Pat Stack wants Richard Seymour to leak to Rupert Murdoch but not SWP members?


I am not sure if I can believe this, but I have heard from one of Chris Bambery’s spies that Pat Stack’s faction is physically attacking ninety year old women, members of their party, flouting the legitimate democratic rights of SWP activists who have participated in the International Socialist tradition long before Pat Stack was even born.

Pat Stack defends the right of Richard Seymour to pollute the Socialist Workers Party. Pat defended Richard Seymour secretly recording confidential SWP conference meetings, leaking every single internal documents to Rupert Murdoch’s News International – via Ed Miliband supporter Andy Newman, a self-confessed cheerleader for The Pope’s cover-up of child sex abuse on an industrial scale. Pat Stack happily looks the other way as Richard Seymour smears members of the SWP who have been found guilty of nothing, nothing apart from challenging unsubstantiated allegations?

Pat Stack defends the revolting behavior of Richard Seymour. And, simultaneously, he won’t allow Tony Cliff’s widow and daughter access to their faction meetings so they can take notes? Clearly all SWP loyalists need this to ensure that Pat is just acting as an incompetent fool, rather than deliberately colluding with the gang of criminals lurking on Richard Seymour’s website, openly conspiring with Seymour to concoct a pack of lies about SWP loyalists threatening violence, cowering away under assumed names as they do this, thereby denying their victims the right to face their accusers?

Is it possible that Pat Stack could have sunk so low as to evict a ninety year old woman from hearing what he is doing, but is happy to protect Richard Seymour who is leaking like a sieve to disgusting creeps like Andy Newman, Peter Manson, Eddie Truman and Phil Burton-Cartledge? Can the members of Pat Stack’s faction truly have degenerated to the same level as those Blairite thugs that physically assaulted an old age pensioner from Labour’s conference? SWP loyalists clearly are going to need to send spies into the faction meetings with secret recording devices to expose the depths of criminality that is going on inside Richard Seymour’s nasty little group, apparently with the support of Pat Stack himself.

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