WORKERS UNITED Facebook moderation statement

If and when my expulsion from TUSC’s Facebook group is lifted, as I have made abundantly clear, I will mothball the unofficial WORKERS UNITED Group. That is to say, I will mothball it unless there is a desire on the part of comrades for a separate group.

I am happy to share moderation of this group with other supporters of TUSC. I would be happy for Neil Williams or Nick Wrack to step in if they wanted to do that. In the meantime, let me state a few provisional rules about ‘moderation’. I will be handling things rather differently from the moderator of the official TUSC Facebook group in many respects.

Firstly, I will immediately delete any spam advertising shoes or any other product. Why Neil doesn’t do that is beyond me.

Secondly, I will not allow anyone to smear me nor any other comrade as a rape apologist without a shred of evidence. Thirdly I will not allow anyone to smear Julian Assange as guilty just because he is accused: innocent until proven guilty, comrades. You can’t live by that democratic principle then you know where the door is.

Thirdly, I welcome constructive engagement between all components of TUSC. When comrades in the ISN expressed anxiety about a lack of participation from SWP members up to and for a few days after TUSC’s conference, a few SWP members did dip their toe in. They said they were constantly smeared and didn’t welcome this. This, comrades, is a genuine problem.

Comrades, I am happy for all members of TUSC to engage in constructive polemics, but calling others rape apologists is beyond the pale. What is more, while I have no problems with SP and SWP members criticising each other, please do not put words in each other’s mouths. I have been force to unfriend a few SP members because they lied repeatedly about the SWP as a group. Individual members were claimed to be representative of the entire group. Those ex-Facebook friends of mine knew what they were saying about the SWP was a lie. I will not allow anyone to pretend the SWP as a group hostile to TUSC. It is a lie and they know it.

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