Alan McCombes, Frances Curran in days gone by. [repost]

I am reposting something from the days before the the split in the Scottish Socialist Party, from the days I adopted the pseudonym Iago. Alan McCombes gave me that name. He did so with the help of BBC Scotland’s Glenn Campbell. The latter surely must have been given off-the-record briefings by McCombes as to who this ‘Iago’ was. As I’ve pointed out many times before, I tried to win a right of reply from the BBC. I asked for this in a handwritten note I left for Glenn Campbell at the BBC Head Quarters in Glasgow. I explained that I was this much maligned SSP member, one who was being named on the SSP_Debate cyber forum for SSP members, and that the BBC had a moral responsibility to set the record straight given how Glenn Campbell’s interview had negatively impacted on my life. In that cyber forum, Alan McCombes spread a pack of vicious lies about me, suggesting I suffered from mental illness. Thanks to Glenn Campbell, I was unable to set the record straight because the SSP’s press secretary Eddie Truman and party co-chair (Catriona Grant) worked with McCombes to stop me having any right to reply within the internal SSP channels. All three of these individuals were aware that I had tried to get Tommy Sheridan to investigate Frances Curran MSP for being a police spy who had acted in a criminal manner in order to protect a group of corrupt senior police officers at ‘K’ Division and Strathclyde Police Complaints and Discipline Department, all of whom were protecting a thug who had been sent to jail for sending me a death threat, police officers who destroyed forensic evidence of Steff Denny’s carrying out a further 50 death threats the day after he got out of jail, publicly boasting to all my neighbours that he was going to shoot and stab me in cold blood. These cops (including the Commander of ‘K’ Division) were aware of these 50 death threats several days before I learnt of them. Unbelievably, these cops didn’t warn me about the threat to my life from someone who had just been released from jail for sending me a death threat, someone who said he was going to murder me for sending him to jail for one of his very many previous death threats to me, someone the cops didn’t bother to warn me had gone to jail or was released from jail, and was going to kill me for sending him to jail. There may be a bit of repetition in this post but I think I can be forgiven because every time I think back to what happened I get angry and stressed.

