Richard Seymour’s letter of resignation from the SWP:

Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour threatens the Socialist Workers Party with another year of unrelenting factionalism unless he is expelled?

  • Comrades, I have no intention of going quiet for six months either. I don’t have any faith that in this period comrades would slowly come to embrace our arguments, in a more reflective period of calm. I think the CC will be looking to ‘normalise’ the situation, and thereby re-establish their control. They don’t deserve to achieve that. They’re the most pathetic shower.
  • Consider: this leadership is actually afraid of debate. They’re frightened to have a serious argument with people. That’s why they tried to shut down discussion after conference, and that’s why they insist on the faction speaker having only 6 minutes. That’s why they’re gerrymandering conference.
  • Now they can mobilise paper majorities based on paper members, and their control of the apparatus means they can contrive new rules and expel people. But what they can’t expect is disciplined behaviour on this basis. They have not won the political argument, and have demonstrated that they have no belief that they can do so.
  • That being the case, my recommendation is that comrades openly declare this in a statement after conference. We should say: the CC’s win is a pyrrhic one, it’s a paper victory, it demonstrates no political confidence or coherence, and has simply shown the CC is afraid of debate. We should say: we aren’t afraid of their demonising us, we are right to have spoken out, we are right to have taken this stand, and the crisis can’t be resolved by bureaucratic manipulation. We should say: the faction has just been shafted in the most appalling fashion by a weak and stupid leadership, and we appeal to faction members to join us in rejecting this.
  • Implicitly, we would also be saying that the strategy of the ‘moderates’ has failed. But that will be obvious.
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7 Responses to Richard Seymour’s letter of resignation from the SWP:

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  2. redpleb says:

    Source or go home


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  4. Richard Estes says:

    “”The enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.” ~Owen Jones”

    Perhaps, the masthead needs to be changed.


  5. TomDelargy says:

    What is your problem, Richard Estes? The masthead is one hundred percent right. The problem is that Richard Seymour falls outwith any reasonable definition of socialist. He is a sectarian working hand-in-glove with the enemies of our class.


  6. Ray Riley says:

    The most important thing here is not a
    co-ordinated fightback against austerity but is the inflated view of Richard Seymour himself!


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