Mairtin Gardiner is a libelous idiot


Martin Gardiner has accused me of threatening women. That is libel. Andy Newman, Tony Collins might want to wipe away that shite if they know what is good for them. Then again, since they know I have no money to force them to pay, I guess they’ll carry on as per usual.

What is Mairtin Gardiner responding to? I assume he is referring a lie I have exposed as such before. Here, for instance: Mairtin is repeating the invention of a pack of lies Catriona Grant thought up one day, the day she set her deranged thuggish lover to threaten violence against me.

If I had done what Truman alleged in his threats, would I have tried to get the Herald to do a story to expose Catriona Grant and Eddie Truman? No, clearly I would not. I would be ashamed of myself and would run for cover.  But that is not what happened. I immediately contacted the Herald in the hope they would run a story on how the friends of the Scottish editor of the Sunday Herald (Paul Hutcheon) were behaving. Instead of doing this, instead of alerting Herald readers to the behavior of those who were preparing to commit perjury alongside David Cameron’s Director of Communications, a Herald hack by the name of Tom Gordon got in touch with me by telephone. He then chose to bury the story. I believe Tom Gordon went on to take a job with Rupert Murdoch’s News International. Have not been able to confirm that since my research skills suck big-time. But if that is true, that would constitute a conflict of interest, I believe. At any rate, Catriona Grant is definitely a perjurer. She also doesn’t like to let it be known on the left that she takes money from the police. Catriona Grant also ‘forgot’ to tell the secret SSP national council about her being in the pocket of the forces of law and order when Alan McCombes appointed her as the only SSP member allowed to take notes, notes that would have exposed Catriona Grant as a perjurer, alongside the rest of Rupert Murdoch’s witnesses.

By the way, isn’t it interesting that I wanted Catriona Grant’s libelous and slanderous allegation about me threatening her to be investigated in public, happy for it to be considered as a police complaint, whereas she used her lie to have me threatened by the SSP’s press secretary. Catriona Grant needs to be exposed before all the world for the nasty, shit-stirring perjurer and slanderer that she is. As far as Eddie Truman is concerned, we all know what he is, because the evidence is out there in cyberspace. And in cyberspace everyone can hear you scream, Eddie.

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