Phil Burton-Cartledge threatens to scab on socialists


Once upon a time I knew a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. That is the party whose membership card comes with half a dozen additional identities, a fact I comment on here: Richard Seymour and The CPGB/. This allows them to con the rest of the left into the delusion that they exist as a real organisation rather than nothing more than a website devoted to gossip around the left.

Where do Peter Manson’s sources come from? Their tittle tattle is distorted, of course. Even so, they do this with considerable flair. They come close enough to the truth on some of the details that most of the rest of the left want to believe all of it (provided it’s not about them) in order to spoonfeed each of the fragments of the left exactly what sectarians want to hear. They hope this might do enough damage to other left-wing groups to stop young potential activists joining one of their competitors. This works wonders for the enemies of working class unity, including the intelligence agencies and all the parties defending capitalist austerity, and the sabotage of industrial action to defend our living standards and all our legitimate rights. Far too many on the left fall for the CPGB’s bullshit provided they are not this week’s victims. Shame on all of us.

A lot of the rumour-mongering in the Weekly Worker is nothing more than recycled jibber-jabber that any half competent ‘researcher’ with an hour or two to kill can uncover by trawling through cyberspace, aided by little more than google and wikipedia, then plunging into the depths of Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad filth.

Nevertheless, at least part of what is published every week, allegedly under the editorship of Peter Manson (which is another lie), is collected surreptitiously by CPGB entryists.

Jack Conrad, John Bridge, John Chamberlain or whatever he is calling himself these days uses spies. He sends them in to every other organisation on the left. At any rate, that is the aim of his so-called Provisional Central Committee. This conspiratorial parasitism within the rest of the left is practically the raison d’etre of John Chamberlain’s party. It also happens to be an aim they hardly bother to deny. They see nothing wrong with this betrayal of comrades on the rest of the left, and the seeds of paranoia their entryism plants all around us. This uncomradely behavior tells us everything we need to know about them.

The reason I mention all this is because Phil Burton-Cartledge could explain to y’all how this works in forensic detail. He could do that provided he was so minded. He could do it given that he was privy to such entryism when he, Harry Paterson and Lawrie Coombes were simultaneously members of both Jack Conrad’s CPGB and Peter Taaffe’s Socialist Party.

Although Phil could write a thesis on how John Chamberlain’s party engages in this work, he is highly unlikely to spill the beans. He would prefer not to do that because it would make him come across as the grubby little shit stirrer that he is, and that is hardly the image he wants to present to the rest of the world right now. Not now that he can rely on his links with Peter Mandelson’s mates to help the filfty rich get still richer, all at the expense of the poorest ninety nine percent, of course.

Since the days Phil had a regular column in John Chamberlain’s paper, Phil has undergone something of a metamorphosis. Once upon a time, he emailed me on a regular basis about his heroic work as a CPGB entryist inside the Socialist Party. Then he drifted into the orbit of the scum who worked alongside David Cameron’s director of communications and at least one police spy to commit perjury and in the process destroy the Scottish Socialist Party. Wonder if there’s any connection. Anyway….

Phil is (or was) a bag carrier for a member of parliament, one of Ed Miliband’s One Nation Tory Party. Tristram Hunt MP? I believe Tristram used to be close to Peter Mandelson, possibly the most poisonous creep ever to have infested the Labour Party.

Phil Double-Barrelled-Tristram-Bag-Carrier has taken to commenting in his blog about Socialist Workers Party. He is desperately unhappy to discover that SWP members are queuing up to add their names to the statement of their central committee, a statement relating to their party’s forthcoming special conference. That conference was demanded by a group of idiots cobbled together by Richard Seymour, a conference they chose to denounce as soon as they got exactly what they asked for. They are now calling for a boycott of the special conference they demanded because they know they could not be any more unpopular. Cowards that they are, they are unwilling to face the music.

The central committee’s statement condemns Richard Seymour’s outrageous factionalism. If I was a member of the SWP I would not think twice before signing it. No serious socialist would think twice before signing that statement. Here is how Phil responds to every SWP member defending their party from Richard Seymour’s disgusting treachery:

“I don’t think this list will do them any favours at all. My immediate reaction – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this – was to search the list for the forename & initial of local union officials, activists & friends. I’m happy to say my search came up empty, but I did see the names of two people in whose defence I’ve signed appeals in the past. I do hope they don’t get victimised again, but if it did happen I would feel very reluctant to leap to their defence. Actions have consequences.”

Every socialist needs to draw the attention of all of the left to the attrocious  blackmail of Phil Burton-Cartledge. This double agent charlatan of ‘the left’ is threatening every SWP member who refuses to help Richard Seymour trash due process and the presumption of innocence.

Phil Burton-Cartledge is threatening anyone intent on protecting majority votes within their party from Richard Seymour who is determined to destroy their party. SWP members had better not face victimisation from their employer from here on in because if they do, they had better not need solidarity from Phil Burton-Cartledge. Phil is ‘fessing up to his inclination to cross picket lines, metaphorically if not physically (although I can see him scab in every sense of that word) to protect union-busting, profiteering bastards.

How do you sleep at night, Phil Burton-Cartledge? How do you sleep?

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