Donny Darko and Harvey the rabbit

Donny Mayo won’t tell us who he is. I don’t blame him. Would you want people to know you were responsible for a resignation letter that made you look like an idiot? I don’t like the name Donny Mayo. I think I’ll call him something else. But what?

There’s an episode of Big Bang Theory where Howard Walowitz tries to trick his fellow astronauts to give him a really cool nickname. His friend Raj came up with a plan.

Neither Howard nor Raj were struck by the truly awesome potential of Howard Mayo, short for Howard Mayonaisse. But Raj came up with an idea almost as brilliant. He proposed that Howard uploads Elton John’s Rocket Man as his ring tone. Then when Howard is next on the phone to one of his fellow astronauts, Raj will call him, and his ‘Rocket Man’ ringtone will plant the seed; they will subliminally get tricked into calling Howard Rocket Man. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately his ever-screaming mother (who wasn’t brought in on the plan) fucked things up. So Howard ends up getting a less cool nickname: Fruit Loops.

Why do I mention this? It is just my long-winded way of telling Donny Mayo that if he’s not willing to tell me who he really is, then I am not willing to play by his rules. I will be referring to him as Donny Darko.

By the way, Donny Fruitloops says that SWP leaders complained about the literature SWP members were wasting their time with. Not enough Harvey in the opinion of Donny Fruitloops. And far, far too much Chris Harman, in the opinion of Fruitloops.

I know who Fruitloops meant when he referred to ‘Harman’. You can never get enough Chris Harman as far as I am concerned. I had assumed that this was still, at least officially, the opinion of John Rees and Lindsey German. Guess I must have been wrong about that. Since Lindsey and John make such a big deal about their signing up Fruitloops, maybe they can let us all into a little secret. Who the hell is Harvey?

Is Fruitloops perhaps getting mixed up? Does he mean the giant white rabbit that appeared alongside James Stewart? Perhaps  Fruitloops dreamt he was in that film too, as he fell down that hole, courtesy of all the hallucinogenics he must have been ingesting while his fellow ‘leading’ SWP members (those who inhabit the real world) were building a Leninist organisation, and studying Marxist literature so they know “What is to be done?”

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