Commons Speaker John Bercow, secrecy, expenses-fiddling, Paris Commune 1871

Speaker John Bercow is detested by David Cameron’s Tories, by the Prime Minister most of all. These people will grasp any excuse they can find to get rid of him. Let me rephrase that. Tory MPs will jump on virtually any bandwagon to jettison Bercow. But they are all so unbelievably greedy they will unite with Satan himself to protect their economic interests and their ability to keep their constituents in the dark. And that is why this year’s Nobel Prize Winners for Omnishambling are at it again.

Voters are overwhelmingly united against all corrupt, out-of-touch Members of Parliament, lining their pocket every chance they get, indifferent to the capitalist austerity they all tell us cannot be questioned.

One of the most important lessons socialists learnt from the first workers government in history (Paris Commune of 1871) was the need for all elected officials to be paid the average worker’s wage. That wasn’t a smart idea Karl Marx taught the people. It is an idea they thought up spontaneously and had to teach Marx.

MPs have their snouts in the trough and everybody knows it. That is why Dave Nellist, Terry Field and Pat Wall managed to buck the trend when Neil Kinnock’s party was losing votes hand over fist to the SDP-Liberal Alliance and Maggie Thatcher’s Tories. Our natural constituency (all the exploited and oppressed: the 99%) respect socialists for fighting alongside them by expressing solidarity with the people, by sharing the same living conditions as the rest of us. That means we can win votes even when some of our individual ideas are not nearly as popular as we would like them to be, as we intend to make them by means of protracted and patient dialogue with the voter.

John Bercow’s intervention here reminds voters why TUSC is different to the other parties: all of them. And it gives us an excuse to repopularise the ideas of the Paris Commune. Among those ideas is the recallability of delegates, so we can sweep aside all Nick Clegg’s Lib Dem pledge breakers. And we can sweep into the dustbin of history the corrupt MPs who are exposing themseves day in, day out: Andrew Mitchell, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Andrew Lansley, Grant Shapps, David Cameron, etc., etc., etc..

John Bercow’s intervention also helps us remind voters about the secrecy of those who are under the misapprehension that they are born to rule over us. We are, after all, just a shower of plebs, right?

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