Andy Newman’s prejudice against those of us diagnosed with autism:


I have a diagnosis of autism. I remain unconvinced by it. I fought for two decades to be tested for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and to be prescribed appropriate medication. Had I come across literature on adhd prior to my thirtieth birthday, I would have asked to be tested for that condition long, long before this. It has been pretty obvious to me that anyone familar with adhd should have recognised those symptoms in me at least from my early teenage years.

Two decades after first taking on the medical profession to be tested, I now have my diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But I am still awaiting any medication two years since I received this diagnosis. Am I pissed about this? You bet.

As I say, I remain unconvinced by the autism diagnosis. Nevertheless, I feel a little intimidated by the idea of fighting to get that lifted. I worry in case it seems like I think I am better than those who have that condition. I do not think I am better than anyone with autism. I know that I am not.

One of the reasons I have never felt comfortable with the autism diagnosis is because those who tested me seemed not to pay any attention to the fact that many of the things which those with autism are not to suffer from, I do – in spades. I believe that a substantial number of my strengths and weaknesses do not fit the autism/aspergers pattern.

Misdiagnosis can be extremely harmful because it means those subjected to this fail to get the help they need. It also has the additional downside that a lot of people are incredibly condescending, trying to help me with stuff when I know I am so much better at it than they are. I try my best not to point that out to these peopl, but it can be very hard when I am dealing with those who simply refuse to pay any attention to what I am telling them. Uber frustrating.

When these so-called ‘carers’ do become patronizing (which happens to be a lot), I feel like asking them to just go away and leave me alone. They want to unleash their bag of tricks on me just because that is all they’ve got. The fact that what they are helping me with is unneeded and unwanted is irrelevant as far as these pen-pushing bureaucrats are concerned. Words fail me. Anyway…

Earlier today, the vile sectarian who owns the Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad blog spread a pack of lies about me. Now, he’s done that sort of thing before of course. He’s been doing it for years. And for years he has been hosting the libelous crap of so many other disgusting idiots: Eddie Truman, Catriona Grant, Phil Burton-Cartledge, and so many others. But today I just decided that I have had enough. I am going to do what others should have done a long time ago. I am going to remind Andy Newman that you can’t get away with libeling people and expecting to get away with it. Sorry, Andy, but it’s just not on.

While I am blogging about this, there is one other thing I want to flag up. This is not the first time Andy Newman has exposed one of his many reactionary traits: disgusting prejudice towards those with autism.

Andy Newman has made himself notorious on the left by criticising Tory Home Secretary Theresa May and Nick Clegg for being to left-wing. The crime of these government ministers? Softness of the right of aspergers sufferer Gary McKinnon:

Today Andy Newman has exposed yet again his prejudice against those with autism by suggesting that my diagnosis proves that everything I say is untrustworthy. When I fall victim to that level of prejudice I am almost willing to embrace the autism diagnosis as a badge of honor, if only  to help those who suffer from the prejudiced views of the likes of Andy Newman. How someone that contemptible can be allowed to pose as part of the left is beyond me.

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