Solidarity Annual Conference 2012


Solidarity Annual Conference 2012

Solidarity: Scotland’s socialist movement
Phone: 08000431917
email :
Write: Solidarity SSM PO Box 7565,
Glasgow, G42 2DN

Saturday 10th November
St Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow High ST (near Cathedral)
Function Room
11am – 1.15pm
Followed by
2pm – 3.45pm

Please note the above location for our annual conference which we hope as many members as possible will be able to attend. The conference itself will be shorter than normal, but will be followed by a public rally where we will present our case for a Socialist Scotland followed by discussion. Please invite as many contacts as possible to the rally and the conference itself if they are considering joining Solidarity.
The agenda for the conference is not fully determined, as yet, however, Tommy Sheridan on behalf of the NSC will present the attached statement for discussion, then voting. If anyone wishes to move other resolutions or amendments, could you contact Graeme McIver or Gordon Morgan or email the above address.
Conference will as normal receive a Financial report and elect our office bearers and representatives on the Independence Convention. Tommy Sheridan, Rosemary Byrne, Graeme McIver and Gordon Morgan have indicated their willingness to continue in the posts of co-conveners, secretary and Treasurer respectively, however, other nominations for these and other posts may be made by the start of conference.
A number of members have moved house or changed their email or phone number. Can we ask if you have altered any of these details to update our records at the conference or if unable to attend through the above contact methods.
Yours in Solidarity, Graeme McIver, National Secretary


Conference recognises Solidarity has been committed to an independent Scotland since its birth in late 2006 and in particular the vision of an independent socialist Scotland.
Although the YES Scotland campaign does not promote a socialist Scotland and involves individuals and groups who explicitly reject our socialist vision, conference believes it is a genuine attempt to unite all forces striving for an independent Scotland and deliver a YES vote in 2014.
Conference therefore instructs Solidarity office bearers to make the necessary contacts and arrangements to become full participating members of the YES Scotland campaign.
Conference re-affirms Solidarity’s vision of an independent socialist Scotland with the major economic sectors like oil, gas, electricity and finance publicly owned and controlled and harnessed for the good of all citizens in Scotland and not privately owned and run for the benefit of the privileged few.
Conference further endorses Solidarity’s efforts over the last 4 years to build electoral unity on the left and forge alliances with trade unions and trade union activists. Although none of those efforts have resulted in electoral success they have served to place Solidarity at the heart of left unity projects and we must continue to build on past achievements.
Conference recognises Solidarity has always been a movement that united various socialist groups and parties under a broad socialist umbrella and we will continue to try and attract individuals already attached to other organisations and those seeking a home for their socialist views and principles.
Conference encourages all socialist groups operating within Solidarity to invite their members to join Solidarity on an individual basis and agrees that Solidarity should maintain and / or re-establish regional structures mimicking the Scottish Parliament’s electoral areas and meet within those areas at least once a month to discuss policy, politics and campaign initiatives.
Towards that end conference agrees to elect lay regional organisers to co-ordinate meetings and activities within each region and to coordinate with National office bearers.
Conference agrees to promote a membership recruitment campaign in association with public meetings and rallies opposing public sector cuts and endorsing an independent socialist Scotland across the country in the latter part of 2012 and first quarter of 2013.

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