By the company you keep shall we know you, Richard Seymour


By the company you keep shall we know you, Richard Seymour. Exactly what company do you keep, Richard? Where do I begin?

The SWP rank and file need to take a long hard look at the drivel you host on your rediculous blog. There we will find any number of enemies of what you claim to be your party. You provide a platform for everyone who wants to take a potshot at democratic centralism. Many of these individuals cower behind pen-names, at least one of them pretending to be Charlie Kimber elsewhere in cyberspace. Some of them ‘fess up to being members of the Socialist Workers Party, but only in the same way you are: the same way those Greeks bearing gifts who succeeded in getting behind the walls of Troy were genuine Trojans.

You, Richard Seymour, offer a platform to those anonymous SWP ‘members’ who boast on Andy Newman’s ill-named ‘Socialist Unity’ Network blog about how they have ‘evidence’ they intend to hand to the police to have several SWP leaders tossed in jail.

Let us be clear about what is going on here, Richard: your friends, the members of your fan club, who have without a hint of irony dubbed themselves ‘Democrats’, want to work hand-in-glove with the same forces of law and order (the ‘special bodies of armed men and women’) who conspired to deny justice to the victims of the police at Hillsborough, to Jean Charles de Menezes, to Ian Tomlinson, to Daniel Morgan, to Mark Duggan, to Blair Peach, to Pat Finucane, etc., etc., etc..

Richard Seymour, your friends denounce anyone sufficiently competent and with a long enough memory to remind Socialist Worker readers about the role of the FBI infiltrating the Black Panthers, having them murdered or framed for murder, the same FBI who tried to frame Martin Luther King with an extra-marital affair.

Richard Seymour, your friends denounce anyone capable of reminding Socialist Workers readers about undercover cop Mark Stone Kennedy who infiltrated the environmental movement in Britain, who did this to sexually and psychologically abuse many women while framing them and their male comrades with criminal actions.

Richard Seymour, your friends denounce anyone capable of reminding Socialist Worker readers about the Scottsboro Boys, The Dreyfus affair, The Watergate conspiracy that toppled Richard Nixon, the role of the CIA in the overthrow of the democratically elected Marxist government of Salvadore Allende.

Richard Seymour, your friends denounce anyone capable of reminding Socialist Worker readers that the leader of Lenin’s party in the Tsarist Duma (Roman Malinovsky) was in the pay of the secret police framing his fellow comrades. And Malinovsky wasn’t the only such police spy doing precisely that. What the hell are you playing at, Richard Seymour?

Richard Seymour, you are bosom buddies with those who destroyed the Scottish Socialist Party, such as perjurer Catriona Grant and her thuggish lover, Eddie Truman.

Richard Seymour, it is starting to look like, contrary to your protestations of innocence, you are indeed working alongside Chris Bambery and his stooges within the working class movement to smear and sabotage your own party. I find that more than a little interesting.

Chris Bambery tried to frame SWP members on BBC Radio Scotland for perjury while he was still the editor of Socialist Worker, or at least still a member of the SWP’s central committee! I practically smashed my radio when I heard him pull that bullshit live on the radio. Why he wasn’t expelled from the SWP the very next day beats me.

On the screen capture above we find one of Richard Seymour’s fan club accuse me of hating all women, accusing them all of being government agents. This is serious polemics in fantasy world of Richard Seymour’s fan club.

Richard Seymour is aware that I have outted a single woman as a police agent: Frances Curran and I am itching to offer evidence to that effect under oath in a court of law, under cross-examination, with the full threat of perjury hanging over my head if I make stuff up. I don’t need to make stuff up and Catriona Grant is one of many members of the SSP executive who queued up to commit perjury alongside David Cameron’s Director of Communications who knows that I don’t need to make anything up when it comes to Frances Curran being a police spy.

Richard Seymour knows that I have outted only one man as a police agent: Chris Bambery. Bambery’s role as a police spy was something I was going to focus on in open court under oath as part of my defense against a malicious prosecution by Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller before Frances Curran MSP worked with John Miller to deny me the right to appear in court to expose Chris Bambery as a police spy. Bambery was one of two SWP negotiators of the SWP’s entry into the Scottish Socialist Party, the other one being the late Julie Waterson. Frances Curran was aware that I was going to name both Julie Waterson and another SWP member who gave me her name, telling me that Waterson was united with Chris Bambery in having me expelled from the SWP, a fact I know was kept from Chris Harman, Lindsey German, John Rees and I assume every other member of the SWP central committee. I also have no proof that Julie Waterson was a party to my unconstitutional expulsion. All I have is the word of this other member. That individual told me to wait for her (or him) to get back in touch with me to tell me when I would be allowed to reapply for membership, but that I would be expelled permanently if I tried to discuss any of this with any other member of the party. To the best of my knowledge this individual is still a member of the SWP.

Frances Curran had been aware of all of this since 1998 when we discussed my handing a very large dossier of evidence to Alan McCombes about the SWP’s national secretary purging members of the SWP unconstitutionally, which he promised me would be provided to Peter Taaffe and, via him, to Chris Harman and other members of the SWP central committee. McCombes agreed with me that what I told him could be help faciliate the entry of the SWP into the Scottish Socialist Alliance which was soon to transform itself into the Scottish Socialist Party. I assumed he had kept his word to me. Alas, I now suspect he destroyed all all the evidence I gave him. Frances Curran told me that, contrary to the promise he made me, Alan McCombes never told any other member of Scottish Militant Labour’s executive. At any rate, by her account, he never told her. I have a lot more to say about that but it will have to wait for a few days.

Frances Curran was aware I was going to expose the connection between the malicious prosecution of me by Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller and the evidence I had of Chris Bambery’s being a police spy in open court. Frances Curran knew I intended to expose her personal role in covering all of this up.

It is certainly true that I have suspicions about others I have had dealings with on the left, both male and female, but I am not prepared to be categorical about any of them. That said, I am not so naive as to believe that Chris Bambery and Frances Curran are the only two police spies I have had dealings with over the years. No serious socialist can be that naive.

As for my hating all women… Pathetic. However, I’m over the Moon to find Richard Seymour’s fan club resorting to that kind of bullshit. All this does is expose the depths to which these people are prepared to sink. They don’t care about the truth. All they care about is muckraking. Good luck with that, Richard Seymour. It’s all you’ve got left.

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