Eddie Truman, Catriona Grant, Alan McCombes, Allan Green, Keith Baldasserra and Barbara Scott also relied on the fact that the cops who were protecting this individual (Steff Denny) had spread a rumour to everyone in my neighbourhood that I was a paedophile on the sex offenders’ register. All the above were aware that I had contacted Keith Baldasserra to get Tommy Sheridan to investigate Frances Curran’s role in helping these cops who had me hospitalised with a razor blade and metal bar on 16th March 2003 in a thirty minute assault after my home was broken into. All of these individuals knew that Frances Curran MSP protected two intimate friends of the Steff Denny who were involved in the assault on me and that she helped the Regional Procurator Fiscal [John Miller] who I was going to expose in open court the day after Curran let me have access to statements which she knew to be a pack of lies every bit as much as John Miller knew they were a pack of lies. Frances Curran was aware that I was going to supply the court with a video and audio tapes, snail mail correspondence with SSP national secretary Allan Green, letters from workers at the Scottish Human Rights Center which had been intercepted by Steff Denny in which he scrawled a boast that he was above the law and that even the SHRC were unable to protect me. Steff Denny then left the letter from the SHRC outside my door because he knew he would be protected whatever he did and the cops at the Strathclyde Complaints and Discipline Branch would destroy this piece of forensic evidence just as they had a previous piece of evidence, a decision taken by Jim Orr who had spent 5 years as head of Special Branch! Frances Curran knew that I intended to refer in court to the emails to all SSP MSPs to explain that the only reason I would be walking into court with no legal representation was because Frances Curran MSP had gone out of her way to see that I had no legal representation, which she told me would be provided by Aamer Anwar, who then pretended she told me no such thing. Frances Curran knew she was lying and she knew I would be telling the court that she was lying about this just as she lied about so much else. Frances Curran was aware that I would be telling the court that I had drawn the attention of the BBC to violent riots by 30 adults who were telling all my neighbours they were going to kill me with two police officers looking on and offering me no protection. Frances Curran also knew I was going to tell the court that the BBC’s Reeval Alderson told me that the BBC could do nothing to protect me by exposing the lies of those who spread the malicious rumours that had led to my hospitalisation, daily having my windows smashed, regular death threats, riots the cops then tippexed out of their records, despite my having dozens of witnesses, including the neighbour who had told Frances Curran that she had witnessed this riot and that she saw the cops who Curran is aware had tippexed out of their records any reference to this riot. According to Reeval Alderson I had to wait until John Miller brought me to court so I could prove my innocence and if I was going to prove a victim of mistaken identity by ignorant vigilantes whipped into a frenzy by corrupt cops that’s not the BBC’s problem. I beg to differ and there will, I believe, be a tape or transcript of a conversation, in British Intelligence vaults that will bear out my account of my telephone conversation with Reeval Alderson. The fact that I was a target of vigilantes set on me by cops who were lying about being a paedophile on the sex offenders’ register was, according to Reeval Alderson, irrelevant from the point of view of the BBC’s policy. Apparently, the BBC pays a fortune to a millionaire Thatcherite who was NOT named by the BBC, but the same BBC is happy to sit back and do nothing while I endure an eighteen months violent hate campaign after I was hospitalised and given seven days to get out of Paisley or these thugs would return to kill me. And all of this was sanctioned by an illegal smear campaign by cops who were under investigation by the Strathclyde Police Complaints and Discipline Department. Frances Curran was aware that I intended to remind the court that I had drawn previous lawyers and a judge that John Miller’s witnesses had threatened me twice and nothing was done to investigate this. Frances Curran was aware that I intended to tell the court that I lost hundreds of pounds of criminal injuries compensation due to a incompetence on the part of Frances Curran’s assistant Barbara Scott. At any rate, Frances Curran blamed Barbara Scott, but maybe it was Curran’s fault. Either way, Frances Curran was aware that I was going to tell the court about the role of Barbara Scott in protecting the two arresting police officers who lied to deny me hundreds of pounds of criminal injuries compensation, for injuries caused by John Miller’s two ‘witnesses’.  Frances Curran also told me other stuff about John Miller and when I asked her about this she told me I was never to tell anyone, and when I told her I was not going to lie about this she told me she would call me a liar. This is a fact and I will swear about this on oath. Not going to go into details at this stage. Frances Curran was aware of all this and more. And that explains why she worked with Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller to try, unsuccessfully, to trick me into breaking bail conditions in order to have a pre-existing, entirely illegitimate, arrest warrant triggered to stop me having my day in court.

I believe that Frances Curran MSP worked with Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller to try to trick me into triggering an arrest warrant to allow cops to gain illegal access to my home and then to steal a video tape which was recorded on video cameras set up by some special police officers outwith ‘K’ Divsion because Strathclyde Police Complaints and Discipline Branch were investigating my complaint that the head of the group of cops colluding with Steff Denny was the then Chief Superintendent Campbell O’Connell. This video equipment included a television and three secret cameras and was arranged by an Inspector Munn who illegally tried to corrupt an investigation by misleading a forensic team about a forgery that cops got Steff Denny to supply to ‘prove’ his innocence! The cameras did catch a crime but the cops refused to check it out, and the Regional Procurator Fiscal at the time refused to see to it that they did this, and the same goes for the Strathclyde Complaints and Discipline Branch.  However, in a thirty minute telephone conversation with Chief Superintendent Kenny Murray, he told me the tape never existed, which has to be the stupidest lie any cop ever tried to pass off as a fact in all the years I’ve had dealings with police officers, and that’s saying a hell of a lot. Frances Curran knew that I tried to get John Miller to take this tape when its very existance was denied by the Commander of ‘K’ Division, and I guess she couldn’t afford for this tape to be produced in court any more than John Miller, Kenneth Murray or Jim Orr could. In addition to that video tape, Frances Curran was aware I intended to produce for the court several audio tape recordings of interviews with police officers at my flat, on the telephone (as well as some other relevant tapes I don’t have time to explain at this point). Frances Curran also knew I intended to hand to the court item of the mail from the Scottish Human Rights Center with Steff Denny’s fingerprints and handwriting on it, in which he boasts about how the cops won’t prosecute him from him because he’s above the law, this turning out to be less than one hundred percent true as they police and courts did send him to jail, but who was then protected after he threatened me on getting out of jail, and they protected him when he had me reduced to a bloody pulp.

