Why the SWP should be glad to see the back of Tom Walker

Richard Seymour portrays Tom Walker as a hero despite his calling for SWP members to quit the party that Richard Seymour laughably pretends he wants to save, possibly even lead. What party would tolerate Richard Seymour’s behavior? He has to be expelled from the Socialist Workers Party. No ifs, not buts.

Tom Walker’s ludicrous resignation letter boasted about his disgraceful attitude to Julian Assange who is held hostage by the British state. Tom Walker exhibits unfounded pride for having written an article for Socialist Worker that said the following:

“Assange’s own lawyers have endorsed conspiracy theories calling the women a ‘honeytrap’.”

In what universe is it a conspiracy theory for Assange to suggest that those he argues are lying about the rape allegation may have been put up to it by agents of the state?

By calling Assange’s proposed defense a conspiracy theory, Tom Walker is essentially undermining any potential defense. In other words he has effectively found him guilty in advance.

There is evidence that the women do have a case to answer about their relationship with imperialist intelligence agencies. Given that Assange is protesting his innocence it makes perfect sense for him to try to propose a motive for why these women would accuse him of rape if the sex was in fact consensual.

Tom Walker has condemned himself. Richard Seymour has condemned himself too by mis-repesenting a perfectly good defense as a paranoid conspiracy theory. The SWP has liberated itself from Tom Walker. The sooner it’s gotten rid of Richard Seymour too, the better.

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