Solidarity with George Galloway against police spies

Anyone on the left who dismisses the use of police spies to infiltrate George Galloway’s office, giving senior police officers access to his home without permission, is highly suspect. Anyone who says, “A plague on both their houses,” is beyond contempt. Whatever we think of Galloway (and he’s not without his faults), he is the innocent party here. All socialists must rally to defend him, exposing the nature of state infiltration of the left. Anyone who thinks Galloway is the only victim of this kind of action knows nothing about the history of state infiltration.

Also, some are blaming Galloway for naivety in hiring this woman. Spies don’t have SPY tattooed across their foreheads. They put on an act. Lenin threatened action against Martov, Bukharin and others when they tried to raise the alarm about Roman Malinovsky. And he’s not the only police spy Lenin couldn’t spot. Trotsky and his son Leon Sedov allowed Etienne (a Stalinist agent) to climb to the top of the Fourth International, and was probably at least indirectly implicated in both their deaths. State infiltration is a fact of life.

One of Malinovsky’s tasks was to stop Bolsheviks and Mensheviks getting together when the Tsarist state feared this was on the cards. State agents in both groups given strict instructions to incite everyone to fight everyone else over any pretext, however trivial: divide and rule. Sound familiar?

One of the tasks of TUSC has to be to unite the left into one party, and as soon as possible. We have to become a party that uses the transitional method to point the way out of capitalist austerity. We also need to become the tribune of all the oppressed, just like the original RSDLP. We cannot do that while laughing at alternative left groups being disrupted by agents of the state.

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One Response to Solidarity with George Galloway against police spies

  1. This is a Massive news story and im not surprised that the lame stream media are slow in picking it up, This kind of corruption will reverberate through the entire police force. Everybody on the left should stand united and scream blue murder. Great article.


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