Richard Seymour

Pat Stack has – deliberately or otherwise – helped damage the Socialist Workers Party. Pat flouts majority decisions of the party conference and National Committee and spurs on others to join him in this. Pat denounces the National Committee that outvoted his position by a margin of 39 to 8! Pat Stack sabotages the democratically elected Central Committee that is now 100% united on all these issues. Why the hell is Pat Stack doing all this?

Pat Stack’s defense of Richard Seymour despite everything he has done to try to smash the SWP to smithereens is beyond comprehension.

Pat Stack no longer believes in democracy. Not democratic centralist version which is a million times more democratic than the alternative that informs his thinking and that of all the signatories to Mark Bergfeld’s ludicrous factional statement. Pat has sunk into the deepest liberalism of live-and-let-live. This completely contrasts with Lenin’s approach which is to find a mechanism to put words into action. Marxism awards majorities of a single vote a power that Pat can no longer appreciate.

Pat needs to examine the socialist attitude to due process. If the capitalist state endorsed Pat’s attitude to due process, juries would no longer have the power to challenge the police and the judiciary. That in turn would throw up infinitely more miscarriages of justice. If Pat has his way, majority verdicts of not guilty will be deemed unacceptable because of the closeness of the vote. That makes Pat unworthy to chair any disciplinary committee within the SWP or anywhere else.

Finally, given that Pat is leaking to the outside world his personal attitude to a highly sensitive disciplinary case, he can no longer object if all the other participants who outvoted him are given free rein to pass on to the outside world why they found no evidence that the accused was guilty. That is the ludicrous position Pat has landed the party in. Anyone else understand why Pat Stack has no option but to stand down from the position he holds in the party?

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