An attempt to get support from Gerry Byrne due to violent assault of 16 March 2003

Gerry Byrne <**********@*****.***> wrote:


I’ve only discussed this with martin [Thomas, TD] and forwarded it to janine [Booth, TD], as you asked. Janine was a bit nonplussed too, suggesting forwarding to angela, which i did. angela seemed quite concerned, knew some of the names you mentioned (which I did not) and thought you needed to get reliable legal advice. can you contact her directly for names?

what is your relationship to the cpgb? are you a member, a sympathiser/ supporter?

It feels very strange that your own organisation (if such it is) is not taking this up. my problem is some leading members (e.g. John Bridge) regard me as ‘malevolent’ and will interpret anything I do on your behalf as some sort of factional ploy. I really don’t know how the land lies in regard to the cpgb, so I’m a bit hesitant how to proceed.

I do hope for your sake you’re keeping yourself safe,

in comradeship,



Thanks for this. I have no problem with those you have sent this info to. In case you have not been able to read between the lines, I am very frustrated at the collapse in fraternal relations between the AWL and CPGB. I respect all of those you have brought into the loop and most other AWL comrades, even when I strongly disagree with you on key aspects of politics. As for my relationship to the CPGB, I did apply for membership, and am not sure why I was only given supporters’ status. Perhaps my being unable to regularly attend CPGB aggregates in London, and relocate myself to London for “reeducation” was a factor. At any rate, I am kept out of the loop on almost everything, leaving me with the choise of voting along with Sarah and Ron, or voting for and advocating what I really believe. I don’t understand why the PCC has more political confidence in them than in me, but I remain supportive of too much to break relations entirely. I have been in touch with one leading CPGB member telling him the same things I have told you. The only advice I have been given is to move. Now, given the fact that the CPGB take such a strong defence of the harrasement of actual peodophiles who suffer in the way I have, it is very odd that they seem so unconcerned about an innocent victim of these lynch mobs, especially when that victim happens to be their most politically astute supporter in Scotland. The support I have had from you and your AWL comrades on this is far greater than I have had from the CPGB, not only over this latest incident but in a four year campaign of intimidation that clearly has the police’s fingerprints all over this.

As for getting legal advice, Janince Godrich (now PCS President) set me up with a lawyer four years ago. He has been absolutely useless. I have an appointment to see a new lawyer tomorrow. I am seeking to get someone to make a case for compensation against the police as a body, and a very long list of individual police officers. I will get back to you to let you know how I get on.

In comradeship,


Tam Delargy <***************@*******.***> wrote:

Gerry, thanks for the response. Please do things discretely, because I am in no hurry to advertise the fact that I am targetted in this way, given the disgusting smokescreen that is being used as a cover for these crimes. The no smoke without fire syndrome. My comrades in the CPGB know about this, but have been encouraging me to just run away long before the smear about my being a sex-offender appeared. I don’t want to name individuals, but I am less than happy with the way that leading CPGB members have handled this. The first occasion my front door was smashed in (this has happened four times now, the latest was the first time any of them actually laid a finger on me personally), I phoned Janice Godrich and her partner to come around which I gave a statement to the police. Janice, as you might know, is now the President of the PCS, and ***** ******* (her parnter) also on the executive. This took place around April 1999. Unfortunately, I have fallen out with them because they want to paint these crimes against me as only petty vandalism by youths. I don’t know why I cannot convince anyone otherwise, but this is not the case. Local police officers, and even officers at the Strathclyde Police Complaints and Discipline Branch are implicated in these crimes, including this latest assault. I want to expose these bastards, but I need help in going about this. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.



