The sex abuse cover-ups specialists behind Richard Seymour’s faction


cardinal keith o-brien criminal



Who exactly is behind Richard Seymour’s faction? To whom does he turn when he is minded to leak like a sieve? When you need the capitalist media and (sooner or later) the capitalist state to destroy the party of international socialism so painstakingly put together by Tony Cliff, Chris Harman and thousands of others over generation, who ya gonna call?

Who are the bastards who are given confidential SWP material in the hope of denying Richard Seymour’s comrade natural justice, due process and the presumption of innocence? Who is Richard Seymour working hand-in-glove with to stop socialists having to face a jury of those whose minds have been prejudiced in advance? Let me try to tell you who these people are.

They are those who defended Jonathon King as a victim of persecution: Richard Seymour’s friends defend convicted pedophiles.

They are those who smeared every campaigner who has fought consistently against all the cover-ups of child sex abuse on an industrial scale inside the Catholic Church: Andy Newman supports Pope Benedict’s cover-up of pedophile priests.

Those are the people who Richard Seymour is working with. Those are the hypocrites that Pat Stack is currently in bed with, pretending he thinks that maybe Richard Seymour’s faction isn’t passing every piece of tittle tattle to John Chamberlain and Andy Newman, excluding SWP loyalists to keep an eye of Richard Seymour who clearly feel the need to do that given Pat Stack is abdicating his own responsibility to do it.

Pat, for the good of everyone, cut Richard Seymour lose.

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