John Molyneux, the SWP central committee and Richard Seymour

I have posted the following on John Molyneux’s blog:

derekthomas2010 said…
I support the SWP central committee in their attempt to defend Lenin’s democratic centralism from Richard Seymour and his friends.
I welcomed most of John’s previous criticisms and still do. I am opposed to the slate system. I would like to see future CC’s to be elected by single transferable vote or something like it.
The only way to stop minorities inside the SWP transforming themselves into hardened sectarian factions that will test the brittleness of the SWP to destruction, then splitting to set up a competitor on the left for young (and not so young) activists, a split which may start with few followers, but then grow into a serious alternative pole of attraction, reinforcing the People’s Front of Judea myth which for a Marxist isn’t funny cause it’s true, is to allow the expression of differences. Such differences are inevitable in any socialist organisation. They are not a necessary evil; they’re a sign of a healty organisation. Such differences are the start of scientific progress. All the giants of science started out as single-minded heretics.
Differences in strategy and tactics must be reflected by representation on leadership bodies.
Factions can be incorporated into a healthy democratic centralist vanguard party, which is what the core of the SWP loyalists should commit themselves to.
But the SWP central committee is absolutely correct in expelling all of Richard Seymour’s friends. They are enemies of everything Chris Harman and John Molyneux stand for. Part of that is due process, the presumption of innocent.
8:56 PM
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2 Responses to John Molyneux, the SWP central committee and Richard Seymour

  1. kevin davis says:

    I want to get in touch with John Molyneux re. the Closure of the Portsmouth Dockyards.
    I was @ Portsmouth Polytechnic between 1973 and 1976. I also was, for a time, the N.U.S. Trades Council delegate @ Portsmouth Trades Coucil.
    Will you, if possible, pass my info. on to John as I would like @ some level get involved with any fightback to save the Dockyard.
    Thank you,
    Kevin (Davis.)


  2. TomDelargy says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Hope you can get in touch with John. I am not sure what the best way is. Here is his blog, which maybe you could leave a comment on: He also has a Facebook account, which I can’t find just now. You may wish to try to get in touch with him via this Facebook account:


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