A handful of theses on the witch hunt against the SWP:

Former double agent for John Chamberlain

Former double agent for John Chamberlain

  1. Allegations are not evidence.
  2. There is no cover-up if there is nothing to cover-up.
  3. No one removed anyone’s right to go to the police with evidence of a crime against the person. It did not happen and will not happen.
  4. The legal age of consent is 16. At that age everyone is deemed fit to decide who to have sex with. Age differences are irrelevant from the perspective of the law. While most adults want young adults to experiment with each other, there can be no legal sanctions to enforce this.
  5. In society we expect authority figures to have additional restrictions placed upon them. Should they exist within the SWP? Absolutely. However, there can be no retrospective introduction of such rules. No one can be disciplined for not abiding by rules that did not in fact exist. Should the SWP introduce such rules now to prevent mature adults having sex with 16 and 17 year olds? When we are dealing with authority figures within the party such as full-timers, I think most members would agree that is necessary. Pass votes on this at the next NC or whatever it takes to amend the constitution.
  6. The SWP has a long and proud tradition of fighting for natural justice, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, due process. In recent months this has come under a great deal of attack by many who claim to belong to the left. This started with Julian Assange and has moved on to others. The SWP cannot overturn future miscarriages of justice if it does not do so when it comes to those who have been accused of sex crimes. Maybe the overwhelming majority of the accused with turn out to have been guilty. We cannot know this in advance. We need to fight for the rights of the accusers to a fair hearing, but also the rights of the accused to a fair trial.
  7. Richard Seymour and his faction have been working overboard with all the enemies of socialism to drag the name of the party through the mud and to find comrades guilty when no evidence has been found.
  8. Richard Seymour and his faction knew that they were inciting vigilantes who do not take any trouble to discover who is guilty of a sex crime and who is not.
  9. The SWP does not hold everyone responsible who has fallen victim to Richard Seymour’s smear campaign. The party will work to expose what has been going on and demonstrate its enthusiasm for winning equal rights for women in all areas of life and to be protected from unwelcome sexual advances, wandering hands, crude innuendo passing itself on as harmless flirting. No means no, in all circumstances. The SWP should not even need to say that. Any member found guilty of any such crime would be out on his ear and deserve to be severely punished by society. But the SWP cannot and will not support the punishing of individuals merely on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations. There is nothing in the slightest progressive about that.
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3 Responses to A handful of theses on the witch hunt against the SWP:

  1. Mark says:

    Nor is there anything progressive about obsessive “democratic centralism” or whatever the hell Stalinists call it.


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