Richard Seymour’s “Cruel Mangling Of The Party”

Richard Seymour

The website of Richard Seymour’s faction is now calling for his friends to make anonymous allegations of threats of violence. This is the charlatan who advocates this method: Phil. Anyone know who he is? Of course the victims of Phil’s smears will have no opportunity to face their accusers. So what else is new? This has long been the modus operandi of Richard Seymour’s friends: make allegations, discover most people don’t accept them, ignore the democratic decision, continue to smear comrades, threaten to send comrades to jail while doing so using an assumed name, secretly record confidential meetings, demand proof that it wasn’t Alex Callinicos who did this, leak everything to Chris Bambery, Andy Newman, Peter Manson and Rupert Murdoch while pretending you think it might have been Alex Callinicos who leaked it. Stomach churning, isn’t it?

One last point….

Twenty four hours ago I explained that for the previous forty eight hours, the website of Richard Seymour’s faction had been identifying someone by name who has been found guilty of nothing. Nothing has changed. Three whole days this smear has spread its toxicity throughout cyberspace.

Richard Seymour’s faction has to realise every one of their members will be held personally responsible for any riots caused by Rebekah Brooks type vigilante groups who choose to put their boots and razor blades where Richard Seymour’s mouth is.

Any violence inflicted on any SWP member as a consequence of Richard Seymour’s disgusting smear campaign, his outrageous witch hunt of his own party will be on his head. And it will be on the heads of every member of Mark Bergfeld’s faction (including Pat Stack) for capitulation to Richard Seymour’s conspiratorial factionalism.

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