Mike Gonzalez wants to trash the SWP?


Andy Newman’s Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad has just published a factional document in the name of Mike Gonzalez and someone else. Mike Gonzalez is one of three big names in the SWP (alongside Ian Birchall and Colin Barker) who has leant his credentials to boosting the authority of Richard Seymour’s faction, working alongside Pat Stack in an ill-considered group that has an inbuilt split dynamic.

Given Mike Gonzalez’s latest document calling for a continuation of Richard Seymour’s factional activity after yet another inevitable majority vote in defense of democratic centralism (following from the annual conference, aggregates, national councils), I want to remind everyone about Mike Gonzalez’s attitude towards democracy inside the SWP.

I have written about Mike Gonzalez’s role in my own expulsion from the SWP and about my denial of a right to appeal against it: https://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/mike-gonzalez-and-chris-bambery/.

I have explained Mike Gonzalez’s role alongside Chris Bambery in my exclusion from the Socialist Workers Party and his role in stopping Chris Harman and other members of the SWP central committee (including Lindsey German and John Rees) investigating my assertion that the then national secretary of the SWP (Chris Bambery) had been unconstitutionally purging the party in Glasgow going all the way back to the mid-1980s at the very latest. If Julie Waterson had not been a party to Bambery’s unconstitutional purging of SWP members in Glasgow (and probably elsewhere), then Mike Gonzalez was a party to a cover-up involving at least one other senior member of the party in Glasgow, someone who to the best of my knowledge remains a member of the party. I have not worked out which side he/she is on Richard Seymour’s factional activity.

I have explained Mike Gonzalez’s willingness to protect Bambery from being investigated by Chris Harman. Now that I see what he is doing helping Richard Seymour’s factionalists, dragging the party’s name through the mud via the bourgeois media and potentially the bourgeois state, I intend to blog a lot more about what I told comrade Gonzalez and what happened next.

Mike Gonzalez is a big figure in the SWP. However, he succeeded in persuading exactly how many SWP members to his position? According to Andy Newman’s blog and John Chamberlain’s pro-pedophile website, all twenty eight of Glasgow delegates to the special conference were elected from the CC loyalist group. Mike Gonzalez seems to lack the persuasive touch. I wonder why that might be.

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