Richard Seymour’s faction is on the warpath:

Richard Seymour

One of Richard Seymour’s supporters implies I have put words into his mouth. His name is RedPleb. He left a comment that I choose to approve:

I decided to respond to it as a new post. Here it is:

  • Source of what? These are the words of Richard Seymour. I found them on the web thanks to Tony Collins of the Capitalist Disunity NarkSquad. I found Richard Seymour conspiring with others against the SWP posted on the website of John Chamberlain.
  • John Chamberlain happens to provide one of two megaphones for Richard Seymour’s faction, a faction out to destroy the Socialist Workers Party.
  • Members of Richard Seymour’s ‘platform’ repeatedly provide links to that website, boasting about how one of their members has had yet another letter printed in their ‘paper’.
  • So what is it exactly that you are objecting to, redpleb? Are you anxious that Richard Seymour has been exposed as having written this commitment to flouting majority votes yet again, regardless of Pat Stack’s wishes? Or are you denying that Richard Seymour’s favorite defender of convicted pedophiles has exposed what he intends to keep doing to try to destroy the Socialist Workers Party?
  • Face facts, Red Pleb: Richard Seymour is every bit as stupid as he is hypocritical. He has been caught out feeding tittle tattle to Islamophobic warmongers like Nick Cohen by means of John Chamberlain and Andy Newman, and is unapologetic about his determination to continue to do this.
  • Richard Seymour thinks that the likes of Pat Stack has betrayed his bid to destroy the SWP’s central committee without proposing an alternative slate of leaders to step in to take the helm of a Leninist party, leaving comrades with some kind of anarchistic omnishambles running around like a headless chicken.
  • Can Pat Stack continue to work with such people?
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