I have set up a facebook group called Workers United. I set it up for all members of the SWP, SP, ISN, RMT and anyone seriously wanting to unite all socialists because (in the words of Owen Jones) our common enemy is capitalism, not each other. I have set it up for those whose aim is a society for working people, run by working people, not private profit. I have set it up for all supporters of TUSC, or who are at least willing to engage constructively with TUSC. There is only one reason why I have set this group up. The moderator of the official TUSC facebook group kicked me off. He gave me no explanation. Workers United is not the official TUSC group. Given the thousands of members on the official group, I see no great need for a second group. But if setting up a second group is the only way for me to discuss politics with all supporters of TUSC, so be it. If the expulsion is lifted, I will mothball this group.!/groups/417828381605660/

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