Phil Burton-Cartledge? Who the hell is THAT?


Dipping one’s toe into Andy Newman’s blog Socialist Unity Network is not a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, due to the toxic role it is playing at the moment, it is impossible to ignore. Andy Newman, Tony Collins and Phil Burton-Cartledge are pretending they are not in the least worried about me suing them? Keep it up, dudes. Nothing beats self-deception in the world of idiots. The longer they persist with their libel, the more money there is in it for me. So… yay!

As I have been pointing out these last few hours, Phil Burton-Cartledge is making a big deal about my saying he had been expelled from the SP. I wondered when I had said that. During lengthy, lazily uncorrected (pre-edited) stream of consciousness rants it is not uncommon for typos to suggest the exact opposite of what I meant to say. Due to my attention deficit disorder it is not unknown for me to lose the thread of a complex sentence, one with several subordinate clauses, making use of possessive pronouns etc.

I wondered if I had really said that Phil Burton-Cartledge had been expelled from the Socialist Party, and said this relatively recently. I hope I had not because that would be particularly careless given that I had this pointed out to me on 23 August last year and I immediately remembered that this is in fact correct. Was it possible that I forgot this and repeated that mistake a mere six months after having it being pointed out to me? I am not sure. That would be particularly embarrassing. However, given the context of what comrade Burton-Cartledge says, I am beginning to wonder if I had indeed made that mistake after all.

I wonder if he is referring to the exchange where I conceded that he had indeed NOT been expelled from the Socialist Party. Is it possible that I never made this mistake that he is getting so outraged by? Is it possible that Burton-Cartledge is actually pretending I made this mistake when in fact I said the exact opposite?

If that turned out to be true, then that would constitute the most unbelievable example of just what a nasty little shit stirrer Phil Burton-Cartledge actually is. And in doing so, it would prove the most spectacular own goal on the part of one of John Chamberlain’s most ludicrous of his Three Stooges. No, that can’t be it.

I guess Burton-Cartledge must be referring to something else. I guess I must have made the mistake of saying Burton-Cartledge had been expelled from the SP. But where and when did I do that? What was the context? I hope I can at least partially justify making such a stupid mistake. However, unless I’m told when I said it I am hardly in a position to apologize. Right? Anyway, while I am waiting for Burton-Cartledge to explain when I said he had been expelled from the SP, here is what he said foaming at the mouth…

  • This is just crap. Had I been expelled as opposed to leaving, then why did not one of the 146 comments on the post explaining why I left failed to mention this, or that no one SP member has raised it in the three years since?
  • Posted by Phil BC 4 March, 2013 at 10:45 am

What a pity that Phil Burton-Cartledge is claiming I said he got expelled when he is quoting something I wrote four months ago in which I concede that he had in fact  NOT been expelled. The ‘he’ pronoun referred not to Burton-Cartledge but to Harry Paterson. That should be obvious from the context to anyone who is not a congenital idiot.

23 AugustTom Delargy

  • Hi ****. Not sure you got all the info. You say he was a member of the CPGB before he joined the SP. That is where you are wrong. He never left the CPGB. They used him as an entryist. He was a member of the CPGB and the SP. I think you are right about him resigning. I was getting that mixed up with Harry Paterson. He is another one who tried to fight against expulsion who was a member of the CPGB. I still think he is very dodgy for so many reasons.
  • 23 August
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