Exchange with CPGB’s Weekly Worker editor (Peter Manson) on the day I was released from hospital

Re: Scotland anti-war action
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Peter <*****@*****.***> wrote:

We are looking for someone who may be able to draw on internet or other
sources to write a summary of anti-war actions that take place each week in
Scotland. Are you in a position to help us out? We are talking about just a
sentence or two on every action for which we do not have an actual report.
Of course, we would also welcome short reports from yourself or other
comrades on actions they actually attend (100-200 words).
By the way, thanks, for your piece on Kevin Williamson – I haven’t forgotten
Peter Manson

I will see what I can do. I am going to be kept pretty busy for the next few days, but I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. BTW, I have just been released from hospital. At 10.00am yesterday, my home was broken into by two thugs. I was repeatedly punched on the face by an Arnold Shwarzeneggar lookalike, kicked in the head and all over my body, including testicles, and was hit with an iron bar. My nose was slashed and required stitches. One of my front teeth has been punched out of my face, and decades of fillings seem to have been pulverized from their home, causing me agony, only relieved by painkillers. I feel I have been disfigured by the slashing, although the doctor said it will heal ok. The police told me it is best to follow the advice of those who have threatened to kill me if I do not beat a hasty retreat and vacate Paisley within the next few days. And the police recommend that I follow the advice of the thugs not to try to identify them. The thugs, by the way, said that I was being beaten up because the local police have fingered me as a pedophile on the sex offenders register. Just in case it needs saying, this is a disgusting smear. These smears started the day after I had a letter printed in the Herald, a letter that I consider to be as good as anything I have ever written. I will send you a copy, after I return home, assuming these thugs did not burn down my flat while I was at the hospital. The letter was a defense of the abolition of section 28. Everyone has been telling me for years to move from my home. I have resisted because I do not want to give these bastards the satisfaction of driving me out of the town I was born in and have lived in for 44 years. However, after what happened yesterday, I am ready to get out. Any advice? I do not have any doubt that these actions are politically motivated. I am in the process of trying to find a new lawyer to get to the bottom of what has been going on. What ever you do, do not humour me, and pretend that these actions are all in my imagination, that I am paranoid, etc. I am getting really pissed off with people who imply that.



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One Response to Exchange with CPGB’s Weekly Worker editor (Peter Manson) on the day I was released from hospital

  1. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Reblogged email exchange with the CPGB’s editor (Peter Manson) on 18 March 2003 after I was brutally attacked by friends of ex-Special Branch Director Jim Orr with razors, then given seven days to get out of the town I’d lived in for the previous 44 years, since the day I was born. Haven’t changed my story in all that time. Have I, Prime Minister Theresa May?


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