What shall we do about Richard Seymour’s network for John Chamberlain?

Former double agent for John Chamberlain

Former double agent for John Chamberlain

Convicted pedophile defended by John Chamberlain

Convicted pedophile defended by John Chamberlain

Unfunny ‘comedian’ Mark Steel is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He would have us believe that no one told him the party he spent many years in supported democratic centralism. I guess he never read Chris Harman’s The Lost Revolution, John Molyneux’s Marxism and the Party or Tony Cliff’s Lenin. I guess he never read anything really.

How could anyone possibly not know the first thing about the party he belonged to for so many years? Is Mark trying to off-load his ignorance on others? That’s not very fair, is it?

As I have already pointed out, it is very hypocritical of Mark Steel to support Richard Seymour’s right to illegally infiltrate SWP conference to help Islamophobic war-mongers like Nick Cohen. It is pretty disgusting to do that whether they both shook on it or used as his go-betweens John Chamberlain and Andy Newman, the former a champion of sex between adults and 12 year old children, the latter a staunch defender of the cover-up, by the Catholic Church hierarchy, of child sex abuse on an industrial scale going back decades and more.

Do you know what I think, Mark? I think Richard Seymour is entitled to a taste of his own medicine. Given the fact that Seymour has devoted the last few months to working for John Chamberlain’s group, and via him the likes of Nick Cohen, I don’t see why members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party should refrain from infiltrating his network. Let’s see how they like it. Wonder how long it will be before all seventy members of his group point the accusing finger at each other. And the SWP spy(spies) can watch them all descend into anarchy as they try to work out who is leaking everything to the SWP.

By the way, Mark, why do you need to moderate comments to your blog? I thought you weren’t into that sort of thing?

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