Pat Stack’s faction in the Socialist Workers Party


Pat Stack has to accept 100% responsibility for what the members of his faction are doing, what they have been doing since the SWP’s last annual conference. Pat Stack has brought on board his faction Richard Seymour. What is wrong with that, you ask? Let me explain.

Richard Seymour’s faction illegally recorded the SWP’s conference in order to deny comrades’ natural justice, consciously dragging in the bourgeois media, clearly attempting to drag in the capitalist state too.

Richard Seymour’s entire faction had already smeared the central committee as ‘paranoid’ for daring to suggest that Chris Bambery would dream of sending spies into the SWP to do precisely what the central committee predicted would happen: the illegal infiltration of the SWP’s annual conference.

Richard Seymour’s faction has, within the last forty eight hours, descended into attacking Tony Cliff’s widow, daughter and son. Why? What is the crime of these people? Their unforgivable sin is to have the audacity to fight for the democratic rights of every SWP member to keep an eye on what Richard Seymour is doing alongside Pat Stack. Every SWP member needs to keep tabs on Richard Seymour for flouting majority votes within the Disputes Committee, the Central Committee, the National Committee, SWP annual conference and every other democratic forum within the Socialist Workers Party, and inciting others to join him in this conspiratorial work. Pat Stack thinks that the faction he has cobbled together with Richard Seymour is defending the tradition of Lenin’s democratic centralism? Seriously, Pat?

Pat Stack’s faction is now grovelling in the gutter, smearing Tony Cliff’s entire family of political activists for daring to demand the same rights vis-a-vis Richard Seymour’s faction that he demands for Chris Bambery, Peter Manson, Andy Newman, Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Pat Stack is hardly unaware that Richard Seymour uses all four of these creeps merely as go-betweens. The really powerful megaphone that Richard Seymour wants to tap into, to dish the non-existant dirt about the SWP, is Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

Rupert Murdoch, let us not forget, is up to his neck in bribing corrupt police officers, paying out an absolute fortune to ex-employees like Rebekah Brooks (almost certainly going to jail for a series of conspiracies to pervert the course of justice) in hush money, bribes that Murdoch had to cough up to stop him and his idiot son James going to jail alongside Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson.

Rupert Murdoch illegally bugs the phones of Depute Prime Ministers, Scotland’s First Minister, Members of the Scottish Parliament (such as those who were the voice of SWP members and other socialists in Scotland), working hand-in-glove with David Cameron’s Director of Communications to commit perjury to send socialists to jail…. I could go on for hours about the crimes of Rupert Murdoch, but I won’t. Not just now. I’ve said all I need to at this point. SWP members must never forget that it is criminals like Rupert Murdoch that Richard Seymour expects to enlist to, he hopes, smash the Socialist Workers Party to pieces, just as his personal friends (Eddie Truman and Catriona Grant) successfully smashed the Scottish Socialist Party to pieces.

Pat Stack’s faction denies members of SWP access to the conspiratorial behavior of Richard Seymour, including making one unsubstantiated and slanderous vile allegation after another about the majority of SWP members, cowering away in cyberspace under a multiplicity of ad hoc pseudonyms, even posing as members of the SWP central committee, such as Charlie Kimber!

Pat Stack’s faction has within its ranks those who have responded to Tony Cliff’s widow, son and daughter’s defense of the party they have devoted their entire lives to building by trying to imply that Tony Cliff was a sex criminal: Pat Stack’s friends smear Tony Cliff. This is the excrement that Pat Stack’s faction is bathing itself in.

Pat Stack is aware that Richard Seymour’s faction repeatedly dismiss every single member of the democratically elected leadership of the SWP as a permanent faction of gangsters. This is nothing new. Pat Stack has been aware from day one that this is how Richard Seymour has been portraying the democratically elected central committee of his party. He simply doesn’t care, apparently.

Pat Stack cannot be ignorant of the fact that Richard Seymour has for a very long time now been sabotaging the electoral interventions of the SWP within TUSC, a crime against the SWP that members of Richard Seymour’s faction continue to commit to this day. Pat Stack must be aware that the short-fused Richard Seymour explodes with anger when anyone has the audacity to ask the SWP to sort his out this breach of Leninist discipline.

Pat Stack is turning a blind eye to how Richard Seymour portrays all the SWP loyalists organizing to defend their party. Richard Seymour’s friends are referring to those members of the SWP who support majority votes inside the central committee, the disputes committee, the national committee and the SWP annual conference as the “500 pieces of shit”.

Pat Stack knows that Richard Seymour’s friends (every last one of them members of Pat Stack’s own faction) are calling all 500 supporters of the SWP’s majority votes as ‘rape apologists’.

Richard Seymour’s friends are now calling for indifference (at best) to employers victimizing these 500 SWP loyalists. Effectively Richard Seymour’s faction is trying to appeal to the capitalists to drive SWP loyalists out of their jobs, and for the trade unions to refuse to lift a finger to stop this victimization.

Pat Stack, Ian Birchall, Colin Barker, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your act together and pull the plug on the ass of Richard Seymour and his gang of vicious agent provocateurs.

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