Richard Seymour’s faction incites the bosses to victimise SWP members?


The website of Richard Seymour’s rediculous faction hosts drivel by someone called Phil. Not sure what his second name is. He left a comment on the blog of Phil Burton-Cartledge a few days ago. In it he was positively salivating at the prospect of lending a helping hand to the bosses to sack SWP loyalists, loyalists being dismissed by Richard Seymour’s friends as the “500 pieces of shit”.

Phil goes on to express his willingness to sabotage resistance on the part of the trade union movement fighting for basic justice in the workplace. This ‘Phil’ may or may not be a member of the SWP. He is certainly made more than welcome by Richard Seymour to post his vicious witch hunting of the SWP members on the factional blog of Seymour and co. Just thought delegates to the SWP’s special conference might want to know about this.

This “Phil” has just repeated the exact same formula on the blog of Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad. That blog is partly ‘moderated’ by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It is also worthwhile SWP members knowing a little something about Phil Burton-Cartledge. It is worth knowing that he once acted as a spy within the Socialist Party for John Chamberlain/John Bridge/Jack Conrad, doing to Peter Taaffe’s group what Richard Seymour is now doing to the SWP: attempting to hollow it out from within. It is true that he was much more careful, or simply less courageous, less confrontational, all the better to avoid expulsion and, thereby, prolong his spying activities.

I could say a hell of a lot more about Phil Burton-Cartledge. But I think I will leave it for another day.  Anyway, here is what Richard Seymour’s friends are saying in cyberspace:

“All I can say is that the next time an SWP trade unionist gets victimised (and sadly there almost certainly will be a next time) I hope his or her name is on the IDOOP list. If it’s on the CC list, I might just leave that particular petition unsigned.

Posted by Phil 21 February, 2013 at 3:14 pm

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