Democratic centralist critique of Richard Seymour’s liberals:

It's my network and I'll do what I want to, do what I want to.

It’s my network and I’ll do what I want to, do what I want to.

Hi Mark. Where do I begin? Firstly, I hate the Stalinist approach to party organisation, so you might want to check your facts before leveling allegations. Stalinists don’t support democratic centralism, even if they pretend that they do. Their regime is bureaucratic centralism. Not the same thing at all.

Secondly, there is something progressive about democratic centralism. This is the system that accords legitimate authority to majority votes. It puts a stop to the egocentrism of liberals and anarchists. Such individualists defend only those votes they manage to win, devoting themselves to undermining the majority over and over and over again. That was the shambolic political regime defended ad nauseum by Richard Seymour.

Richard Seymour boasted about how he doggedly sabotaged majority votes in the SWP’s central committee, disputes committee, national committee, two SWP conferences, and many party aggregates up and down the country. It was this outrageous contempt for democracy that lead to his second in command (sci-fi fantasist China Mieville) succeeding in securing a single vote for his being a delegate to the SWP’s conference.

Richard Seymour committed himself to an eternity of disruption in an effort to hollow out the democratic centralist party he was a member of. Richard Seymour and his fan club of politically illiterate student activists were, and remain, wretched and quite conscious tools of all the enemies of socialism.

The core of the international socialist tradition of Cliff and Harman, of Rosa Luxemburg and Antonio Gramsci are anathema to these petty bourgeois individualists.

These traitors to international socialism also descended into inciting lynch mobs of illiterate thugs (exactly the kind of idiots who were sparked by Rupert Murdoch’s Rebekah Brooks into attacking pediatricians!), the pig-ignorant who can never be arsed finding out who is guilty and who is not guilty of a crime.

By the ‘logic’ of Richard Seymour’s fan-club, the accused must never get an even break: they are guilty and must be smeared for the rest of their lives. No socialist ever has or ever will bow down before such pathetic witch hunters.

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