J Edgar Hoover and Richard Seymour

‘In most standard accounts, Hoover’s career began to turn sour after the war, first with his vicious attacks on homegrown communists, later with his illegal Cointelpro campaign against civil rights and New Left activists. J. Edgar pays special attention to Hoover’s surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr., including the infamous hotel room audiotapes that Hoover peddled to the press as evidence of King’s “degenerate sexual urges.”

‘What this story leaves out is the equally disturbing fact that much of Hoover’s campaign against King was conducted right out in the open, and with the support of millions of Americans. In 1964, during a speech to female reporters, Hoover denounced King as “the most notorious liar in the country,” warning that the civil rights leader was a danger to the national way of life. In a poll conducted a few months later, fully 50 percent of Americans sided with Hoover. Only 16 percent supported King.’

Those passages come from this article in The Nation: The Real J Edgar Hoover. I am reminded very much of today’s witch hunt against the Socialist Workers Party when I read this.

Richard Seymour has been very quick to smear anyone demanding a fair trial for Julian Assange, suggesting those of us who insist on examining evidence of links between his accusers and the CIA (who may have used them as part of a honey trap) are ipso facto rape apologists. That makes Richard Seymour more than a little suspect in my book.

Richard Seymour’s mission is nothing less than to wipe the collective memory of his Socialist Workers Party comrades, or at least those students who have never shown any interest in the politics of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg, Trotsky, Gramsci, and Harman.

I recall the founder of Richard Seymour’s party (Tony Cliff) referring on many occasions to the Leninist party as ‘the memory of the class’. Richard Seymour is the anti-Cliff. Richard Seymour wipes the memory banks of his party clean. Trotsky’s “Stalin School of Falsification” would be an excellent primer for any inexperienced SWP member intent on immunising themselves from Richard Seymour’s attempted brainwashing.

The first time I heard of J Edgar Hoover’s attempt to destroy American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King by means of covert surveillance (smearing him with sexual infidelity) was in the pages of Socialist Worker. I forget who wrote the article. Mordecai Vanunu fell victim to a honey trap which is a tried and tested ploy used by the Intelligence Agencies around the world for a century and more.

Richard Seymour doesn’t care about any of this. He has launched a vicious witch hunt in the hope of destroying his own party. He flouts democratic centralism at every turn, publicly sabotaging the electoral interventions of the Socialist Workers Party, to defend the pro-capitalist agenda of Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond, and also those who have tried to send leading members of his own party to jail for not parroting their lies about consensual sex, the same individuals who have sank to threatening physical violence to intimidate their critics. Richard Seymour’s personal friends are right up there when it comes to these threats of violence within the working class movement.

Richard Seymour pretends it is sheer coincidence that his every action is cheered to the rafters by supporters of war criminal Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and the capitalist state that is the mortal enemy of every Leninist.

Richard Seymour pretends it is mere coincidence that his greatest supporters include the party of Chris Bambery. Chris Bambery, for those interested, tried to frame leading members of the Socialist Workers Party with perjury live on BBC Radio Scotland. Bambery did this while he was still a member of the SWP central committee. Bambery’s wretched International Socialist Group continues to work overtime to destroy Julian Assange’s right to a fair trial.

Richard Seymour’s factional statement accused the SWP central committee of paranoia for daring to suggest that his faction might possibly have been infiltrated by Chris Bambery’s disgusting creeps, the same disgusting creeps dedicated to helping the capitalist state frame SWP members, the same creeps dedicated to denying Julian Assange a fair trial.

Richard Seymour’s friends don’t even pretend to have a shred of socialist principle when it comes to secretly recording confidential meetings to further the interests of the capitalist state. On discovering that the security of the SWP conference was sabotaged in precisely the way the central committee expected, subterfuge that Richard Seymour’s faction pretended was impossible, what does Richard Seymour do exactly? He defends it! Far from offering up a little humility for having been caught getting everything so spectacularly wrong, Richard Seymour vomits up unapologetic support for whichever gang of traitors illegally recorded the SWP conference, probably on recording devices paid for by British Intelligence.

Richard Seymour’s friend Andy Newman has denied the accused anonymity. In doing this, Andy Newman has exposed his SUN as even more degraded than the editors and proprietors of the capitalist press in the United States back in the 1960s, all of whom refused to bow to J Edgar Hoover’s illegal tape of an alleged extra-marital affair to destroy the reputation of Martin Luther King. Richard Seymour’s friend, Andy Newman, is even smearing the SWP for what was discussed in private when it was Seymour and Newman who leaked everything they insist should never have been leaked in the first place. This is Kafkaesque bullshit.

