Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns. Andy Newman stays silent


Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns a day after the Catholic Church says he has to investigate himself:

Richard Seymour is linked to this story how exactly? It is important for Richard Seymour’s factional struggle inside the Socialist Workers Party because Andy Newman has acted as a cheerleader for Cardinal Keith O’Brien, championing him as a some kind of role model when it comes to ‘morality’:

Let me repeat once more something that should go without saying: I have absolutely no idea if the good (or possibly not so good) Comrade O’Brien has a case to answer or not vis-a-vis these latest allegations that have lead to his (almost certainly) forced ‘resignation’. I remain utterly unwilling to prejudge his guilt or innocence. That is not the attitude of Andy Newman, however.

Richard Seymour’s cyber-ally is gagging himself when it came to these allegations against this so-called champion of ‘morality’. Andy Newman doesn’t merely refuse to pass judgement on this latest incidence of the Catholic Church hierarchy’s indifference to such crimes, telling Jeremy Vine on the Marr Show yesterday morning that the media should mind their business, insisting that Cardinal Keith O’Brien had to be left in peace to investigate himself!

Does all the above not strike Richard Seymour’s factionalists as the teeniest bit hypocritical given what Andy Newman has been saying about the SWP? I think so. Having said that, this is par for the course when it comes to these sex crimes. Andy Newman has form as long as your arm when it comes to that:

And what is Richard Seymour’s attitude now that we get a further reminder of just what a hypocritical shit-stirrer Andy Newman is? And will Pat Stack insist that no more SWP documents and illegally obtained transcripts of confidential meetings are leaked to the Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad, and their apologists for pedophilia on an industrial scale in the Catholic Church? And if not, why not?

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