Renfrewshire Council, agoraphobia, systemic abuse, suicide [continued]


Why am I starving? Before I answer I want to say something else. I’ve been thinking about my writer’s block problem. I don’t suffer from that problem at all when it comes to twitter. I just tweet and tweet and tweet. Maybe I should use my blog in much the same way: just consider blog posts as stream-of-consciousness rants that don’t have to be chewed up into 140 character bites. Why not?

Instead of hundreds of 140 character tweets each day, maybe I can toss up dozens of blog posts per day. Maybe even more than that. Anyway….

So, hungry. Why is that? I have no means of cooking food and at least part of the reason for that is caused by Renfrewshire Council. I have phoned my support worker who has yet to respond to the message I had to leave on his answering service. I explained that my microwave caught fire yesterday afternoon. I had smelt smoke ever since my support worker told me I had to allow two workmen into my home who then barred me from my kitchen while they worked on a problem they told me affected not me but one of my neighbours.

I told Renfrewshire Council Social Work Department that, as a consequence of previous criminal damage done to my property by Renfrewshire Council employees, I would never allow anyone to have unrestricted access to my flat without my being able to watch them like a hawk. Despite their having letters, sent by registered post to this affect, responded to by Renfrewshire Council’s lawyers, with support workers from Scottish Autism accompanying me to the Citizens Advice Bureau confirming that Renfrewshire Council had indeed acted illegally on more than one occasion, Renfrewshire Council did it again.

Due to their refusing to allow me access to my kitchen as these two workers played around in there, I cannot prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they were responsible for my only means of cooking food catching fire, but that is what I believe. I know they had no legal right to stop me watching what they did in my kitchen. And I am now starving.

I have agoraphobia due entirely to Renfrewshire Council. Explaining why that is so is a complicated matter. And I am going to have to return to that later. But my social worker knows I am unable to leave my flat to buy a microwave without support. And I will get no support until Monday. So that means I have four days (or is it five?) with nothing to eat but four bars of chocolate (three of which are now gone), bread and margarine, Rice Krispies and milk. I am far from happy about this. I am getting irritable with hunger and angry that I have to put up with this and that I am robbed of my dignity by having to make all this public. But what else can I do?

[More to follow later today]

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