Letter to The Herald about Eddie Truman’s thuggery


I sent the following letter to The Herald about threats of violence from the Scottish Socialist Party’s press secretary, Eddie Truman. One of his friends had once threatened to help me jump the NHS waiting list. This individual went to a great deal of trouble to discover where I lived, and Eddie Truman’s partner Catriona Grant told me that had this individual asked her for my address she wouldn’t think twice about handing it to him, she having access to it as a consequence of of her being on the SSP’s executive. The fact that this individual had threatened to hospitalise me was neither here nor there as far as Catriona Grant was concerned: so long as he wanted to know where I lived, she was up for passing that information on. I think that speaks volumes about her competence at the very least.

Before reading the following there are at least two things to bear in mind. In the first place, I make reference here to something Catriona Grant told me that turned out to be a lie but a lie that I believed. I challenged her on the way into the last national council of the SSP at which Tommy Sheridan’s supporters were members. We won every vote by a two to one margin, but when Alan McCombes supporters refused to abide by majority decisions nor to hold another national council to discuss motions of no confidence in the executive the majority of the party walked off to form a new organistion. That was one decision I opposed but I turned out to be a lone voice. Everyone wanted to see the back of those who had hijacked the SSP. Anyway…

On the way to the SSP’s national council, I came across Catriona Grant. And I challenged her to explain what I read in that morning’s Sunday Herald. Did she know who the senior SSP office bearer was who had been working hand-in-glove with Paul Hutcheon for the previous eighteen months, in complete defiance of the decisions taken at our secret national council? That national council was the one where she alone was allowed to take notes at. Catriona Grant told me that I had guessed right and that it had indeed been her partner, Eddie Truman. I knew it! Then when I asked her how she could justify this, she changed her mind. She started to say that she was only joking. She told me she did it. I wasn’t prepared to accept her belated decision to accept responsibility. I took her first answer to be accurate. She refused to discuss this with me any further so I left her to go into the national council. A few days later we discovered the truth. It was neither Catriona Grant nor Eddie Truman. It was in fact Alan McCombes.

Alan McCombes was in jail posing during that last legitimate national council. He was posing as a great hero of the left for refusing to pass over to the police a set of fabricated minutes that he swore to the national council in November 2004 didn’t exist. For refusal to pass to the cops minutes the party had been lead to believe for eighteen months didn’t exist, McCombes was hoping to establish credentials for being a hero. His ‘heroism’ costed 3,000 members a fortune in defiance of the courts. And it cost the party the affiliation of the RMT, as they decided they would have no part of an organisation whose leadership behaved the way that McCombes and co now claimed they had behaved.

Sunday Herald political editor Paul Hutcheon went on to refer to an anonymous supporter of Alan McCombes telling him that Tommy Sheridan would get his **** kicked in if he turned up to offer solidarity with Alan McCombes while he was in jail. Paul Hutcheon never outted the violent thug who threatened violence against Tommy Sheridan, just as his colleague Tom Gordon never drew the attention of the jury nor the readers of The Herald to the fact that Catriona Grant was asking her thuggish lover to kick me up and down the streets.

This, comrades, is what passes for morality amongst the closest political allies of Richard Seymour. And these bastards are doing it all over again. They are all in it together, out to destroy the Socialist Workers Party. Socialists failed to save the Scottish Socialist Party, but that doesn’t mean we need to let them get a second scalp.

The second thing I need to draw comrades attention to is that the political ally of Catriona Grant and Eddie Truman who threatened me made his peace with me, no thanks to these bastards. I had to go to a great deal of trouble to get him to apologise. That allowed us to shake hands and move on. There was one subsequent death threat emailed to me by some individuals claiming to be doing this on behalf of that individual. For a variety of reasons, I never believed the confession. I thought he was probably being set up by former allies of his: Adam Busby and his Scottish National Liberation Army. I had this confirmed by two detective inspectors who set up a meeting with me at Mill Street Police Station to discuss the death threat and some intelligence they’d got their hands on. These two detective inspectors were very cryptic. They refused to explain themselves in detail. They were clearly both being economical with the truth. When I tried to interrogate the contradictions in what they were saying both became evasive. Since I had no witness/advocate/lawyer to help me get them to face up to the contradictions in their statements, I decided not to push it. They told me that Adam Busby (who was at the time challenging extradition from Ireland) had been asking someone whose name I wasn’t given to discover what I was up to. I asked how the cops discovered this. I could think of only two ways: electronic surveillance or one or more informer within his circle. I was told by the cops that neither of these were used. I didn’t believe them, of course. I was expected to believe that some non-political associate of Adam Busby’s without an axe to grind just happened to go to the police  to pass on this piece of information out of the goodness of his/her heart. Didn’t ring true to me. The cops said they had never heard of me before, so they put my name into their database and discovered letters I had sent to a CID officer about a death threat which I told the police I believed had been emailed to me by Adam Busby while he was trying to frame someone else: two birds with one stone. Two CID officers, by the way, had grilled me for three hours at Mill Street Police station about all this. They insisted I told them every detail of the political history my entire adult life, pretending they’d never heard of Tommy Sheridan nor the Socialist Workers Party. Do I have to point out that I found it hard to keep a straight face. Why were they pretending to be so pig-ignorant?