Richard Seymour’s support for illegal tape recordings of party meetings to destroy the SWP comes as no surprise to those of us who have kept a close eye on the company he keeps these days.

Richard Seymour is in bed with Catriona Grant and Eddie Truman, metaphorically speaking of course: what any of these pathetic stooges of the capitalist state do with their genitals is entirely a matter for them, provided it is with adult consenting partners of course.

By their own account, Richard Seymour’s friends are not above secretly recording confidential meetings with their democratically elected leaders, to then sell to Rupert Murdoch for £200,000, specifically in order to help the most reactionary billionaire on the planet win a lawsuit, destroying the Scottish Socialist Party and attempting to destroy the figurehead of the mass non-payment campaign which toppled Rupert Murdoch’s favorite heroine of ‘feminism’: Margaret Thatcher. Catriona Grant and Eddie Truman helped Murdoch exact revenge on Tommy Sheridan for daring to topple The Iron Lady and the flagship policy of the government his putrid ‘SUN’ claim to have imposed on working class families in Scotland and the rest of Britain despite her never having won a majority anywhere.

Richard Seymour’s friend Catriona Grant happens to be the only person in attendance of a 100 plus secret national council allowed to take notes. On hearing this, I complained. Catriona Grant responded to this complaint by telling the assembled national council that she was the minutes secretary. What Catriona Grant felt no need to share with this secret national council meeting was that she also happened to be the only SSP member in attendance at that secret meeting who happened to have taken money from the Lothians and Borders Police!

Had I not been denied my right to take notes at that meeting, there would be a close to verbatim account based on my notes on the internet, as near verbatim as I could make it. Such an account would prove  beyond a shadow of a doubt that Richard Seymour’s friend Catriona Grant explained that no member of the executive would dream of recording details of consensual sex between any member of the party’s executive or anyone else. That meeting was probably taped by agents of British Intelligence who chose not to make it public as it would be devastating for those who committed perjury on behalf of Rupert Murdoch.

Catriona Grant’s minutes of this secret national council will show (if they have not been doctored) that every one of Rupert Murdoch’s perjurers said it was disgraceful for anyone to so much as suggest that any member of the SSP executive sink so low as to record details of a members sex life into a minute. The only possible purpose of such a minute would be to blackmail the individual member of the SSP executive, and Catriona Grant’s liars denounced anyone who would do such a thing.

Richard Seymour’s friend Catriona Grant then queued up alongside other perjurers to insist on the exact opposite. Richard Seymour expresses 100% solidarity with the party that took £200,000 from Rupert Murdoch to swear on oath the exact opposite of what they swore to be the truth to the biggest meeting ever of the Scottish Socialist Party’s most authoritative body: the national council.

On the day that delegates to the SSP’s national council got wind of the fact that Catriona Grant and all the rest of Rupert Murdoch’s soon-to-be perjurers intended to swear on oath the exact opposite of what they had all told our national council back in November 2004 (that happened to be the same day that delegates to the national council discovered that some anonymous member of the SSP executive had been working hand-in-glove with the state to frame a member of the SSP executive for the previous eighteen months), every one of these soon-to-be perjurers lost every single vote by two to one margin.

Richard Seymour’s friend Catriona Grant and the rest of Rupert Murdoch’s poodles then told the national council that they intended to ride roughshod over the democratic legitimacy of the party’s supreme body between conferences and do what the fuck they wanted. No democratic centralism for this shower of bastards. These are the anti-democratic, pro-state, gossip mongering, greedy wretches that Richard Seymour has climbed into bed with.

The sooner that the SWP purges Richard Seymour’s apologists for the capitalist state’s infiltration of socialist organisations and of unremitting black propaganda relating to consensual sex the better.

One last point… While it is true that there ARE allegations of non-consensual sex now, the accused has every right to the presumption of innocence as has everyone else accused of a crime. But Richard Seymour doesn’t see things that way. All he cares about are allegations, smears, black propaganda, denying the accused their right to defend themselves, accusing those familiar with the capitalist state’s notorious honey-traps of ‘paranoia’. Richard Seymour helps the capitalist state by means of illegal tapes. Pathetic. Stomach churning. Get rid of this pro-state parasite asap.

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