The socially conservative homophobic Pope of Dollar Bills


“Dollar Bill (real name William Benjamin “Bill” Brady) – A bank-sponsored member of the Minutemen who was created for publicity purposes. Socially conservative, he is portrayed as homophobic in “Before Watchmen” and close friends with Comedian, ultimately siding with him when the group vote him out. He died during a bank robbery in 1947 when his cloak was caught in the bank’s revolving doors, allowing the robbers to shoot him at point-blank range. In the film, he is portrayed by Dan Payne.” [from wikipedia:]

Also from the same wikipedia page:

Seymour – A junior worker at the New Frontiersman magazine offices, designed by Moore to be “the ordinary common slob”.[32] He is the final character in Watchmen, playing a pivotal role in the final pages, whom Moore describes as “the most low-life, worthless, nerdy sort of character in the entire book who finally has the fate of the world resting in his pudging fingers”.[32] In the film, Seymour is played by Chris Gauthier.”

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