The importance of the death threat referred to here is that it made reference to vandalism to my home and previous death threats. As I say, I had been threatened by another individual and I went on to make my peace with him. However, shortly before the death threat that CID detective inspectors from the opposite side of Scotland came to see me to explain they believe was indeed issued by Adam Busby (trying to frame former allies of his), there was an act of vandalism to my home that was interpreted by cops as a symbolic death threat. I am only going to refer to this briefly in this post, but I am going to say a lot more about it shortly. Today or tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway, the police officer who took my statement about that important symbolic death threat asked me if I had been threatened by anyone. At that point I had to decide what to do about the threats made to me by Catriona Grant and Eddie Truman’s friend. As I say, I was convinced that he had nothing to do with any of this constant vandalism to my home. But I couldn’t rule this out for certain. That is why I tried, for the umpteenth time, to get the SSP leadership to take action against this individual, to make him face up to what he had done wrong, to help me deal with the other death threats and vandalism to my home. So I wrote to the SSP’s national secretary Allan Green to explain to him that the failure of this member of the SSP to withdraw his threats to me placed me in an impossible situation. He needed to be eliminated from the police inquiries into who was smashing my windows on a daily basis, pouring liquid through my letterbox (having threatened to set my home on fire), shoveling lit fireworks through my letterbox, smashing my front door in on more than one occasion, invading my home and reducing me to a bloody pulp by means of four fists, four boots, one metal bar and a razor blade, all done in my own home. Alas, the only response I received from Allan Green was a letter telling me that if I wanted to go to the police to explain what this friend of Eddie Truman and Catriona Grant had done, then I should do that and leave him alone in peace! I then raised these issues on the UKLN yahoogroup and was told by Phil Burton-Cartledge (then passing himself off as one Phil Hamilton) not to take the email death threat to the cops so they could do a trace. However, I did it anyway. I can’t explain why Phil Burton-Cartledge was so keen to protect Adam Busby’s terrorist group, but I wasn’t willing to have the investigation into a series of death threats and my having my windows smashed on a daily basis put at risk by not telling the cops what they needed to know in order to eliminate false leads. I decided not to mention Eddie Truman and Catriona Grant’s friend who (apparently) had been handed my home address from Catriona Grant AFTER he had threatened to help me jump the NHS waiting list! I am pleased to announce that shortly after raising these issues publicly on the UKLN yahoogroup, and explaining why that I believed this individual was being set up by Adam Busby, the pair of us managed to get together and work out our differences, and shake hands. That is all I needed. That is all I ever wanted.

Having said all this, the fact remains that Eddie Truman and Catriona Grant did themselves go on to threaten me. Or, to be strictly accurate, she subcontracted the actual threat to her thuggish partner. I do not believe that it is at all coincidental that both of them helped Frances Curran MSP try to have me arrested for breaking bail conditions, denied me hundreds of pounds in criminal injuries compensation for the thirty minute assault in my home that hospitalised me, and who then helped protect the thugs who did this to see that I was subject to an eighteen months malicious prosecution. All three of these individuals, as well as Phil Burton-Cartledge and Allan Green are aware that the letter that I had sent to the SSP’s national secretary (and his reply to my letter that refers to the woman who turned out to be Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller’s witness), in addition to information that I passed on to the UKLN yahoogroup proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that corrupt cops and the Regional Procurator Fiscal did in fact subject me to an eighteen months malicious prosecution based on the lies of a close friend of John Miller’s witness, the same one who was sent to jail for sending me one out of dozens of these death threats. Catriona Grant, Eddie Truman, Frances Curran, Allan Green and Phil Burton-Cartledge were aware that I was going to expose Frances Curran’s role in all of this in open court. And they are aware of how this relates to evidence that I had supplied to Alan McCombes about a police spy on the SWP’s central committee, evidence that I had discussed with Frances Curran in private during the lunch break at the second conference of the Scottish Socialist Alliance. Anyway, here is the letter I sent to The Herald that they decided not to print.

“I have just been threatened with a violent attack by email from the SSP press secretary, Eddie Truman. Friends of Truman have previously threatened to hospitalise me, then let it be known that they were prepared to go to a lot of trouble to find out my home address. The message was clear “We know where you live!” When I wrote to the party’s national secretary, Allan Green, to ask him to insist that this threat of physical violence was lifted, I was told that he would *not* interfere. Truman, and Policy Coordinator, Alan McCombes, have previously employed the SSP’s internal discussion list to spread a series of disgusting smears about me, and refused to allow me to put the record straight. When I asked Allan Green to put a stop to this, once again he refused. I hope those who have been using the exact same smear tactics against Tommy Sheridan that have been used against me for several years are asked, under oath, to address their well-established record of Stalinism.

By the way, SSP executive member Catriona Grant confirmed to me on Sunday that it *was* Eddie Truman who gave a sworn affadafit to the Scottish Political Editor of the Sunday Herald, Paul Hutcheon, about the contents of the so-called confidential minutes that Alan McCombes allegedly went to jail to keep out of the hands of the bourgeoise press. Catriona added that she knew about this for the last 18 months. If the scab has not been outted by Paul Hutcheon before Tommy’s libel action, I am prepared to swear in court that this is true. I challenge Cat to deny it.

Tom Delargy
50c St Ninians Road
PA2 6TU”

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