Phil Burton-Cartledge was not expelled from the Socialist Party



This is just crap. Had I been expelled as opposed to leaving, then why did not one of the 146 comments on the post explaining why I left failed to mention this, or that no one SP member has raised it in the three years since?

And just so folk are aware, I am part of the “conspiracy” against Delargy because some 10 or 11 years ago I ‘promoted’ Jim Carroll – a SSP member and friend of those SSP activists Delargy fulminates against – to the UK Left Network’s moderation committee alongside Dave Parks and Mick Hall.

Prianikoff is giving credence to the fantasies of a very ill man and in so doing may be making himself an accessory to libel.

Dear Phil Burton-Cartledge,

You are a poisonous little shit. You infiltrated Peter Taaffe’s Socialist Party doing the bidding of John Chamberlain. You protected Catriona Grant on the UKLN when she said that the friend of hers who said he would help me jump the NHS waiting list could simply ask her for my home address and she would willingly hand it over to him.

When I explained that I had an email sent to me purporting to come from Catriona Grant’s friend, you told me I should not go to the cops to do a trace. That was after another friends of Catriona Grant’s friend told me on UKLN that unless I handed that email to the cops to do a trace that would expose me as a charlatan who wrote this email threat myself.

I ignored Phil Burton-Cartledge’s advice and did take it to the cops. Some time after I did this, two detective inspectors from CID in Fife paid me a visit. They arranged to speak to me at Mill Street Police Station. They told me they placed my name into their database after someone told them that Adam Busby (who was fighting extradition from Ireland) was asking questions as to what I was up to. I was surprised that te would care what I was doing, but that is what they said. I was also surprised the CID would get in touch with me to tell me that unless they thought it constituted some serious threat. They reassured me that they didn’t think I needed to be worried, but they wanted to tell me anyway. Seemed like a lot of trouble to go to but that was their story. Anyway…

When these two CID officers (according to what they told me) learnt that Busby was asking about me, they placed my name into police’s database. They discovered letters I had sent to one a CID officer who was one of two who subjected me to a three hour interview about the threatening email that claimed to be from Catriona Grant’s friend. At any rate, that email purported to come from the organisation that he was a prominent member of.

As I explained to all four of these CID officers, I never once believed that Catriona Grant’s friend wrote that threatening email. I was sure he was being set up by Adam Busby. The two CID detective inspectors from Fife told me that while they had no proof, they thought that my theory was probably correct. Someone called Ute Rork sent me another email telling me that he was a member of Adam Busby’s group and that they were all being framed by Catriona Grant’s friend. I never believed a word he said. The two CID officers from Fife told me they suspected that Ute Rork was Adam Busby or one of his associates. Phil Burton-Cartledge knows why I had to get the cops to do a trace of that email, and I have a lot more to say about this, but not today. The facts surrounding this incident proves that Catriona Grant knows that Frances Curran is a police spy. But that is a VERY long story. Not going to spill my guts about that just yet.

Phil Burton-Cartledge also allowed Jim Carroll to accuse me of being a Loyalist, then to smear me when I exposed this as bullshit. Carroll denied he had ever called me a Loyalist, which he knew was a barefaced lie, as did Phil Burton-Cartledge. Both of them knew that Carroll’s allegation was rediculous given that I had recently been accused of being the exact opposite by John Chamberlain in the paper that Phil Burton-Cartledge wrote for. Strong support for the Republican cause was one of several obstacles to me joining Scottish Militant Labour. Incidentally, I the day I handed Alan McCombes all the evidence about Chris Bambery being a police spy he tried to recruit me to Scottish Militant Labour. I told him that I did not want to do that because I that would undermine my ability to expose Bambery and I still felt a great deal of loyalty to the SWP.

All the evidence I gave to Alan McCombes about Chris Bambery being a police spy was explained by me to both Phil Burton-Cartledge and Dave Parks by email when they convinced me that I could trust the pair of them. If they are denying this then they are both lying. Why they would lie about this is an interesting question. Either way, I am happy to swear that all the above is the truth in a court on oath. I would love to see them try that. If they did they would be lying. And that would be perjury. And one of us would have to go to jail for that. And I don’t think it would be me.

One last thing. An apology. Phil Burton-Cartledge is indeed right about my having mistakenly said he had been expelled from the Socialist Party. I have made that mistake before, and apologised when this was pointed out to me. I am happy to concede any honest mistake and that was certainly one of them. I keep mixing up parts of the histories of Harry Paterson and Lawrie Coombes with that of Phil Burton-Cartledge since I tend to dismiss them all as John Chamberlain’s three stooges in the Socialist Party. Sorry about that.

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