Dramatic reconstruction of the role of police spies in the far left

I want to say something about that last post. I have struggled for years trying to get my story across and nothing seems to work. I have come up with a plan and I will do what I can to make this work.

There are too many events, too much unprovable incidents (no witnesses), too labyrinthine a story, covering far too many decades. Chronological reconstruction will lead to people drifting off: get to the fucking point, why don’t you?

I have considered previously opting for a dramatic reconstruction of some of the key events. But the only way to make this work it to take some liberties with the facts. To make it work as drama I need to take information that I gleaned from one part in time and put words into the mouths of characters who could not have said it then. I feel guilt pangs about such attempts to make the facts fit. But, unlike a bent cop who plants evidence to secure a conviction out of a hunch he just knows the accused is guilty, of some other crime if not the one he is accused of, I am not framing anyone. I am not acting maliciously towards anyone, and I am happy to swear under oath about each and every one of the liberties I will make for polemical purposes. I will explain when what I am saying is my word against that of other people, and I know it is simply a case of who do you believe. I endeavor to win the trust of the reader. If anyone wants to take legal action against me for libel/slander, knock yourself out. If anyone can convince me that I am attributing malicious motives to others when there were none, just a legitimate misunderstanding, then I will withdraw and apologise. I do not anticipate having to do a lot of that.

I will be attempting to prove that this eighteen months long malicious prosecution involved not one but two assets of British Intelligence: Frances Curran MSP and Chris Bambery who at the time was a member of the Socialist Workers Party’s central committee.

I will be exposing a large number of members of the SSP executive. I am going to connect this malicious prosecution (and the role in it of Frances Curran MSP) to an almost immediate attempt by corrupt members of the SSP’s executive to depose Tommy Sheridan as national convenor of the SSP, all of whom sank to perjury to bury this story: Catriona Grant, Keith Baldasserra, Barbara Scott, Allan Green and Alan McCombes.

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