Mark Bergfeld’s letter of resignation is a sick joke

Mark Bergfeld’s letter of resignation has been leaked to the enemies of the SWP, echoing all the ludicrous arguments of the SWP’s enemies.

Everything Mark says is a rehash of Richard Seymour’s witch hunting drivel. I now know why the SWP’s student section has degenerated so badly. Mark Bergfeld failed in his task of educating student members. And the reason he did this is his appalling ignorance of the SWP’s politics.

Socialists believe in the preumption of innocence, of due process, of natural justice. Mark Bergfeld, by contrast, persecutes an individual without a shred of evidence. He does this to tear his party apart. That is what makes his behavior beneath contempt.

Mark Bergfeld knows that votes have been taken at SWP conference, on the central committee and at the national committee. He is backing all those who have driven a coach and horses through the SWP’s democratic accountability in order to help Andy Newman, Chris Bambery and others to attempt to drag the SWP’s name through the mud: Blairites, Thatcherites, police spies.

Mark says the scandal won’t go away. What he means is that Chris Bambery’s disruptive entryists are not going to leave voluntarily. They are not beneath provoking fisticuffs at branch meetings, paper sales, and the use of surveillance equipment to help the cops and Rupert Murdoch frame socialists. Maybe it’s time to cut out the Richard Seymour’s cancer.

Mark has not one word of condemnation for Richard Seymour’s fan club who have flouted the party’s democracy at every turn. On the contrary, he paints this disgusting behavior as some kind of positive contribution. That’s beyond satire.

Mark Bergfeld knew his ‘confidential’ letter would leak to Andy Newman. Can anyone be in much doubt that he will have leaked it himself, and emailed copies to Peter Manson and Chris Bambery?

Mark has deliberately engaged in acts of sabotage for which there is no alternative but to remove his party membership. Mark knows that. Mark wants to be expelled. He knows his tone won’t save him. He hopes it might win him sympathy and the status of a martyr for being expelled. While it is true that he will win the sympathy of some, it is equally true that they will without exception be the enemies of Leninism, enemies of due process, enemies of the SWP.

Mark Bergfeld will get good write ups in the Murdoch press  etc.. That might get him a well paid job at the Sunday Times or SKY News. Real socialists, however, will just wonder why he ever joined the SWP.

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