Richard Seymour and the capitalist state:

Richard Seymour WITHOUT THE HITLER MUSTACHEJonathan-King-007 cardinal keith o-brien criminal NICK COHEN

  • Since I had joined the faction, the CC had responded to it by denouncing it for being ‘inward-looking’, and for lacking any clear politics.  This was easy for them to say when they knew the faction, out of respect for confidentiality, had to be very circumspect about the reasons for its existence.  They knew that most members wouldn’t understand what it was about, until the discussion happened at conference

Richard Seymour talks about respect for confidentiality. The reality is that he smeared the democratically elected leadership of his party as paranoid for taking measures to limit the potential for Chris Bambery to send in spies to try to damage the party. His entire faction said only deluded people think that the British Intelligence agencies send spies in to disrupt the left. He doesn’t know anything about the role of such agents in the Bolsheviks, the British Communists, every communist party all over the world, Black Panthers (Cointelpro), the Irish republican movement? Was every member of Richard Seymour’s faction as naive as their motions to conference suggested? And what about what happened next? Illegal surveillance equipment allowed the enemies of the SWP to make mischief, idiots who support cover-ups of child sex abuse on an industrial scale in the Catholic hierarchy, those who are to the right of Nick Clegg and Theresa May on the deportation of aspergers sufferer Gary McKinnon, those who have for as long as I can remember defended convicted pedophiles and called for old men having sex with twelve year old boys and girls? These are the megaphones for Richard Seymour’s leaking and attempts to frame individuals, denying them the presumption of innocence and due process, and who list the full names of 500 supporters of the SWP’s democratically elected leadership and the national council as ‘500 pieces of shit’, all of whom they want to be victimised by their employers and for the trade unions to refuse to lift a finger to get their jobs back. These are the turds that Richard Seymour has been working hand-in-glove with for months. And that is before we even mention those who never pretended to be part of the activist left, like warmongering Islamophobe Nick Cohen.

Richard Seymour, you got caught out peddling your conspiratorial bullshit. You were going to be expelled for being a rat. If you have not been paid by British Intelligence for what you have done, you have been doing their work on a voluntary basis. The pernicious role you have played in orchestrating a witch hunt is going to make you persona non grata on left. The sooner the better.

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