office. This time I was left in no doubt. Prior to this her bizarre behavior had lead to my suspecting she has some kind of agenda. Now I just had to work out how to see to it that I protected myself from someone I was convinced was an agent of the state. My MSP pretended she never promised to get me a lawyer. That is a joke. When I next met her (23 hours prior to my trial), I reminded her of a long email I sent to all the SSP’s MSP, explaining my need to get a lawyer. Frances Curran was livid with me because I saw to it that that email was made available to all SSP members who had access to our internet forum: SSP_Debate. I tried to be careful not to be explicit, but it was implicit that my MSP had not been doing her job. Frances Curran responded to my going public in my criticism of her by telling me not to go over her head to the other MSP. I had to deal with her and her alone. But my email to all SSP MSPs explained the pressing need for me to get help from our MSPs to get legal representation to what was a stitch up involving cops who had been under investigation for years by the Chief Constable and the Regional Procurator Fiscal.

I reminded Frances Curran MSP that if Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller insists on my trial going ahead without me having legal representation I will explain that this is her fault. I also reminded her that until five days prior to my trial I had been told repeatedly by the Procurator Fiscal’s office that John Miller no longer had any connection with them. I then discovered five days before the trial that his office had lied to me about this. I further discovered that Frances Curran had been in contact with him while knowing I was lied to by his office about his still being the Regional Procurator Fiscal.

Frances Curran and I had several telephone converstions the morning of my trial. I told her I would explain that the entire trial was a joke and Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller had engaged in a deliberate malicious prosecution to protect those who broke into my home and hospitalised me with a razor, metal bar, fists and boots. I reminded Frances Curran to things I had explained to her previously but which she pretended not to recall.

Frances Curran told me ten minutes before I was to appear in court that she had just received a telephone call from the Procurator Fiscal’s office that he was dropping all the charges. Frances Curran wanted me to thank her for getting me off. I told her a couple of things that didn’t go down very well. In the first place I reminded her that during the fone calls we had had that morning already, the meeting at her officer the previous morning, the last meeting five days before and the telephone conversations and the meeting we had in my home… I repeatedly told my MSP that I wanted the court case to go ahead. I told her I considered this a spectacular own goal by those behind my hospitalisation: police officers who were under investigation for collusion with the thug who went to jail for sending me a death threat, the same thug who was protected by K Division’s Chief Superintendent when he got caught writing a further 50 death threats on my home the day he was released from jail.

When Frances Curran MSP told me she thought I’d be pleased I didn’t have to go to court I told her that she knew I would make mincemeat of the prosecution even though I was being tossed into the lion’s den with no legal representation due to her incompetence, which I reminded her I could prove with reference to the email I had sent to all the SSP’s MSPs and to all SSP members with access to SSP_Debate.

I further reminded Frances Curran MSP that the Procurator Fiscal had placed bail conditions on me that required me to attend all court hearings due to my previously not turning up to one the Procurator Fiscal was aware I did not know about. The Procurator Fiscal’s officer secretary didn’t challenge the obvious fact that I was unaware of this hearing, but it was a formality that an arrest warrant had beed issued due to my non attendance of a hearing I knew nothing about. This bail condition was insane. However, I had no option but to agree. On reminding Frances Curran about this (which we had spoken of before), she went ballistic. She accused me of being paranoid. She said that I was not to attend my trail and if I did that would prove I was paranoid. She told me that she couldn’t stop me wasting my time but she was not going to do her job, which was to represent a constituent who had to appear in court without a lawyer. And remember the only reason I didn’t have a lawyer is because she told me not to get one as she would get Aamer Anwar…

Our conversation was bitter. She proved to be a bitter woman. I have explained what happened next many times. Let me reherse this again… Frances Curran MSP had lied yet again. I queued up at Paisley Sheriff Court and when I got to the desk I was told the court where I had to go. When I told the officer at the desk about my conversation with my MSP, I was told she must have been lying. My name is down in the book. That means my name will be called out in court. An arrest warrant has already been issued for a previous non-appearance. And that warrant will be triggered if I’m not in court when my name is called out.

I am going to leave details of what happened next. But when I got out of court I drew this to the attention to the members of SSP_Debate. Eddie Truman then kicked me off that list. Eddie Truman then spread black propanda about me, aided and abetted by Alan McCombes. And all this brings us to the framing of Tommy Sheridan…

I was clear in my own mind about what motivated Frances Curran MSP. I had already tried to get her investigated by other senior members of the Scottish Socialist Party, preferably a committee involving lay members as well as office holders. When Truman denied me any opportunity to expose my MSP’s criminality vis-a-vis protecting cops and others involved in hospitalising me and subjecting me to an eighteen months malicious prosectuion, with my having to undergo years of daily abuse and threats and windows being smashed… When Frances Curran refused to even answer her messages, I decided the only avenue left to me was the national convenor: Tommy Sheridan.