There was an eight and a half minute telephone conversation that Alan McCombes, Eddie Truman and Keith Baldasserra told SSP members and everyone else simply never happened. That conversation, like the short one I referred to on the Leslie Riddoch Show was a mere fantasy of my overactive imagination, according to Alan McCombes’s supporters, notwithstanding my insistence that I had two separate itemised telephone bills that spoke to the contrary. I used to toy with these bastards as to whether I made a tape recording of one or both of these calls. I guess they all realised that if I had I would have produced them. But they all knew I must have the itemised telephone bills, and that posed one hell of a problem for them all: who picked up the phone when I called the number to which only Keith Baldasserra had access not once but twice? And who was on the phone with me for eight and half minutes three weeks to Tommy Sheridan’s resignation as national convenor? What the hell did Baldasserra and I find to talk about for eight and a half minutes? Why has he never made any attempt to explain this paradox? I don’t see how Baldasserra can account for these two itemised bills. Nor can I work out why McCombes, Truman and co felt the need to smear me as a fantasist when they all knew I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these calls did in fact exist, even if I could not prove that my account of what we spoke about was 100% accurate. While they all called me a liar every single one of them knew I told the truth but all felt the need to smear me. Wonder why that was. As bizarre is the fact that all the members of the press I discussed who posed as objective observers of reality, and posed as confidantes of mine who could be relied upon to win justice… every single one of them rallied to the side of McCombes, Baldasserra, Curran and Truman. That is also very peculiar. Anyway, Baldasserra told me (three weeks before all the conspiracy to topple Tommy Sheridan) that he was going to set up a meeting between the SSP’s national convenor and me so I could persuade him to investigate Frances Curran for engaging in serious criminal activity to protect corrupt cops including a former head of Special Branch: Jim Orr.  Alas, instead, Baldasserra got in touch with Alan McCombes and the police spy in question to remove Tommy as the SSP’s leader. I guess it’s theoretically possible that all this is a coincidence. I don’t believe it. Do you?

Anyway, for a very long time I continued to keep most of what I am saying here to myself, not knowing who I could trust anymore. I did try to get Tommy Sheridan to address it but was afraid that the poison Alan McCombes, Curran, Truman and Grant had introduced meant that Tommy would believe their lies that I was mentally ill and, therefore, perhaps best not relied upon to help him win his trials against Rupert Murdoch’s News International and then to defend himself from the charge of perjury. I did try to contact Tommy via his solicitor, Aamer Anwar, but he never responded to my short emails. Since Aamer was so grief stricken at the death of Andy Coulson’s lawyer who died in very mysterious circumstances (an individual who wanted to help Rupert Murdoch frame Tommy, after having an obvious conflict of interest given his role defending Tommy’s wife),  someone who then went on to work for Rupert Murdoch, I am starting to wonder about the what Aamer Anwar is up to. Anyway…

Anyway, here is something I posted many years ago. The contents seem on first reading to be incompatible with a lot of the above, and I have to say something about why that is. In the following blog post I make no reference to all the things I claim to be connected to the framing of Tommy. I decided at the time I had no way of joining the dots and I didn’t know who I could trust. And it was obvious that Tommy wanted to go a different route (possibly because Aamer Anwar didn’t let him know about what I could have helped him with), and I had to let him do that if Aamer didn’t want to get me involved. I was also sensitive to the possibility I could be accused of making a massive political crisis to seem like I have a big role in it. I couldn’t prove it so I had to downplay it. My own problems were placed for the time being on the back-burner.

