Pat Stack’s friends smear Tony Cliff’s widow, son and daughter?


Pat Stack claims he doesn’t want Richard Seymour to leak confidential documents to Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad. Is that what you expect us to believe, Pat? Richard Seymour’s ludicrous faction has called on Pat Stack to let him come out of the closet and stop pretending that he isn’t leaking these documents to the CPGB, Chris Bambery et al when everyone knows that he is. Pat Stack needs to show a bit of bottle. Either he accepts full responsibility for Richard Seymour’s outrageous behavior, accepts the consequences (the immanent loss of party membership), or he comes to his senses, and cuts himself loose from an agent provocateur.

If Pat Stack doesn’t care about Richard Seymour destroying the SWP’s democracy by illegally taping the party’s conference, then Richard Seymour’s conspiratorial behavior must be kept in checked by SWP loyalists themselves going along to every one of his factional meetings to collect evidence of his role in working with cops to destroy the party built by Tony Cliff and his supporters over generations.

And what about the democratic rights of Tony Cliff’s family? What about his widow and the children they both educated with the exact same spirit of revolutionary activism? Pat needs to check out what Richard Seymour’s mates are vomiting into cyberspace on Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad. Pat need to see for himself how Richard Seymour’s friends are indulging in character assassination of Tony Cliff and his loved ones.

According to Richard Seymour’s friends it is vulgar for Tony Cliff’s widow, son and daughter to express any view, nor to fight for the soul of the party that they don’t want to see pissed upon and wrecked by Richard Seymour. They have devoted their entire lives to the SWP’s traditions and Pat Stack doesn’t think they have the exact same right as anyone else to hold a view on this factionalism? What the fuck?

For daring to raise their heads above the parapet, Richard Seymour’s friends are now implying that Tony Cliff is also responsible for sex crimes. Just what is it going to take for Pat Stack, Colin Barker, Ian Burchall and co to wake up and smell the toxic waste that is being vomited in all directions by the enemies of the SWP, enemies that still, outrageously, are holding on to SWP membership cards?


“The sheer kitsch of bringing in the Gluckstein family plumbs new depths. Imagine the political level of those who could think up such a vulgar stunt – and their contempt for those of the membership they imagine could be impressed by it.

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  2. #44 Thanks =)

    #45 I know. I remember hearing from the SWP (I’ve no idea if its actually true) that Lenin’s wife, when asked just a few years after his death where he’d be if still alive, answered he’d be in one of Stalin’s gulags. But while “Lenin didn’t lead to Stalin” is one of their favorite lines, it seems the Glucksteins really do believe Cliff led to Delta =(

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