Why does Pat Stack support Richard Seymour?

Richard Seymour

Pat Stack doesn’t want the SWP’s central committee to expel Richard Seymour despite the national committee voting by a margin of 39 to 8 to give the CC permission to do that. This long overdue expulsion is opposed by Pat Stack despite Richard Seymour being up to his neck in a long list of crimes against the party’s democracy, no doubt including the illegal recording of the SWP’s annual conference. That illegal tape helped Pat Stack deny a member natural justice. That illegal tape was made specifically to drag the capitalist media into a witch hunt of the left, with the obvious aim of destroying the largest Leninist organisation in Britain: the SWP. Pat Stack knows all this.

What Pat Stack might want to pretend he doesn’t know is that Richard Seymour’s faction has a website that has for over 48 hours posted the name of the party member that his committee found absolutely no evidence against!

Pat Stack pretends he wants anonymity for this individual who has been found guilty of nothing. But Pat seems more than happy to subcontract the most disgusting character assassination to Richard Seymour? No smoke without fire? Is that how this thing works, Pat?

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4 Responses to Why does Pat Stack support Richard Seymour?

  1. It is now FIFTY ONE hours since Richard Seymour’s faction placed the name of that comrade on its website, the comrade who has been found guilty of nothing. How much longer do SWP loyalists have to wait for these disgusting witch hunters to remove it? Don’t they know they could be sued for libel? Or don’t they care?


  2. It is now FIFTY THREE HOURS since Richard Seymour’s faction placed the name of their comrade on the website of his faction. And he still shows no sign of deleting it. Why is Richard Seymour allowed to hold on to his SWP membership card? What does he have to do before Pat Stack agrees that he has to be expelled?


  3. The identity of the individual who has been found guilty of nothing is still up on the website of Richard Seymour’s ludicrous anti-Leninist faction. It is now 1:17am on 12 February. It has been there since 18:57 on the 9th. Is Seymour pretending he doesn’t know where it is? Or has he simply abandoned the pretense that he is not indulging in a disgusting smear campaign based on ‘there is no smoke without fire’?


  4. Eight hours ago to the minute, I drew attention of all SWP members to the fact that Richard Seymour was naming someone he had previously sworn not to name. Even prior to this, his friends had been naming him on The Capitalist Disunity Narksquad blog – under cowardly pseudonyms, naturally. Richard Seymour has been naming the individual openly in his own website now, doing it for a total of fifty six hours. Richard Seymour’s faction is now naming an individual found guilty of what exactly? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Do his faction care about that? Of course not. They are not interested in guilty or innocence. If I was the individual named by Richard Seymour, I wouldn’t think twice before suing him if I had the money. If I could afford it, I would sue Richard Seymour because he and his wretched fan club know exactly what pig-ignorant vigilantes do to such innocent people. Richard Seymour is inciting riots. He is doing it deliberately. Richard Seymour has identified a target for Rebekah Brooks style lynch mobs. And Pat Stack is turning a blind eye to all this? Whatever happened to you, comrade Stack? I can’t believe you have sunk so low.


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