Andy Newman’s pants on fire

Here is the latest piece of deluded crap from Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity Narksquad:

“If the SWP had any real influence then Newsnight would dedicate an entire show to this scandal. The fact that the mainstream media can’t really be bothered to make hay in this situation, where the SWP have managed to shoot themselves in the foot while it was lodged firmly in their mouth, demonstrates how marginal the ultra-left are.”

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves that Andy Newman is a big fan of Ed Miliband’s One Nation Toryism. When he uses terms like ‘ultra-left’, it’s lost all meaning. As to his main point, he’s got it wrong. Again.

Newsnight almost got shut down for making false allegations of rape. It cost them a fortune and a lot of staff lost their jobs. Tory MPs were threatening the BBC as an institution. I don’t think the BBC are particularly keen to put themselves through that all over again. They know that anyone falsely accused will take them to the cleaners, and the license fee payers will be livid all over again that their lack of journalistic standards cost them a fortune all over again.

Just because Andy Newman and his poisonous gossip mongering parasites inside the SWP pass on tittle tattle to frame socialists without a shred of evidence (doing the capitalist state’s job for them) are confident their victims lacks the financial resources to take them to the cleaners, that does not mean that there would not be a whip-round within the working class if the BBC got involved. A point could easily be reached when the victims of this witch hunt say enough is enough and sue the BBC if they echo Richard Seymour’s disgusting bullshit.

Richard Seymour and all his pals admit they haven’t got a clue as to whether any crime was committed but that they do not give a fuck. Richard Seymour drags the name of his comrades through the mud for no good reason other than that he feels in the mood and because it fucks things up for the enemies of the capitalist state.

Richard Seymour better hope he is not clutching at straws because if it turns out that the alleged victims have made up their accounts (and thus far we have no evidence to the contrary), then they won’t be the only ones who will have to get out their cheque books. The names of all Andy Newman’s friends are out there, you know? In cyberspace everyone can hear you scream and commit slander, libel etc, etc. Can’t wait for your day in court? Is that right, Andy?

If Andy Newman thinks he can smear comrades without evidence, then he’s an even bigger idiot than he looks. His Trojan Horse Tendency inside the SWP are anti-socialist to the core. Before too long every last one of you could be considerably poorer for all the damage you’ve done with your disgusting witch hunt. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch are scumbags.

One last point. Absolutely no one has adjudicated on the guilt nor innocence of anyone. No one has stopped anyone going to the police if they think they have a case against anyone. That is simply a lie invented by Andy Newman and Richard Seymour. These people are beneath contempt.

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