Andy Newman is a coward:



Andy Newman is a coward. He smears all his opponents. He wants to destroy all socialists who don’t surrender to Ed Miliband’s One Nation Toryism.

Andy Newman’s modus operandi is to make shit up. He passes on tittle tattle that is entirely unsubstantiated. He may not be able to continue doing that for much longer. This method has been employed by John Chamberlain and Peter Manson for years and it has finally caught up with them, having to pay out thousands of pounds in legal costs. Not before time, in my opinion. John Chamberlain and Peter Manson are  political allies of Richard Seymour. Richard Seymour’s faction is in no hurray to advertise the fact that his friends have a long history of defending convicted pedophiles like Jonathon King, demanding the abolition of the age of consent and wanting elderly men to be free to have sex with twelve year old boys and girls. That is a fact that Richard Seymour’s faction members should be asked to justify at the SWP’s special conference. They might find this rather difficult.

Andy Newman is Richard Seymour’s other cyber megaphone. His blog repeatedly spreads lies. I know about this first hand because he does it about me repeatedly. His entire blog is full of lies about me which he refuses to withdraw and apologise for having spread these lies. These allegations are libelous. Andy Newman doesn’t care. He thinks he is above the law. He’s not.

Andy Newman pretends he cares about all sorts of people but it is all for show. He is a big fan of Josef Stalin. He also has form when it comes to backing those who have covered up for pedophile priests, smearing those like Peter Tatchell who has organized protests against this criminality on an industrial scale. Andy Newman is particularly fond of the ‘morality’ of hypocritical homophobe Cardinal Keith O’Brien. I guess we need to call him the ex-Cardinal now.

Andy Newman is unapologetically to the right of Nick Clegg and Theresa May on issues such as the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the United States where he knew he would be denied a fair trial, a state whose criminal justice system is a monstrosity.

When it comes to trial by media, Andy Newman has few peers. His attitude to the presumption of innocence, due process and a fair trial is on a par with Rupert Murdoch’s News International. When it comes to trial by the media, those targeted by Andy Newman are the same as those targeted by Rupert Murdoch. Probably a coincidence but you never know. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to a lowlife sectarian witch hunter like Andy Newman.

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