It is also important to explain that there were a few other non-political people who I trusted who have all subsequently let me down. I don’t have space to cover this just now, but I will do so soon. It is also crucial to explain that despite a lot of what I am saying about Alan McCombes and his lack of trustworthiness, I saw at the time of his toppling Tommy Sheridan another side which I considered very positive. I considered it so positive that I was prepared to put behind me a lot of things that I am now relying on to expose him as a liar, whose lies had to be drawn to the attention of the jury at Tommy Sheridan’s trial. The positive side of his political contribution was, as far as I was concerned at the time, such that it never once occurred to me that the reason he protected Frances Curran as a police spy was that he too was such a spy. I no longer rule it out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Alan McCombes was clearly the ring leader of the criminal elements that plunged the Scottish Socialist Party into crisis (from which we have yet to recover) fifteen excruciatingly long months ago. That said, he can rehabilitate himself in my eyes. But only if he publicly recognised what precisely he did wrong, the seriousness of it, and apologised personally to Tommy and to the rest of the party. We could then all move on. If, that is, he proves capable of growing up. However, this forgiveness should not be extended to all of McCombes’ posse. While he might still deserve re-election to the party’s executive, this year and for the foreseeable future, the same does not go for his loyal lieutenants. MSPs Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie and Housing Spokesperson Keith Baldassarra certainly do not warrant any forgiveness. Why not? Two reasons.

In the first place, McCombes had drawn into his orbit the overwhelming majority of the SSP’s executive at the time of Tommy’s resignation, a process that had escaped my attention and, I am sure, that of almost all the rest of the party’s ranks. Their absolute blind loyalty to McCombes as an individual and, it turns out, to his seedy leadership ambitions, overrode their loyalty to the party as a whole. McCombes’ wings need to be clipped by purging the executive of such toadies. While McCombes will probably scrape back into the executive regardless of any apology for what he did, his groupies need to be left languishing on the back benches, from whence they can go home to think again.Then and only then can the party’s leading body be restored to something approximating health. Then and only then will the catalogue of disasterous mistakes be brought to an end.

Of all McCombes’ aides, Frances Curran is by far the most poisonous. I find it extraordinary that McCombes has managed to keep the massed ranks of the party in the dark about what she has done. I have tried, with insufficient success thus far, to sound the alarm. Hopefully in the month left before the party’s conference I can successfully make the case for her removal from the executive. Here goes.

I could provide a list of over one hundred SSP members who heard Curran boast that if anyone asks her about Tommy Sheridan’s private life, she will tell the truth. If she was expecting this commitment to “the truth” to be rewarded with a standing ovation, she will have been disappointed. Gasps of incredulity and disgust were audible throughout the hall as she made this threat. Decent members of the SSP will continue to tell any such curious individual to mind their own business. I would have done this prior to discovering Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World were engaged in a witchhunt against Tommy – had I known anything about his private life, which I did not. Given the circumstances known to me now though, I will be taking a mental note of everyone who asks such questions: why are they asking this? Might they be wired for sound? For Murdoch? The British security services, perhaps? Frances Curran has effectively boasted that she intends to act in exactly the same manner that lead to former North East regional organiser Duncan Rowan’s suspension from the party. Every delegate to our annual conference needs to be aware of Curran’s petty, malicious gossip-mongering against Tommy, and who knows how many other comrades. They need to ask themselves whether our party can afford to tollerate such an individual polluting our party’s executive. Or our MSP group for that matter. I trust they will make the correct decision.

If anyone still needs further proof of the undesirability of having Curran on the party’s executive, consider the following. She was personally charged with organising the press conference of all our MSPs, a press conference specifically designed to anounce the “unity” of our party. Incredibly, Curran decided that Tommy should not be invited to this press conference, although the party’s extraordinary executive meeting had only hours previously confirmed Tommy as a member of the party and our MSP group. When this unilateral declaration of independence from Tommy Sherdan lead to a rebellion by other leading members of the party, and she was told Tommy had to be invited, Curran considered unilaterally cancelling the entire press conference! Over one hundred SSP members heard her say that she wishes she had done this! This episode provides us with further proof that her bitterness towards Tommy is far more important to her than her commitment to democratic votes within our party.

