Socialist Workers Party special conference:

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What should the SWP do about the special conference? I take it as a given that party loyalists will win every vote as they did at annual conference, national council and pretty much every single aggregate. Why not make at least the bare decisions available to all members immediately? Why wait for Richard Seymour and Mike Gonzales to leak them to Chris Bambery, John Chamberlain and Andy Newman? These enemies of the party will only put their own pro-state spin on them? Why force interested parties to increase the traffic to their websites, rather than to get the facts across via the SWP’s own website? No need for self-congratulations, nor attempts to humiliate those who (for whatever reason) found themselves in the minority; an attempt to heal wounds around the democratically agreed decisions of the second conference in three months? But offer these results on the party’s website knowing in advance that the hardened sectarians will not take no for an answer.

Richard Seymour’s factionalists will ignore the latest in a long series of majority votes. They will secretly work with the bourgeois media (including warmongering Islamophobes like Nick Cohen and rabid Tories to try to destroy their own party.

Mike Gonzales seems as happy as is Richard Seymour to work hand-in-glove with the likes of John Chamblerlain’s website, notwithstanding Chamberlain’s support for the abolition of an age of consent and for old men to have sex with twelve year old boys and girls.

So long as senior broadcasters like Andrew Neil are prepared to wade in on behalf of the witch hunters of the SWP, they may as well get themselves up to speed as to who is behind these smears. Or do the producers and editors of Daily Politics and Sunday Politics not care about the attitude of Richard Seymour’s friend to pedophilia?

Mike Gonzales proved incapable of winning a single one of Glasgow’s 28 delegates to the SWP special conference. Rather than accept that his arguments convinced no one, he alleges an anti-democratic position of those who outvoted him. How pathetic can you get?

Mike Gonzales is trying to pose as a champion of the democratic rights of SWP members. That is why he is flavour of the month at Andy Newman’s blog for Stalinist trolls. Okay, then, Mike. Why don’t we let the SWP central committee and disputes committee investigate my complaint about you, about your personal role in my expulsion from the SWP back in 1987, an expulsion which was unconstitutional and was kept hidden from Chris Harman, Lindsay German and John Rees?

Mike Gonzales has known from 1993 that Chris Bambery had been unconstitutionally purging members in Glasgow going all the way back to the mid-1980s. That fact (and Mike Gonzales’s personal role in it) was also known to the following: Alan McCombes, John Chamberlain, Phil Burton-Cartledge (of Andy Newman’s Socialist Unity Network blog), Dave Parks, and Sandy McBurney. Every one of these people is a supporter of Richard Seymour’s witch hunt against the SWP. And every single one of them was a supporter of Alan McCombes destruction of the Scottish Socialist Party. I find that interesting.

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