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Dark Angel

I’m cold and I’m old Her heart’s made of gold I’m just her slave I do what I’m told She ripped off my skin My outsides caved in She tore out my heart Tossed it in the bin I’ve been … Continue reading

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Iain Dale and Luke Bozier swore at me. Can I have them arrested?

Two senior Tories called me a prick on Twitter. Isn’t that the sort of thing Director of Public Prosecutions doesn’t want police and court time to be wasted with? Yes, and Keir Starmer has called that one right. Virtually everyone … Continue reading

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An attempt to get support from Gerry Byrne due to violent assault of 16 March 2003

Gerry Byrne <**********@*****.***> wrote: Tom, I’ve only discussed this with martin [Thomas, TD] and forwarded it to janine [Booth, TD], as you asked. Janine was a bit nonplussed too, suggesting forwarding to angela, which i did. angela seemed quite concerned, … Continue reading

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Exchange with CPGB’s Weekly Worker editor (Peter Manson) on the day I was released from hospital

Re: Scotland anti-war action TO: 1 recipient CC: You Show Details Peter <*****@*****.***> wrote: Tom We are looking for someone who may be able to draw on internet or other sources to write a summary of anti-war actions that take … Continue reading

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Eddie Truman’s threat to give me a kicking, and his lie that I intimidated Catrion Grant

From: “Eddie Truman” <eddie@…> Date: Tue May 30, 2006  1:17 am Subject: RE: [UK Left Network] Fwd: TS open letter  eddiet1962 Offline Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360º Steve Bush of the Socialist Party wrote; <snip> > > When are … Continue reading

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Alan McCombes, Frances Curran in days gone by. [repost]

I am reposting something from the days before the the split in the Scottish Socialist Party, from the days I adopted the pseudonym Iago. Alan McCombes gave me that name. He did so with the help of BBC Scotland’s Glenn … Continue reading

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Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller, Alan McCombes and illegality to protect undercover cops [repost]

I hand delivered this letter (one of many) to a secretary at the Regional Procurator Fiscal’s office. He was at the time investigating the role of a former head of Special Branch, Jim Orr, who had destroyed forensic evidence proving … Continue reading

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