As if this was not bad enough, Curran chose to use the run up to last year’s general election to express public contempt for her MSP colleague. Colin Fox pointed out that Tommy was not treated with the respect he deserved during his resignation. When this was put to Curran, she thought it wise to give a journalist a quote to the effect that Tommy Sheridan did not deserve her respect, and, by implication, neither did he deserve the respect of Glasgow’s voters. So intent on demonising Tommy is she that it did not concern her that the party’s potential voters would ask themselves why they should respect those who sit alongside Tommy Sheridan, such as herself. If Curran did not appreciate the electoral consequences for our party of such a statement, then she is too stupid to be granted any responsible role in the party. The truth is, of course, that she knew perfectly well what she was doing.

This public indifference to the electoral consequences of knifing Tommy Sheridan in the back also explains her particularly nasty role in the party’s election for national convenor, although it has to be said that McCombes was no less nasty in his bid to stop Colin Fox getting elected. They both seized every opportunity they could to reintroduce the man who was shortly to be elected as the party’s national convenor as, amongst other things, a coward, a Tory collaborator, anti-democratic, opposed to women’s rights in the party, someone lacking any leadership qualities, and someone whose judgement had been suspect for years, and in particular since Tommy’s resignation. These were the politics of the gutter, and, I am pleased to say, backfired spectacularly. McCombes leadership ambitions turned to dust as his campaign grew nastier and nastier. Unfortunately, while Curran simply helped to destroy McCombes leadership campaign, the pair of them further destroyed the credibility of our newly elected leader when he needed it most. Our party’s catastrophic collapse below 2% of the popular vote in the general election, in what was a record low turnout, was the price we all paid for their miserable ambitions. If McCombes accepts this analysis and apologises, I will forgive him, and hope that Colin and Tommy will do likewise. However, Curran is beyond redemption.

Curran was the first of McCombes’ toadies to appear on the telly to attempt an explanation for our party’s executive, and MSP group, being unwilling to lend any solidarity to Tommy Sheridan in his libel action against Rupert Murdoch. She did this in a Newsnight Scotland interview with Gordon Brewer on the evening of our MSP’s press conference. Like McCombes himself a couple of days later, Curran justified her so-called neutrality on the basis of Tommy failing to provide catagorical proof that the News of the World story was fiction. Over the next forty eight hours two of our MSPs (Colin Fox Rosemary Byrne) came to their senses. Both understood how vital it was to break out of the straightjacket that McCombes’ majority on the executive had placed on them. Both publicly stated that Tommy’s word is good enough for them. Although Tommy has resorted to half truth in the past, just like the rest of the adult population of planet earth, Colin and Rosemary realised that Tommy would not have raised the stakes in the way he did (effectively putting his solvency and liberty, not to mention his reputation, at stake), unless truth was on his side. Notwithstanding the ruinous consequences for Tommy of his defeat in an entirely unnecessary libel action, three of Tommy’s closest collaborators for two decades saw fit to mobilise the overwhelming majority of the party’s executive to deny Tommy the solidarity he had every right to expect.

Policy Coordinator, McCombes, International Secretary, Curran, and Housing Spokesperson, Baldassarra, were key in denying Tommy this support. I have heard each and every one of them express incredulity that the press corp found their Pontius Pilate impersonations so extraordinary. The reason is obvious. The public refusal of McCombes et al to take Tommy’s word is intended to poison the jury’s mind against Tommy. Fifty percent of our MSPs, still over fifty precent of the party’s executive, and most of Tommy’s longest standing political confidantes, are, by a process of nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hinting to the jury that they secretly know that the News of the World story was accurate, which is clearly nonsense. The only alternative explanation for their “neutrality” is that they want the jury to be aware that, as far as they are concerned, our former national convenor, and still one of our MSPs, is perfectly capable of launching a libel action based on lies and deceit. These people want the leader of the mass campaign that destroyed the poll tax and Margaret Thatcher’s reactionary political reign to be confined to the dustbin of history courtesy of the world’s most reactionary billionaire. And they are perfectly prepared to destroy the SSP’s electoral fortunes in order to achieve that dispicable end. Incredible, but absolutely true.

As stated previously, if McCombes woke up to the consequences of his actions and went on to beg forgiveness, then he should be welcomed back as a prodigal son. But these are the only circumstances that should result in his rehabilitation. As for Keith Baldassarra and Carolyn Leckie, though… both are, like Curran, entirely beyond the pale. I will explain in detail precisely why that is in my next couple of posts.

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