Email to Tommy Sheridan’s solicitor on 26 January 2011, now working for Rupert Murdoch

I sent the following email to Aamer Anwar who was Tommy Sheridan’s solicitor at the time. They have since fallen out as he decided to work for Rupert Murdoch. Can you blame Tommy for being pissed off at that? Anyway, as you can see from this email, I was undercover, not letting anyone (bar a handful of exceptions) know that my real name was Tom Delargy. I have abandoned my nom de plume. And Aamer has abandoned his soul, selling it to work for the bastard who unleashed a cop-bribing perjurer into Downing Street via David Cameron. My guess is that Andy Coulson will have the Prime Minister give evidence during his perjury trial, to test a contention that perjury was sanctioned by his boss at the time, that David Cameron was fully aware of the plan to employ perjury to send Tommy Sheridan to jail for the express purpose of protecting at least one undercover cop on the SSP executive and sitting as a member of the Scottish Parliament: Frances Curran. I am more than happy to testify to everything I know about this, under oath in a court of law, fully aware of the seriousness of being found guilty of lying in such circumstances, completely willing to take my chances that a jury will believe me. Whether they do or not, I will certainly tell what I know to the best of my knowledge. Anyway, here is the email I sent to Aamer Anwar almost two years ago:
Dear Aamer,
Can you agree to set up a meeting with me, vis-a-vis Tommy Sheridan’s appeal. Very hard for me to give a short summary. However, I can substantiate that Tommy was the victim of a conspiracy. I wish Tommy had called me as a witness. I could have offered sworn testimony that would have devasted the Crown case. At least that’s what I think. Please pass on to Tommy the following information:
As I explained in a live fone in on BBC Scotland’s Leslie Riddoch Show the Monday after Tommy resigned as national convenor of the SSP, I had spent fully twelve hours trying to call Tommy. At 10:00pm that evening, the fone got picked up. I said I needed to speak to Tommy Sheridan, to which I received the following message, “You’ve got the wrong number. This is Keith Baldessara.” He then put the fone down. On explaining to Leslie Riddoch and her two guests, Tim Lockhurst said if I can substantiate this accoount, this is important. It is. It proves tthat Keith Baldessara was refusing to do the job he was paid for as Tommy’s case worker. It further proves that the editor of the SSP’s paper knew the only contact fone number for Tommy was rendered useless by Baldessara refusing to take calls for Tommy. Repeatedly on the internet I have explained that I can verify my account, to which Alan McCombes gave a telly interview with the BBC’s Glenn Campbell. McCombes in his interview, and Allan Green at a SSP national council meeting identified me as a malicous individual who was poisoning the atmosphere inside the party. Both McCombes and Green said they were working with colleagues of mine to have me kicked out of the SSP. Aamer, you need to be aware that less than one month prior to the fone call refered to by me on the Leslie Riddoch Show, I had a previous telephone call with Keith Baldessara.
Aamer, in that other telephone call, I told Baldessara I needed to speak to the national convenor of my party. Baldessara refused to set up any meeting between me and Tommy unless I told him what it was about. Only when he made it clear that he would not budge from this, did I agree to give him the bare bones of my complaint against Frances Curran, my MSP, Catriona Grant (party co-chair) and Allan Green, SSP national secretary.
Keith Baldessara promised to set up a meeting between me and Tommy in order to investigate serious problems with all three of these individuals in relation to a brutal assault on me, leading to my being hospitalised, involving police officers. Please pass on to Tommy these facts, and ask the judge to agree to Tommy’s being allowed to appeal the jury’s verdict, on the basis that the Crown knowing withheld key evidence about the nature of the conspiracy agaiinst Tommy Sheridan. Frances Curran is a police spy, and that fact is known by many who committed perjury in order to send Tommy Sheridan to jail.
Yours sincerely, Derek Thomas P.S. This is not the name on my birth certificate. Please do not pass on my real name without prior approval to any individual.
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