Steve met Lucy in a dream

Steve met Lucy in a dream
He woke up dead but all did seem
Just as before. He could not die
Steve met Lucy. So did I

Steve’s hungover. Not in bed
Drank the drink. But still not dead
His pills were gone. Who stole his pills?
No buried treasure. Drafted no wills

Down below, no heat, just light
Round hole in floor. What a sight
So he climbed down into that room
Hell or Heaven? Lucy’s womb?

“I come to greet you. You’re my twin
“Let there be you. Your chance to win
“With Time Machine I stopped my birth
“So you could live. Inherit Earth”

In Lucy’s world, Steve wasn’t born
Hormone imbalance grew her horn
All four chromosomes are X
But gamma laser changed Eve’s sex

“I am dead. That’s what this is
“Burning pitchfork? Eternal bliss?
“What’s in store, forevermore?
“Stellar stories? Bloody gore?”

No no. You’re wrong. You’re still alive
We be two bees in TARDIS hive
We’re busy buzzing. Hyperspace
Kidnapper. Hostage. Face to face

Let me go. I must be free
I came to die. To not to be
My life is gone. I’m all alone
She stole my heart. Turned it to stone

Lucy didn’t know what to say
She gave Eve life. Tossed hers away
She broke the law. Time travel’s banned
She can’t go home. That’s Nomansland

Lucy needs to find out more
Quantum mechanics opened door
Positron beam. DNA coil
Wormhole lanced. Spacetime boil

We’re trapped together. For one year
Let’s swap stories. Lend an ear
You tell yours and I’ll tell mine
Take hypodermic. Contract. Sign

Steve stopped a second. So? You think?
Sniffed the stench of sulphur stink?
Alas, not so. He did not know
Signed autograph in scarlet ink

Lucy smiled. A flash of teeth?
Inscrutible. Skin deep. Beneath
I saw them both. Steve did relax
Her handshake smelt of candlewax

Tell me, Steve. Why suicide?
I like life. You can’t abide?
Tell me all about your love
What happened there? In land above?

I’m not your corpse. Nor you my ghoul
Before we start, let’s make a rule
First I go. But quid pro quo
Please don’t think I’m just a fool

You heard me read suicide note
I’ve got it here. The one you wrote
Captain Scarlet, you are not
Help me help you. You’re all I’ve got

The reason that I shouldn’t die
You’re lonely? Tell me, is that why?
You’ve trapped us here. For one whole year?
I couldn’t give a damn, my dear

Don’t say that. You’ve got me wrong
Identical twins must sing same song
The fittest twin survived. You starved
Now double helix spacetime halved

I broke the law in coming here
I can’t go back. Well, not this year
My people said it couldn’t be done
I proved them wrong. They lost. I won

Do I detect the sin of pride?
You found a wormhole? Crept inside?
Universal wave collapse?
Bohring function laser taps?

You aborted? My twin? You?
You let the butter fly? It flew?
Tornado cracked. Fabric of  time
An avalanche of toxic slime?

Your world existed before me
I tunnelled down whirlpool of sea
My people didn’t believe this. So…
I ignored them. They had to go

How do you know that they’re still there?
Or is it that you just don’t care?
If six billion people fall…
Were they ever there at all?

© 2010 Derek Thomas

Posted by derekthomas005 at 21:55
Monday, 18. October 2010 [repost]

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