Iain Dale and Luke Bozier swore at me. Can I have them arrested?


Two senior Tories called me a prick on Twitter. Isn’t that the sort of thing Director of Public Prosecutions doesn’t want police and court time to be wasted with? Yes, and Keir Starmer has called that one right. Virtually everyone swears. Unless it is an arrestable offense to say ‘fucking’ in the presence of everyone, then we can all say it, even within earshot of cops. What was the context of Andrew Mitchell’s use of this word? We simply do not know. What we do know is that the two police officers have been caught in the middle of a conspiracy, one engulfing Prime Minister David Cameron, Depute Chief Whip John Randal, Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood, Metropolitan Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe and The SUN’s political editor Tom Newton Dunn. Presumably in order to make the swearing seem more serious than it was, the two lying cops manufactured members of the general public who were visibly shocked. That might explain why a cop pretended to be there to verify the cops’ lying account and how shocked he felt, passing this fabrication to the Depute Chief Whip John Randal who (coincidentally?) had  threatened to resign unless Andrew Mitchell lost his job. Evidence of this conspiracy was known to David Cameron, Jeremy Heywood who saw to it that Andrew Mitchell was kept in the dark. Anyone else smell a rat?

Why did Andrew Mitchell swear at these cops? Since we don’t have a tape my guess is we’ll never know exactly. What we do know is that the cops have been utterly discredited and there has been a massive cover-up involving David Cameron himself.

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