Andy Newman: Witch Hunter General


Who is Andy Newman? This is what he looks like. What is in his heart? Not love, that’s for sure. What motivates him? Not a commitment to natural justice. He is to the British Socialist Workers Party today what the Fabian fellow travellers of Josef Stalin were to Leon Trotsky in the 1930s.

Andy Newman actively misinforms the labour movement about what is going on. He draws inspiration from Sidney and Beatrice Webb who told us what a wonderful place Russia was after he’d forced Trotsky into exile, how truly democratic was Josef Stalin’s judicial system. The Webbs demanded Leon Trotsky return to Russia to face ‘justice’ like the rest of Lenin’s central committee who had almost without exception been found guilty by Stalin of having been agents of the imperialists for decades and even signed confessions to that effect, which they had stained with blood that dripped from their eyeballs and ears while they found the courage to confess. In precisely the same manner, Andy Newman tells us that members of the SWP should hand themselves in to the British police. That would be the same British Police who gave us conspiracies over Hillsborough, Blair Peach, Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, Mark Duggan, Daniel Morgan, Pat Finucane, Birmingham Six, Guildford Four…. I could go on, but let’s leave it at that for a moment.

Andy Newman maliciously spreads misinformation about the British Socialist Workers Party. He is blaming them for someone not going to the police. That is simply a lie. But being caught lying is not something that’s  caused Andy Newman a problem in the past and won’t in the future either.

I do not know the name of the alleged victim and I am glad about that. Anonymity is crucial in such cases. Obviously. However, I do know the name of the alleged criminal. I know it thanks to Andy Newman. Thanks to Andy Newman’s malciousness towards his ex-comrades in the Socialist Workers Party, an innocent man has been named and shamed with absolutely no means of clearing his name. That places Andy Newman in a special category of shit-stirrer.

Thatcherite millionaire Lord McAlpine had the financial means to punish those who misidentified him as the perpetrator of a crime when the victim of the crime admitted that he was not the man whose photo was shown to him, the one who did commit the crime. Lord McAlpine is certainly innocent of that particular crime. I do not say that because I am scared of being sued for libel. I say it because it is demonstrably true. The carelessness of Lord McAlpine’s accusers on Newsnight have lead to their finding themselves substantially out of pocket. But an SWP member has been found guilty by Andy Newman’s kangaroo court. Sectarians of every variety are crawling out of the woodwork to join a chorus echoing Andy Newman’s lies.  This is happening because Andy Newman chose to frame someone that he knew (unlike millionaire Lord McAlpine) lacked the financial means of defending himself.

Andy Newman frames the SWP with all sorts of crimes, even holding them responsible for leaking information that they went to a great deal of trouble to keep confidential, something that would have worked had Andy Newman not leaked it with rats (probably paid agents of the British state) who crept into SWP conference in order to do the capitalist state’s work for them.

Andy Newman’s blog hosts the ravings and rantings of every sectarian who does not give a damn about the truth. Every single person who has commented on Andy Newman’s blog about the alleged crime admits (those honest enough to even refer to this key fact) that they are utterly ignorant of the facts as to what went on. But these wretches are immune to the principles of natural justice, due process, the democratic notion that we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. They are shameless gossip mongering idiots.

I know nothing about the individual accused by Andy Newman, Richard Seymour and their respective sectarian fan clubs. But I going to behave towards the accused as though he is innocent of any serious crime. I will do that unless and until I know he has been found guilty after due process, with the right to legal representation. Anyone who asks for anything less is a mortal enemy of natural justice and a traitor within the working class movement.

Every single one of Andy Newman’s shit-stirring bastards should be named and shamed, then held in contempt for being tools of the very same capitalist state that is unapologetic about hiring the likes of Mark Stone Kennedy to infiltrate the radical left in order to sexually and psychologically abuse women and then to frame them and their brothers, husbands, sons and all other comrades (male and female) with all sorts of crimes.

Agent provocateurs of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your credibility.

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