I have explained this before too, but the only way of contacting Tommy was via a telephone number that appeared in the party’s fortnightly newspaper, Scottish Socialist Voice. I wanted to speak to Tommy directly as I had been stonewalled over a period of years by national secretary Allan Green and one of the party’s co-chairs (Catriona Grant) as well as her nasty partner, Eddie Truman. All of them knew what Frances Curran had done and let it happen. Frances Curran knew that I would reference all of these SSP members in my defense. I told her I had forensic evidence I intended to enter into the record, including tapes and telephone records.

I could not get past Tommy Sheridan’s case worker at Holyrood, SSP local government spokesperson Keith Baldasserra. He was the gatekeeper to the SSP’s national convenor and no one could get to see Tommy other than through him. I told him it was highly confidential, but he wouldn’t budge. Despite being virtually 100% confident my phone would be bugged (as he should have assumed his was too), I told him what I needed to see Tommy about. Frances Curran’s behavior is criminal and had to be investigated by the SSP, and I believed that this criminality was at the very least strong circumstantial evidence that she was a state agent. Keith Baldasserra told me to wait and he’d get back to me. Three weeks later I discovered what he had done. He got in touch with Alan McCombes who worked hand in glove with Frances Curran to see to it that the party’s national convenor could not investigate my allegations against Frances Curran.

Furthermore, as I explained on the Leslie Riddoch Show the Monday after Tommy resigned as national convenor, when I got through on the same line I had three week’s before (after calling non-stop for twelve hours), I said I needed to speak to Tommy Sheridan. The only words I received in response was, “You’ve got the wrong number. This is Keith Baldasserra.” He then put the phone down. Now, Keith Baldasserra had just returned from an emergency meeting of the party’s executive which had just voted unanimously to reaffirm that Tommy Sheridan was a valued member of the SSP and the party’s contingent of MSPs. Odd that the man who took money from the public purse to act as an MSP’s case worker was denying he had any responsibility to take calls for him. Odder still that he ‘forgot’ that he promised to set up a meetng between me and Tommy Sheridan to begin investigations into the possibility that Frances Curran’s demonstrably criminal activities were motivated by her being a state agent. Odder still that the editor of the Scottish Socialist Voice refused to investigate my complaint that she was printing contact details for one of the party’s MSPs which were useless because Keith Baldasserra was refusing to do his job. Odder still that Alan McCombes used his interview with Glenn Campbell to smear me and then back up his anonymous smears with a detailed hatchetjob on SSP_Debate knowing I couldn’t even read his lies, nevermind defend myself.

I have been up all night and I am sending out into the big cruel world an unedited draft, which I will tinker with over the next few hours, after I get some rest, to make it vaguely readable. My stream of consciousness rants have their strengths, but also more than their fair share of embarrasing typos, and appalling style. I still have only scratched the surface, but have added one or two more details that serious journalists might want to take note of. There is one last thing I need to squeeze in before going for a kip…

Alan McCombes knew all along (at least since my conversation with Keith Baldasserra) that Frances Curran MSP is a police spy, just like Mark Stone/Kennedy or Roman Vatslavovich Malinovsky. Why would he (or Badasserra for that matter) protect a police spy? Are they both spies? I cannot believe that. On the other hand, I don’t have to explain what they did, just prove they have questions to answer. But there is a little more evidence that maybe McCombes is also a spy. I am not going to go into details about that at this point, but I’m happy to explain under oath, cross-examined by the best lawyer the Crown wants to intimidate me with. This will relate to the first meeting I had with Alan McCombes a couple of months after the formation of the Scottish Socialist Alliance (SSP’s predecessor). And that meeting was about helping Chris Harman win a majority of the SWP central leadership to climb aboard the SSA, in Scotland and to help the SP build a similar organisation in the rest of the UK. I handed McCombes a large collection of documents which he promised he would hand deliver to Peter Taaffe and via him, Chris Harman. I never did discover what became of those documents. I am begining to wonder if he shredded them. They related to an undercover agent on the SWP’s central committee. He’s not there anymore, but is very friendly with those who conspired with Rupert Murdoch’s senior editors, David Cameron’s ex-Director of Communications, and Frances Curran.

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