Gerry Byrne <***********@*******.***> wrote:
Dear Tom,
this sounds like a horrendous catalogue of abuse. I am
a bit at a loss how to respond. Are your comrades in
Scotland aware of these events?
I’ll take advice (discreetly) and get back to you.
— ************** wrote:
> Gerry,
> I am sending you this off-list because I would value
> your advice. I
> am asking you to keep this confidential between us,
> although I would
> not mind your passing my messages onto Janine Booth,
> since I would
> welcome any ideas she has.
> Yesterday morning, at 10.00am, while I lay asleep on
> the sofa, my
> front door was smashed in, and in came a muscle
> bound thug. I have
> never set eyes on him before. He told me I was a
> peodophile! I tried
> to reason with him that I am not. It should go
> without saying that
> this is a lie, although you might think my attitude
> towards a single
> age of consent raises a question mark on how I put
> my views into
> practice. Anyway, he would not listen. I was told to
> shut up. Then he
> punched me in the nose. BTW, I have just been
> released from The Royal
> Alexander Hospital, with one of my tooth smashed
> out, fillings
> smashed out, bruises and abrasions all over my body,
> from kickings,
> barefisted bruising from an Arnold Schwartzenager
> lookalike, and
> battering from an iron bar, which the police
> subsequently removed for
> fingerprints. My nose was slashed from the nostril,
> requiring
> stitches. The second round of xrays show I don’t
> have a broken jaw. I
> am told my nose is not broken, but it sure feels
> like it is. I wont
> dwell on the injuries. What I would like is advice
> on how to proceed.
> After this thug disappeared the first time, telling
> me that I have to
> get out of Paisley, I phoned the police on a mobile.
> Before they
> turned up, I got dressed, tried to secure the front
> door which proved
> impossible. Checked that my tv, which he kicked off
> its pedestel was
> still working (it was), and tried to call the
> emergency repair team
> at the 24 hour number for council tenants: no
> answer. The thug
> returned five minutes latter, having decided he had
> not slated his
> bloodlust. Again, and again, he pounded my face. He
> told me that the
> police have been spreading it around that I am a
> peodophile (that is
> one of the areas I need advice on: this is a
> disgusting smear, and I
> want advice on how to sue named police officers for
> this slur, and
> the criminal damage they knew that would result from
> it). He asked
> me “If you’re not a pedo, what do you need the
> internet for?”, as if
> that was the only reason people use the internet. I
> told him that I
> am not on the internet, which is true. He was so
> thick he could not
> appreciate that a computer without a mainline
> telephone line (which I
> don’t have) makes internet use impossible.
> Eventually, this guy left
> again. Five minutes later, he was back again, this
> time with a small
> guy who seems to be the “brains” of the operation.
> Both of them told
> me to shut up when I protested that I was not a
> pedophile. They said
> that the police have warned me to leave town, and
> now they are
> telling me. I was repeatedly punched, kicked and
> beaten with an iron
> bar for the next few minutes. They tried in vain to
> find my mobile
> phone, when I told them the police were on their
> way. They told me
> that if I identify them to the police, they will
> kill me. When the
> police turned up they adviced me against going ahead
> with any attempt
> to send the to prison in case they carried out their
> treat. So what
> do I do?
> I have been advised by my lawyer, dozens of police
> officers, family
> and friends that I should cut my losses and get out
> of this
> situation. For four years I have fought in the hope
> of proving that a
> long list of police officers are behind a series of
> crimes against
> me. Only after the ring leaders of these thugs was
> charged with
> sending me a death threat, a year after he stuck it
> through my
> letterbox, and the day after I had a letter printed
> in Scotland’s
> quality newspaper, the Herald, did graffiti go up on
> my building
> accusing me of being a pedophile on the sex
> offenders register. When
> I asked the officer who had charged Denny with these
> crimes, offering
> proof, he said that he did not care. And that after
> he demanded that
> I supply him with any additional proof of crimes by
> Denny, which
> would allow him to escalate his charge from a mere
> breach of the
> peace to attempt to pervert the course of justice.
> Denny subsequently
> issued a death threat to me in front of the manager
> of a chip shop
> that he was delivering milk to, but no police
> officer seems to have
> taken any statement from this individual. Many
> months later, after
> the smear about me being a pedophile spread like
> wildfire across my
> home town, Denny wrote on the front of the building
> that my flat is
> part of “Delargy, you are lucky I was in prison or
> youd be dead by
> now I got out yesterday So prepare to die you black
> bastard.” The
> community police officer for the area told me not to
> worry when I
> reported this to him, because he already knew about
> this, and was
> dealing with it. He said that he knew Denny wrote
> it, which suggests
> that Denny was locked up for him death threat and
> was now renewing
> his threat to kill me for sending him to prison. A
> few days later,
> this officer told me that he had changed his mind,
> and had decided
> there was insufficient evidence to charge Denny.
> Denny has been
> reported stalking me in his car, although he no
> longer lives in the
> same town as me. The police refuse to report back to
> me about any of
> this. Three years ago, an Inspector Munn arranged
> for three security
> cameras to be installed in my home in order to catch
> these criminals
> in their daily stoning of my home. My neighbours
> told me after the
> cameras were removed on month later, that someone
> had alerted the
> neighbourhood to their installation, which would
> explain Denny’s
> caution, stopping his crime spree six hours before
> the cameras went
> in, and starting again 7 days after they were
> removed, very much
> against my will.
> Nevertheless, although Denny tried his best to keep
> his nose clean
> for that month, minor crimes were caught on camera,
> although I cant
> spot who was responsible. Maybe the police could do
> that. But they
> categorically refused to collect the videos. The
> inspector who
> installed them refused to do this. His superior
> officer, a
> Superintendent Robertson refused, the officer who
> eventually charged
> Denny with sending me the death threat, a Sgt
> Jonstone refused (that
> is the same officer who refused to take from me
> forensic evidence
> that proved that Denny was behind the smear campaign
> that I am a
> pedophile). The officer who effectively told me that
> Denny did spend
> time in jail for this crime, who is still the
> community police
> officer, a David Christensen, refused to collect the
> video tapes.
> When he did this, and when he told me there was no
> need to take
> photographs of graffiti on my front door, saying
> “Delargy
=== message truncated ===

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